Insurance: The effect of DUIs on policies

Think logically, if you were an insurance firm and one of your clients were to have one or multiple driving under the influence flags in his profile, you would be wary of giving that client preferential or even normal treatment. The risk of an accident happening is much higher and the amount of money that could be lost is also much greater. The severity of your driving offence determines a lot of courses of action that insurance companies may take with regards to your insurance policy. Life insurance with a DUI on record can become incredibly difficult to obtain at practical rates. Insurance firms may increase rates, force higher interest policies or even cancel your policy in its entirety.

The SR-22 form is the most recognizable element of the process after the reinstatement of driving privileges and driving license. The SR-22 form’s concept is simple. It is a form that you or your insurance firm must file with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your relevant state. This form verifies the existence of valid insurance coverage. Following a DUI, or other serious incidents such as excessive speeding or other moving violations, most states require the form to be filled in. The SR-22 form is often required to be filled for up to three years following the suspension of driving privileges. The requirements are pretty stringent, as cancellation of an insurance policy notifies the state police to be on the lookout for a former DUI offender with canceled insurance policies.

This does not mean that former DUI offenders cannot attain life insurance. Guidelines for most standard insurance firms dictate that anyone with a DUI in the last three to five years may qualify for standard policies. If there are no other offences on your profile then you may still receive a low premium offer with an affordable interest rate. If your health has been historically poor though, you may not qualify for special preferred or super preferred ratings which lower premiums until at least five years after you receiving your DUI.

Failing to notify the authorities your DUI on your forms amount to false material misrepresentation which makes one legally liable and provides very little scope for recourse. Few companies also deny coverage to those with recent DUIs. Full and complete disclosure is often the best method to provide information as you will only hurt yourself by hiding anything. The most effective method of finding a suitable life-insurance with a DUI on record is to compare between the policies of different firms. There are a plethora of very easy to use tools across the internet which allow one to browse through the policies of separate firms as effectively as possible. One important thing to remember is that the same regulations and minimum requirements for insurance coverage apply to former DUI offender as they do for ordinary law-abiding citizens. The DUI offender has it reported in his driving record and insurers generally assess the future risk of the driver’s life.

Pay On The Go Apps That Make Your Finances Mobile

There is no doubting how important mobile devices have become in our daily lives. Whether smartphone or tablet, the ability for either device to increase not just our power to communicate, but simplify our daily lives is now insurmountable.

One growing trend with smartphone and tablet users is to utilize these devices for personal finance. A smartphone, such as Apple’s iPhone, can now be used to purchase merchandise, track one’s finances, as well as give real-time financial information. This is a far cry from sliding credit cards, holding onto bills and receipts, or even tracking one’s financial activities from a computer, even though many financial apps still offer such an option.

Sure, but is it safe?

While the issue of safety when using pay on the go apps will always be a concern, one should also consider that in this day of the credit card, particularly in lieu of credit card skimmers to the outright theft of one’s wallet, mobile finance apps provide a much higher measure of safety. This is particularly true as many of the most popular financial apps do not store personal information on servers or even the devices themselves. As well, should a device be stolen, the owner can remotely wipe the app with their pin number.

The Leading Apps

Now that it has been established that mobile financial apps are more convenient in both purchasing items as well as tracking finances, and in addition to that, are much safer than traditional credit card-type methods, it’s time to look at the leading apps in finance: is a free mobile finance app that works with both iOS and Android. The app gives a simple, real-time update of account balances while the user is connected to the Internet. can also automatically categorize transactions, give alerts when the user is about to go over budget, as well as allow the user to utilize push notifications about bills. The apps benefits are its speed and reliability.


Venmo has been called the crown jewel of all finance apps.  This free app gives the user the ability to link their credit cards or bank account to their device, giving them instantaneous payment possibilities.  Venmo also offers a communal atmosphere where its users can send direct payments to each other by way of text message.  The Venmo app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

PayPal and PayPal Here Apps

If a user is looking for a more familiar name in the pay-on-the-go app scene, PayPal offers a very simple app that tracks balances and offers options as to how payment should be sent. Its sister app, PayPal Here, allows the user to run their business on the go by taking checks and cash sales, send invoices and even plug in PayPal’s mobile credit card reader to swipe cards. PayPal and PayPal Here are compatible with iOS devices as well as Android and Windows.

Ease, Convenience and Efficiency

While the three apps above are the most widely used for mobile finance, there are many other financial apps on the market with the capacity to be specifically tailored to an end- users’ needs. The best way to investigate financial apps is for a user to look critically at their needs, and understand their spending and saving habits. Whatever one’s choice may be, in all cases mobile financial apps are a much more efficient and safe manner in which one can track their payments and finances.

Maxine Wells is an entrepreneur and freelance writer who works with National Debt Relief to assist those in heavy debt. She loves finding new apps that help her with budgeting and money management for her daily spending.

No Medical Life Insurance: Insurance Without the Examination

For individuals from age 20 to 85, life insurance coverage is available without a medical examination.  No medical life insurance is a legal contract which does not exclude or implement limitations based on the requirement of a medical examination.

Life insurance is a contract held between the insured policy holder and the insurer, where the policy holder pays a premium, either as a regular payment or as a lump sum, on the guarantee that the insurer will pay the designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured individual.  The sum of money, otherwise known as the “benefits”, may also be triggered by the critical or terminal illness of the policy holder, and may also include funeral coverage.  No medical life insurance is a life insurance policy that is available to individuals without need of a medical examination.

Records of insurance date back to as early as 1750 BC in Babylon and 2000 BC in China.  It can be traced back to ancient Rome, where “burial clubs” covered the cost of their members’ funeral expenses and provided financial contributions for survivors.  Modern life insurance, however, began in England in the 17th century as a means of providing financial security to traders and their families.  Life insurance was first sold in the US in the late 1760’s.  Several organizations were formed, including the Corporation for Relief of Poor and Distressed Widows and Children of Presbyterian Ministers by the Presbyterian Synods, and a similar fund created by the Episcopalian priests, in Philadelphia and New York for the relief of widows and their families.  Prior to the American Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, many insurance companies even insured the lives of slaves for their owners.  Currently, there are multiple forms of life insurance available, including no medical life insurance.

The life insurance company calculates policy prices with the intent to fund claims, administrative costs, and to make a profit.  The cost of the policy holder’s premium is determined using the mortality tables, tables based on probability and statistics that show expected annual mortality rates.  These mortality rates can be used to derive life expectancy, and provide a baseline for cost of the insurance.  Insurance companies consider three main variables within the mortality table: age, gender, and use of tobacco; however, these mortality tables are often used in conjunction with the health and family history of the applicant to determine premium rates and insurability.  Insurance companies alone determine the insurability of the applicant, and are able to decline or increase the premiums of policies based on the results of the medical examination.  No medical life insurance, however, is an insurance opportunities that is available for individuals without the requirement of a medical examination. is an initiative of independent insurance expert Tamara Humphries and LSM Insurance. They have unique expertise in finding the best possible rate for individuals with no medical life insurance. Their team has access to and uses the most up-to-date financial planning software from their insurance carrier partners. They focus on preparing the best possible package for each client’s specific situation and needs. For more information, visit or call 1-866-899-4849.

Tackling Debt – Be a Professional

Keeping your personal finances in control can seem like an easy enough concept. However, with the expenses of everyday life as well as major investments such as higher education or a home, it can be easy to find yourself with huge amounts of debt. With the amount of global public debt reaching about $51 trillion in 2013, every second someone around the world takes on more debt. For many dealing with debt can get overwhelming and many do not see the accumulating expenses until eventually they find themselves in a troubled financial situation. However, there are ways to combat debt and be able to gain back control of personal expenses.
There are some steps you can take to tackling your share of debt. For one, you can make sure to always pay bills and debts on time as well as using budgeting tools to ensure that you are not spending more than your paycheck. This infographic shares other helpful debt relieving tips that you can apply to keep control of your finance. By implementing some of these tips you can reduce the amount of your debt in no time!

Student Loan Debt- Infographic

So, you’ve graduated college and are now ready to enter the real world, but are you really prepared for it? Take a look at your student loans, for example. Have you already started to pay them off, or are you still hoping your parents will help you out? Chances are, with the rising cost of tuition in all areas of higher education, it’s unlikely you’ll get through you college years without accruing some serious interest on those loans.

Take a look at the staggering statistics in the Consolidated Credit infographic below. It outlines the history of student loans in the U.S., and what it ‘s come to today: 30% of student loan holders who are at 30 days passed due on their payments; 1 in 12 who’ve default on federal loans. Ouch.

These numbers are the reasons many are doubting the value of a college education, or wondering when the tuition bubble will burst. For now, though, this is the reality we are facing–and if things don’t change, it’s the reality faced by future generations as well.

Mortgage Advice For Newbies

Are you a first time mortgage buyer? Then this must be quite a challenging time for you. Getting a mortgage and a new home can be a big step, so feeling nervous is quite natural. However, there are some tips that are essential for you to follow. If you keep these important factors in mind while getting your first mortgage then you can be a little at ease. Just remember to think through and analyse any decision that you make, especially when it comes to these long term financial commitments.

Can you pay for it?

This fundamental question comes up not only when you get a mortgage but every time you make any purchase. The first question is whether you can pay for it or not. Is buying a new home really in your bets financial interest? Keep in mind that you don’t want to become poor or fall neck deep into debt just because you have to pay a huge monthly payment. So before anything else, make a budget covering all your monthly costs so that you will know how much you can afford to pay against the mortgage. Keep your income in mind.

Getting the deposit ready

You will need to pay an upfront deposit on your house which you are buying out of the mortgage. It comes to a certain percentage of the total value and needs to be paid up front. The deal is, the larger sum you pay for the deposit, the cheaper your mortgage is.

Paying the extra costs

Getting a mortgage is not just the mortgage cost itself. There are many things you will have to pay for as well. These additional costs, other than your deposit would include the fees on your mortgage, stamp duty, paying the lawyer, etc. Then there are property related costs like removal, furnishing and decorating the house in the initial stages and so on. You will need to make sure that you have the money saved for all these. Also, don’t forget the costs of moving. This can take a sizeable chunk out of your savings as well.

Getting the right mortgage

This is another bit of tricky business. You have to find the mortgage which best suits your income and your needs. There are different kinds available on the market. Some come with fixed rates of interest for a fifteen or thirty year term. If you can make higher monthly payments, then the fifteen year term is the better one because you end up saving on the interest. There is also the ARM or the adjustable rate mortgage where the initial rate of interest is very low for the first few years and then it fluctuates according to the market trends. For this, remember that an ARM is a cheaper option in the beginning but then the monthly payments could become higher and higher as the interest rates spiral. Get proper financial consultants before going in for any option.

While getting a mortgage, it is important not to succumb to temptation and spend beyond the limits of your income. This is why, getting preapproved is a good idea. It sets the limits to what you can realistically spend on a house and prevents you from overreaching. Also, being preapproved for a mortgage before going house shopping sets a good example to the sellers. They know that you are serious and have already set the ball rolling.

When it comes to money matters, never compromise and never set goals that are not realistic. Being safe is the only way of staying out of the debt burden.

About the author

Daniel Watson is a journalist and publicist for, an innovative insurance quoting marketplace. offers great advice on insurance and ways to save money. You can connect with Daniel Watson on Google+

Making a Big Career Change – Tips That Can Make the Move the Right One

It is quite natural every professional will look for the next level of job or big career change in professional life. When making a big career change you should make sure that you are making the right jump in the right time to catch up the heights. Here are some important tips that can make your move the right one.

Prefer part-time first

In job hunt or when changing job, it is better to prefer part time first. Never quit everything and completely depend on the new job. Stick with existing employer to enjoy good relationship with them. Make use of your weekend and free time to work for them. Try to end your existing work only after making sure that your new job assures you with comfort, convenience, freedom and kickback as you expected. This helps you to rotate and make stable income when you move from one to another job.

Getting expert advice

When you are about to make the big career change, it is certainly a good idea to get advice from experts or experienced professional. It is better to get advice from a person who has made the same career change. His or her experience and knowledge can help you a lot in making the career change really effective and profitable.

Go with your decision

If you decide to change your career, then you should really go for that. Don’t allow your mind jump here and there. Take the decision with strong and steady mind. Take the decision with committed and dedicated mind and move forwards with confidence. Takes the risks of new works as challenge and win the game. Along with moving to new job, it is also a good idea to get guide on how to contest a will for proper disposal of the properties.

Give importance to satisfaction than income

If you are quitting the job for right reason, then you should give importance to your satisfaction than the income. Sometimes you will make less money than your previous work, but never give up your mind and be confident that you are going to make big amounts with your efforts. Your mind and heart should stay satisfied with your new work.

Make good relationship and support system

Make good relationship with your coworkers who really give values to your severe efforts and dedication. This helps you to enjoy what you do. Keep your character, personality and sharpness of mind in work. Once you have made your working place just like your family, then there is no doubt, you will surely love you work.

Sleep Well

This is one of the important factors you have to consider when you shift to new career. Without good sleep it is difficult to stay fresh and energetic and to put complete care in your work. Sleep well and get up in the morning with sound and strong mind & body. If you have made good start to the day with energetic mind, you can experience the same throughout the day.

These are some of the important tips that help you make your change in the career really effective. Follow these tips. You will never come down in your professional voyage. You will certainly tough the heights in the professional career.

Author bio: Edward is a finance and law blogger who writes on his blog on the related topics. He has also written for many other law as well as finance sites and has recently shared a guide on how to contest a will on his blog. This is a piece which is a must read for all who are planning to contest a will in near future. 

Top Tips to Help You Handle the Debt Collectors with Ease

When it comes to debts, the situation can turn from pretty to ugly in a matter of seconds. One day you would be splurging away like there’s no tomorrow and the next, you would be hunting down for ways to bring back all that money along with its humongous interest rate to pay it all off. Often, when you have taken longer than usual to pay off your debts and the bill has entered into the collection phase, you may have to deal with debt collectors far more often that you might want to. Sometimes, debt settlement may be the answer to all your queries. In any case, you will still have the nagging debt collectors to deal with if you miss out on your payments. You can either deal with them alone or you could choose a debt settlement lawyer; the choice is yours. However, these are the tips that will ensure that you are in safe territory and handle them well. The key is to avoid getting panicky as they will sense this fear and make things worse for you.

1.)   Make sure you have all the information that you need about your debts in written form:

This is very crucial as the written word has far more importance than the spoken one. Every single detail pertaining to your debt should be specified in clear and concise language. If any discrepancies are spotted, you must make sure that you contact this debt collector.

If you are completely positive that there have been some errors, you should write to the concerned agency immediately, preferably within a time period of a month from receiving your first letter containing all the information.

However, if you happen to be on the wrong side, the debt collector will get started with his collection action. Therefore, you need to be very careful when claiming that there are mistakes. Usually, a debt collector will have all the evidence in the form of bills and therefore, cheating your way out will never work.

2.)   Keep every evidence intact:

One of the mistakes debtors make is getting rid of all the bills and written information. Under any circumstance, do not lose these documents. From the written mails that you receive to the unending phone conversations with your debt collector, each and every aspect of it should be recorded for future references. In fact, you must also make sure that you retain the voice messages for future use.

3.)   There are many things that a debt collector is not permitted to do:

Legally, a debt collector cannot, in any case, threaten you or scare you. They are not allowed to make incessant calls and use foul language while talking. Besides, they cannot use cheap tricks like falsely calling themselves members from the legal department or intimidate you by saying that they are entitled to take away your property and the likes. In the event f such threatening messages, you are allowed to take strict action against them. You can get in touch with a good debt settlement lawyer that will explain every detail and make sure you do not fall prey to one of the several tricks used by such debt collectors.

4.)   Do not indulge them with long conversations:

Answer only what has been asked and make sure that you do not pour out more details than needed. A debt collector will try to frazzle you. Therefore, you must hold your stand, be confident and think twice before you answer. You should never lie and state facts.

Shay Quimby is a freelance writer and has a professional background in law. However, she is mostly inclined towards finance consultation. She is currently working as a debt settlement lawyer and helps debtors. She is a baker and loves to cook and bake for her kids on weekends. 

Types of Oil and Gas Investment

Oil and gas sector is among the most popular and important sector across the world. This sector industry will never diminish due to its multiple requirements for both industrial and personal purposes. The industrial demand of oil and gas sector is widely known. Equally it is known for its immense personal benefits, as for example, Natural gas is a great source of heating and cooking practices. A majority of domestic households runs on this. Also when it is converted into diesel fuel and electricity, it serves various purposes. It helps in the creation of chemical fertilizers.

One positive thing about this industry is that one can approach this sector in multiple ways. The oil market offers a diverse range of options for investment and profits. It depends on the investor to carefully utilize the best options in order to accrue profits. Let us discuss about a few of the oil and gas investment options like indepthexploration in this field.

1. Exploration projects

It refers to the kind of companies or projects who buy or lease land and engage in drilling works. If they found oil, there will be profits up to ten times. But if not, they may lose almost everything they invested. There is high risk involved in this kind of pure exploration projects. It is suitable for companies who have very high risk tolerance for investment.

2. Developing projects

These kinds of projects undertake drilling work in proven reserves in order to secure profits. It is also risk taking as there is no guarantee that their efforts will bear fruit in that particular reserve.

3. Income

Such projects refer to the process of acquiring some plots of land over any proven oil- gas reserves and try to create a steady profit to meet the investment expenses.  Such lands may either obtained through lease or purchase.  This is the safest way to venture into the drilling and extraction tasks. Here also some risks involved. This type of investment is ideal for such people who just need an indirect income flow.

4. Services and Support group

These kinds of companies offer innumerable number of supporting services to the industries involved in the oil and gas sector. This group includes transportation companies, pipeline companies, shipping and logistics companies, drilling and refining manufacturers and the related ones.

Christopher is the most acclaimed author who is known for his useful research in the field of oil and gas industry. He has closely studied the various investment options and price structure in the field. 

Life & Disability Insurance – If Superheroes Could Use It, Why Not You?

Growing up, at one point in time or another, we’ve all wanted to be superheroes haven’t we? We won’t go into anything controversial like which superhero is the best or who has the most awesome powers, but through the medium of comic books, cartoons, TV series’, and movies we’ve come across a wide range of fictional characters with super awesome powers that the kid inside has always wished to attain. While we all aspire to have super awesome powers and always get the beautiful girl (or be the totally amazing female superhero, for all the ladies out there) we don’t stop to think about how dangerous and difficult life would be because well we’d be superheroes so nothing can deter from that.

Think about it though, superheroes live insanely difficult lives facing constant danger and fighting crime without pay! Doesn’t sound like much fun, sure some of them can fly and stuff by after a while you’ll get bored and want to take a break from the pressures of such a job right? What if you as a super hero had insurance though? That would make life a lot easier wouldn’t it? I know you’re wondering how that would work, why would superheroes need insurance? Let me explain with a few examples.

Why even superheroes could benefit from insurance.

  • Spiderman/Peter Parker. So your friendly neighborhood spidey, bitten by a radioactive spider, has a pretty cool web-slinger and unbelievable reflexes. He isn’t invincible by any stretch of imagination, and has a low paying job as a photographer with the Daily Bugle. He has Aunt May, and later Mary-Jane as dependents, so he would most definitely need a life insurance policy, and considering he’s in constant danger of getting hurt and thus missing office long term, a comprehensive disability insurance wouldn’t go amiss either.
  • Professor X/Charles Xavier. The leader of all X-men, Professor X loses all ability to use the bottom half of his body after a stray bullet deflected by magneto hits him in the spine (going purely by the movie here for all the comic book nerds out there), so disability insurance is a no-brainer. Also since he dies and leaves behind a whole school of mutants as dependents, setting up a life insurance policy would have been a good idea too.
  • Mr. Fantastic/Richard Reed. As a physicist who conducts dangerous experiments in outer space, and has a wife in Susan Storm a.k.a The Invisible Woman as a dependent, it’s obvious why Mr. Fantastic would need life and disability insurance, not only is his superhero job dangerous, but so is his day job!
  • Iron Man/Tony Stark. The epitome of cool, billionaire Tony Stark dons a metal suit to fight crime and save the earth in his Iron man avatar. Since he runs a multi-million dollar empire in the form of Stark Industries, and doesn’t even have any superpowers that make him invincible or even more resistant to damage, he’s another obvious candidate for both disability and life insurance, after all how would Stark Enterprises run if he got injured somehow?
  • Superman/Clark Kent. I know what you’re thinking; Superman is like a superhero with cheat-codes, laser eyes, iron chest, ability to fly, impenetrable skin, nigh on invincible. Don’t forget though that his Kryptonite is er…Kryptonite. Some punk roaming around with a piece of shiny space-rock can turn our superhero into a weakling. His job as a journalist for The Daily Planet puts food on the table, and if he’s cornered with the aforementioned space rock by arch nemesis Lex Luthor, expect him to take a long leave to recover, meaning no pay unless he has a comprehensive disability insurance policy.

Insurance is decided based on how much of a risk factor you are, so these guys will not only need policies but will also have to find the best rates possible. Expect them to look around on the internet through insurance quote websites such as SelectQuote, AccuQuote, and IntelliQuote, or others like them, because even superheroes want the best deal. We ordinary folk, however, don’t even have superpowers so if the superheroes mentioned above would find some benefit in disability and life insurance, we most definitely could! So think smart and don’t assume you’re as invincible as a superhero, because they too have their vulnerabilities, and so do you. So protect your family and your livelihood, invest in insurance as soon as possible.

Author Bio: Frank Mitchell has worked as a life insurance agent for 10 years. After an accident in 2011 that kept him at home for more than a year, Frank started offering advice on forums and other social media networks. He now works as financial advisor and in his spare time writes articles on subjects he is passionate about. On the weekends, you’ll find Frank dirt biking.