Top Budgeting Tips for Students

Budgeting Tips for Students
Budgeting Tips for Students

Attending university is becoming more and more expensive; it is no longer enough for students to be focusing solely on their essay writing any more, they need to make sure they have a few life skills before they head out – and one of them is creating, and sticking to, a budget.

1. Income vs Expenses

A good starting point for any budget is to compare your income against your outgoings and make sure you can afford everything. Be sure to include hidden costs like bus fare, the occasional bit of fast food and if you can’t balance the books then you will need to make the decision on what you cut out of your spending.
Maybe you need to downsize your food shopping or switch to a budget line of groceries, or maybe you just don’t need satellite TV while you are a student! You should also set some money aside in the budget for unexpected costs associated with your studies, such as using sites like best custom essay or field trips away.
2. Look for discounts everywhere

Be on the lookout for special offers, money-off vouchers, buy on get one frees on food you like. Be sure to use your student discount everywhere you go and take advantage of discounted student travel.
3. Learn to cook

Instead of paying out every day for someone else to cook your food, whether it is at the university canteen or buying a sandwich while you are out, you should buy all the things you need at the supermarket and make your own dinner and sandwiches. Trust me, it will save you a fortune!
4. Maximise your income

Four in 10 students work while they study, but there are plenty of guidelines on what is a good amount to work. Fifteen hours a week or less is generally considered an acceptable level of work for a student. Students can be a bit clever here with this and look for jobs that suit their lifestyle better than your usual part-time shop work.

List of Top Personal Finance Blogs

The recent list of top Personal Finance BlogsEstablishing a basic finance goal is very essential to achieve you financial success. Often I find people are not conscious about their financial conditions and when they are conscious, they do not manage the money wisely. Both setting a financial goal and plan a budget are very basic elements of money management and achieve them. But it needs you to proceed with the right information.

It has been more than 1 year I have been writing here at And with due time I visit a lot of personal- finance-related blogs. There are a lot of people there sharing very unique experiences and tips for personal finance management. You can find a lot of tales online that offers great tips and tricks of money management.

In this one year of online presence, I have seen many blogs vanished where new blogs are emerged out of nowhere. But only a handful of finance blogs come with daily updates with solid advice in simple language that even understandable for a personal finance novice.

Here I have collected some of the best personal finance blogs that I think you must read to archive your financial success.

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SMEs Given the Chance To Access Finance

Reform is on the cards for some of the more famous high street banks in Britain. Lloyds Bank and RBS seem to at the head of the trend that is allowing for greater and more accessible funding for up and coming SMEs (Small and Medium Enetrprises).

The change has come following the recently launched scheme under the moniker ‘Funding for Lending’. Business Secretary Vince Cable assures the business sector that the new initiative will look after the needs of the small and medium business owners.

The overall new industrial strategy being plugged by the government is what seems to be underpinning the move that has freed banks us to lending to smaller possible investment companies. A higher level of manufacturing in this country for example would create more jobs and retain funds within Britain as  opposed to seeing money drip into countries where there is cheaper labour.

access financeThere has been a funding for manufacturing incentive within RBS for years now but it generally existed mainly for the needs of large global manufacturing firms. The new government scheme has allowed RBS to start lending to much smaller businesses.

SMEs are now being offered the same if not better rates than their global counterparts and are offering funds to any start up with a projected earning of £25 and £500 million a year. Small and medium businesses are being offered from £250,000 to £25 million from the bank with variable payback.

Head of Manufacturing, Peter Russell at RBS admits that“Through Funding for Lending, these are the most competitive terms that we have been able to offer manufacturers for several years”.

While RBS are concerned mainly with the manufacturing firms,Lloyds Bank has taken the reform as more of a holistic exercise. The “Lloyds Funding for Lending” is offering small businesses of any genre minimum loans of only £1000. The rate 1% lower rate for new businesses and there is no maximum to speak of.

From the Lloyds Bank camp, the Wholesale Banking & Markets MD, Mark Stokes, explains that the scheme “As part of our commitment to help Britain prosper” adding,“We are determined to provide simple, transparent and competitive funding to ‘UK PLC”.

Business Secretary Vince Cable attended a seminar for SMEs recently and divulged his mimicking of a scheme that worked quite well in Germany. He also reminded SMEs there are viable alternatives to the high street, mentioning Handelsbanken and Aldermoreas examples.

Getting Video Conferencing to Work In Your Office

Communicating in the office should be simple when everyone’s there. If you want to arrange a meeting, it should be as easy as sending an e-mail to staff and agreeing a time and place to gather. However, if there are a few employees who are away from the office but working from home, it can be hard to get them involved, right? Thanks to Powwow now Video Conferencing, the problem of not getting people in a meeting will be a thing of the past.

Video ConferencingVideo conferencing could be an essential tool for your business’s office. It could make arranging meetings with remote employees easy, as well as speaking to customers, potential clients and investors without having to travel a long way to meet them in person. The latter is even more important for any office, as using this technology could result in potentially huge savings on phone bills and travel costs, something that appeals to many companies seeking to cut costs.

Web Conferencing from companies like Powwow now has helped offices around the country to be more efficient, which in these times is very important. Powwow now in particular have come to the fore with this technology, which is why they have seen sales grow by 30% year on year. On top of that, they recently managed to complete a takeover of a rival firm, strengthening their position as market leaders in the process.

To help them complete the takeover, Powwow now received a loan under the government’s Funding for Lending scheme, which ended in August 2012. Along with the loan, Barclays will be offering advice on how the firm can grow further and raise awareness of its existing technology, not to mention some of its services that are still in the pipeline such as video conferencing and collaborative software.

Borrowing Money Online With a Cash Advance

There are many kinds of online loans available, and if you’re looking for an option along those lines then you may have many in mind. Some online loans offer good rates and easy repayment plans, but are almost impossible to qualify for. Others are easy to repay but some with a huge fee attached and complicated requirements to fulfill. Some loans are only for people from a certain background, who have a certain line of work, or who have a particular need. It’s not easy to find the perfect loan option, whether online or with local banks and firms, and you need to know where to look and who to turn to.

cash advance
Cash Advance

When you want to borrow money, the last thing you want is for your application to be turned down. So many people have been disappointed in the past because a loan they were counting on didn’t come through when they needed it to. Not only that, but you probably want the money fast and easily. You don’t want to wait months for money that you need now. When speed and easy requirements are your main priorities, the best option available to you is a cash advance online.

Why Cash Advances

You may have heard of these, or seen them in local firms in your area, but cash advances through a website are a great option for just about anyone who needs money. They really are accessible to almost anyone who is interested—the only requirement for these being that the applicant is employed and will receive a paycheck within the next two weeks. If you fulfill this one requirement, and you’re old enough to take out a loan, then you should have absolutely no problems getting the cash advance that you need.

There are cash advances in local firms and traditional establishments throughout the country, but an online loan is a better option because it offers you faster and more constant access to the money you need than almost anything else in the world. When you apply online, you can do it at any hour of the day or night. You don’t have to worry about filling out a stack of paperwork, as all the forms to fill out will be online in easy web forms. You don’t have to worry about standing in line or waiting, because you can connect directly with the lender through their web service.

Apply Now

In all, a cash advance online is the best way to get fast and easy money. This short term solution is perfect for many different needs, and you should consider using one when you’re facing tough financial problems.

Do’s and Don’ts with Debt Consolidation Loans

When you are saddled down by mounting credit card debt, it is a frustrating situation. If you have spent with plastic beyond your means, it may be difficult or even impossible to pay back what you owe to your creditors. It negatively impacts your credit score, credit reputation and causes your creditors to spike your interest rates. Fortunately, there are options available to you that can help improve your situation so that you can pay off your debt.

debt consolidation loan
Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loans:

Obtaining a debt consolidation loan is a great way to alleviate your financial hardships. This is a method in which you can consolidate bills so that you are responsible for a single payment to your creditors. Often, it will also include lower or even eliminate interest rates as your creditors will be willing to compromise so they can be paid.

Choose a Reputable Debt Consolidation Company:

If you are considering a debt consolidation loan or debt consolidation in general, you should know all of the do’s and don’ts that are tied to it. Essentially, the first thing you should know is that you should research several debt consolidation companies. This is especially important, as you should only choose to work with one that is reputable and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Once you have selected one company, you will be paired with a professional credit counselor who will give you plenty of advice about obtaining a debt consolidation loan.

Choose the Right Term Debt Consolidation Loan:

You should also know that if you get a debt consolidation loan, you have options regarding the repayment term after you have used it to pay your creditors. Generally, the longer the repayment term of the loan, the lower your monthly payments will be. At the same time, you may run into an issue of accruing more interest. To that end, it may benefit you to obtain a debt consolidation loan on which you can make only one or two payments to repay. Another option is to mortgage your home toward the loan, which can provide you with a lower annual percentage rate. Weigh out your options so that you can know which is best for you.

Stop Using Your Credit Cards:

Don’t continue using your credit cards if you are struggling with debt. This is one of the worst mistakes a consumer can make when they owe their creditors, as it will merely drag them even farther into debt. Cut your credit cards, put them away or have a family member or friend hide them so that you cannot get to them.

Contact Your Creditors:

Although it is often a long shot, don’t neglect to contact your creditors and try to negotiate with them. Explain your financial situation and that you are in the process of trying to pay back the debt you owe to them. Try to compromise with them to get them to agree to lower the interest rates attached to the amount you owe. This can significantly lower the amount you owe, which can make it far easier to pay it back. While some creditors will undoubtedly flat out refuse this request, others may be willing to do so because they want their money. Don’t give up if the first credit says no because the next may say yes.

How the Volatility Index is a Guide to Investment?

There are times when the Volatility Index; S&P 500 looks quite strong. This has been observed even when the global economic situation is weakening. In such a case, many may wonder what could be a sustainable stock analysis with which the above situation is justifiable. Investment in stocks needs an idea about the same.

Volatility Index 2013
Volatility Index 2013

It is necessary to understand the reason for the S&P 500 exhibiting such solid levels despite the slowdown in the economy. For this, we must evaluate the method in which stock analysis is conducted. Firstly, it would do well to remember that the stock market always looks in the forward direction. This is the first step that one must comprehend during stock investment. It implies that whatever may be the current situation of the economy, the coming period of six months to one year and more is more important while considering stock analysis in order to gain a fair idea of the way the market will behave at that time and hence how to currently determine the stocks for investing.

As we know, the Volatility index or the VIX is an estimate of the market volatility. When the volatility shows spikes, generally the market goes down, or we could call it a market crash.  For low volatility, there is a gradual climbing up of the stocks.

When there are periods of low volatility many a time, they are met with vicious shifts down in the market. During such times of almost- still market positions, there are greater chances of pullbacks and investors must be aware of the same and hence always must be prepared that the stock may reverse its previously continuous trend.

Many stock investors are interested in the activities of the Central Bank. If there is an expectation or anticipation of a monetary stimulus most of the investors feel that it is the time when investing in stocks would be relatively safe. But it would be better to wait before following the herd mentality. For, the above judgment could just be wrong!

Many financial experts believe that during the times of extreme volatility, when the investors’ fear is at the highest, this is the time when stock investment can be a really profitable venture.

Whenever the volatility index sky-rockets up, the stocks generally crash and the investors’ fear reaches it peak. At this juncture, most are reluctant to put their precious money anywhere. Contrastingly, they believe that it is safe to invest when the market is muted. As a result, they end up losing money. Hence, it is not easy to do stock analysis and so requires a lot of expertise to gain knowledge in this field.

If the monetary stimulus cannot achieve what it was meant to achieve; i.e. put the struggling world economy back on the track to normalcy, then there is danger of a huge sell-off. It would be a prudent move to protect one’s capital investment and put off the share-purchasing program till the time when its value becomes quite cheap and the fear in the investor’s mind is at its highest.