Are You Too Old To For Life Insurance?

If you are reaching your retirement years, you may be re-evaluating your outgoings. You really don’t want to be spending money on something you don’t need, so what about life insurance? Will you really need life insurance after you have retired, once you no longer have the responsibilities you once had?

On the other hand, maybe you have never had life insurance, and you are wondering if it’s a good idea to look into it now. To help you work out whether you need life insurance as a senior, take a look at the following questions.

Who relies on you?

One of the advantages of life insurance is that it can help to provide for loved ones you leave behind. If you have a partner who relies on you financially, life insurance could help to provide for them financially when you’re gone.

The same applies if you have young children in your care. They may not be your children, but they could be your grandchildren, or other family members you take care of. Or perhaps you have grown children with special needs. Life insurance could help to provide for them financially if something were to happen to you. Find out more about GIO funeral insurance at their official site & find out whats in it for you.

Do you have a mortgage?

Most people aim to have their mortgage paid off by the time they retire, however, these things don’t always go to plan. If you have a mortgage that still needs to be paid off, or perhaps you have a mortgage on an investment property, life insurance could help pay it off.

If you have any large debts, such as large personal loans or car loans, life insurance could help to cover these too.

Do you have your own business?

Even if you have reached retirement age, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to retire. If your family relies on the income from your job, it’s important to think about how they would cope financially if that paycheck was no longer coming in.

If you run your own business, you have a responsibility to your employees and your business partners. Life insurance can also help to cover business-related costs if you choose the right policy.

Do you have money set aside for your funeral?

While it’s not something most people like to think about, funerals are unavoidable, and generally quite expensive. If you don’t have money set aside to pay for your funeral, your loved ones will have to cover the costs.

Life insurance can cover the costs associated with funeral arrangements, or alternatively, you could invest in funeral insurance, which offers specific cover for funerals.

Do you want to leave an inheritance?

Life insurance can offer a way to leave money to friends and family without the same tax implications of leaving them an inheritance in your will. Speak to a professional about this if you want to know more, as taxes vary according to circumstance and location.

If any of these situations apply to you, perhaps life insurance is for you. If you want to invest in life insurance, compare all your options, speak to your provider if you have questions, and read the terms and conditions in full.

Some Tips On Investing In Gold

Gold is the one currency that’s accepted almost anyplace in the world. It has been widely recognized through history, and it’s the most precious of all precious metals. Gold is one of the safest investments, and the prices and value are rising. Whether you want to collect and sell scrap gold from jewelry for a little extra cash, or you decide to get into heavy investing, here are some tips on investing in gold.

There are three basic gold investment methods: buying scrap gold, buying gold bullion, or investing in gold futures. All have varying degrees of risk, with a different degree of payoff. The easiest method for new, small investors is to go to family and friends, local auctions, estate sales or advertisements and offer a fair price for collections of gold jewelry or scrap gold. This can be resold at a local pawn or jewelry shop for a small profit is you price it right.

The next method is investing in gold bullion. This method of investing in gold is a solid long-term investment with very low risk; even in a bad economy gold prices hold steady over time and gold is recognized in every economic system around the world. You need little experience to begin this type of investing, just good reference material about coins and market value, and the rewards can be substantial once you learn the ropes. You can buy and sell rare or historic coins or buy gold in bars. Gold in bar form is normally 99.5 to 99.99 percent pure, and common markings are Credit Suisse, Metalor, PAMP, and Johnson Matthey, which are the names of the most productive gold refineries. Gold is sold by weight, with coins weighing from 0.10 oz to 1 oz, and gold bars sold in 1 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz. weights. The next step is to find a reputable dealer who has been in business for a while. Banks, auction houses, local gold wholesalers and online brokerages are good sources. Gold is usually purchased at or just below market value, with a one percent premium attached. Click here to find more information on buying and selling gold and silver coins and bars.

Buying gold futures is a variable investment that depends in part on speculating on the short-term value of the commodity. This can be as high risk as traditional investing, and it isn’t a good option for someone new to the market.

Career: Life-saving skills for Doomsday

If you think that doomsday preparation is all about preparing your Underground Shelter, then think again. There are many skills that you need to learn in order to save your life and the lives of others as well. Remember that surviving Doomsday is not only about managing to make it through the end of the world but also about managing to live after it. Survivalist skills are vital and should be learnt. If you are at a stage where you are still choosing your career then make sure it is one which teaches you all the skills to survive doomsday. That way, when the end of the world is here, you will be prepared to make it through.

Your choice of career will also depend on kind of skills that you want to have. Do you want to help in technical survival skills or do you want to help save lives from a more medical perspective? Depending on your passion, you can choose the right profession which will also train you in the requisite skills.

What are the skills that you could pick up?

Become a doctor

If you want to devote yourself to saving lives, then go in for a medical career. In the absolute chaos and anarchy that follows doomsday, there will be a lack of facilities and proper medicine. In the absence of such facilities, even small wounds and illnesses can mean certain death.

Even a trivial wound can kill you if it becomes dirty. If you are a doctor, you can treat it properly and prevent infection. You can even suture it if required. If a person falls sick and there are no right medicines available, your medical knowledge and experience can ensure that you find ways to treat the illness in a timely manner. Your skills as a doctor will be invaluable in the death and destruction that is inevitable after an apocalypse.

Being a lifesaver

Do you think that your skills lie in immediate life saving? Then, you can join the military. What better place could there be to be physically fit and learn crucial survival skills that could save lives? In the army, your body will be honed to become a finely tuned fighting machine, adept at surviving in all kinds of adverse situations. You will be taught endurance and safety exercises. What more would you need to survive the end of the world? Joining the military will equip you with what you need.

Making machines work

In all the confusion, you will need to get to different places and fast. For that, you need expert knowledge of cars and how to work them out. If you think that academic careers are not for you, then a vocation as an automobile mechanic could also be just the thing. It will teach you on how to hotwire cars and so on.

Not just cars, if you think that you have a knack for gadgets and the like, then making a profession out of it can be crucial if ever the apocalypse comes calling at your doorstep.

Thus, there are many kinds of schools that you cold pick up in order to survive the apocalypse. It all depends on your preference and what you would like to do. When choosing a career option, make sure that it is something that fits into your general scheme of likes and dislikes. Also, make sure it equips you with the practical skills that you would require in the difficult days to come. Choose something that you will love doing because your passion will be sorely tested during doomsday.

About the author

Brent is a leading doomsday author and expert. He runs his own website where he advises his readers on what to do in the event of doomsday and how best to prepare for it, like preparing an Underground Shelter, for eg. Brent loves listening to indie music. 

How To Attract More Customers To Your Small Business?

A big part of owning your own business is getting it to be successful. In fact it’s the biggest part of owning a business, unless you need a loss-making enterprise to balance your books, but we won’t go there. If it is your aim to make your business successful, there’s only one way to go about it – find new customers and keep them.

Keeping customers is completely dependent upon you and your product or service. As long as your product is of a sufficient quality, your after sales services are sound, and all that other stuff about competitive pricing and competent employees is taken care off (this stuff is pretty straightforward and you’ll fine reams and reams of articles dedicated to it, so I’m not going to touch it here) you’ll be able to retain your customers.

How you get them to come to you in the first place, well that’s a little tricky, and that’s also why we are here today. That first contact is crucial, when a customer comes to you for the first time, he stepping into the unknown, he doesn’t know what he’ll get but he will have some expectations coming in. You have to anticipate there preconceived notions and surpass them too, that’s the most fool proof way of making sure he keeps coming back for more.

Tips for attracting customers to your business

• Develop your brand’s identity.

Make sure your brand is instantly distinguishable from the throng. This means your logo, your packaging, and your branding should all converge in a way that makes your product appear unique and different from the rest. This is important, because unless your product or service isn’t easily identifiable, how do you expect your clients to remember it?

• Advertising.

If you want new customers you have to advertise your product. It’s the most basic step, and one that many people take for granted. Advertising isn’t just about throwing money at a media and waiting for the customers to show, it requires innovation and nous to be effective to a greater degree. You need to understand what your target market is, and then come up with a plan to reach as much of that target market as you can, at the lowest cost. This could involve everything from flyers to television ads and everything in between. Effective advertising can bring you massive volumes of consumers, and as such should be implemented with great focus.

• Go online.

Having a web presence is absolutely vital in today’s day and age. With the internet literally at everyone’s finger tips, you never know who might come across your company while looking for the kind of products you offer, and then decide to do business with you. Also, if friends or family mention a product and how good or bad it is, now, the natural reaction to such a conversation is to Google the product and see what you can find out about it.

• Accept credit cards.

If you aren’t accepting alternative methods of payment, you’re losing out on a decently sized fraction of your demographic right there. People want convenience while shopping today, and by denying the use of plastic money, you’re offering them the exact opposite of convenience. As soon as word spreads that you don’t accept credit cards, people will be predisposed to taking their business elsewhere, regardless of your product. If you think that credit cards are too expensive a hassle to take on, check out specialist vendors who deal in only the business of credit cards. Some like creditcardprocessing can help you get an account started in just one day. These guys will charge a lot lesser than your average bank, and provide a more streamlined service, because unlike banks, this is all they do. There are others like PayPal but you should compare commissions and processing fees to see what works best for your business.

• Create a buzz.

Help create a positive vibe about your product in the online sphere. Request your regular customers who are quite happy with your product, to write a good review for it online. They’ll usually be more than happy to oblige, and just need that initial push. If you notice someone has given you a solid review, send them a thank you note and a discount coupon or a small gift, this will only encourage them and others who hear about this to give you more referrals in the future.

Increasing your business isn’t really rocket science, and as long as you put in enough effort and perseverance into it, and approach it in an intelligent fashion, you’re bound to succeed. Follow the aforementioned tips diligently, and you’ll be improving your customer base in no time.

How To – How To Cope With High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Credit Card Processing is something that many companies are doing these days. It is easy to find out which companies are offering this type of card. Click here for more.

Many people fall into the category of having bad credit. Credit becomes unstable when someone loses their job or gets a reduction of hours. They might have several loans out at that time, and this does not help them at all. They might be dipping into their savings accounts more than they would like to. Credit can become out of control in a matter of days. Keeping a close eye on the credit can prevent major problems for families. Credit is needed almost anywhere.

When a family is looking to move into a new home, they will usually need to have decent credit. If they want to do some holiday shopping, they will want to have a good credit card. A high risk card might not have the lowest interest rate that a family would like, but if it is all that they can get, it will do the job. Asking the company what the card restrictions are is a good thing. These types of cards need to be reloaded with cash each time a customer wants to make a purchase. This way, the company is not at a huge loss if the person cannot repay the card. It is a great method to help people with bad credit. They can begin to create a new credit report. It is like a second chance that comes with a low risk. Since the person needs to have most of the money upfront, they will take care of the card much better.

Having a credit card with a high limit is like getting anything in the world. There is no fear of not getting something. It only hurts when the bill comes and needs to be paid. There will be no such bill with this type of card. There are interest rates that need to be paid, just like any other type of credit loan though. These are often affordable, since the card will not have a large limit. It is wise to check into all of the different companies offering these types of cards. They will all have different usage terms and interest rates. Choose one that looks attractive for the particular situation that is needed. None of them should give families any trouble at all.

Reporting of Credit Card & Merchant Payments to the IRS

The laws began to become legal in 2008, and in 2011 they were thrown to the public and enacted. As a merchant with a merchant account of any kind, when someone pays you for your services, the IRS wants a 1099k sent to them with the gross receipts of each card. The cardholder bank and merchant servicers are responsible for the 1099k. You need to make certain that you have wonderful records, because all they want is the gross receipts that you received. You will be notified of the amounts from each one.

With your records you need to be able to prove any chargebacks, any canceled purchases, etc. The gross amount is what’s given, you don’t always receive what was paid to you. Things go awry after a purchase with some of them, or adjustments are made. The IRS is not after that amount. They only want the gross amount, and that can be a nightmare for all concerned.

Bookkeeper nightmare

It’s hard enough running a business each day without a bookkeeping nightmare and with this law, Treasury Decision 9496- related to Internal Revenue Code Section 6050W, it makes things even harder. So, whoever is doing your books will need to cross reference each purchase and make sure that the whole history is there. From the moment the button is pushed and the card comes into play, to the end of the transaction, whether it’s done right then, or if it keeps returning because of issues. The whole story will need to be included somewhere in the files.

The IRS is only concerned with the gross story going on with the receipt and it doesn’t tell the whole enchilada. That purchase may have been altered and it may have been canceled. But, the IRS gets the gross purchase without the Cinderella ending. So, it’s up to the book keeper to make the job easier all the way to the end and get those reductions where they are needed.

When hair flies

Book keeping can be one tough job. When a business has 30 people with their hands in the cookie jar every day, each purchase has a different story. Trying to keep track of them all is a nightmare.  So, get with your book keeper and organize a simple system that will work for everyone. Don’t make it too intricate and don’t leave out important information for things. It may take a few tries for everyone to get it right, but once the system is working smoothly, don’t change it. People generally hate change anyway, but they work with stealth like reflexes when they have a system they know and it all flows well.

Be prepared

Stay up to date with your IRS information and know this particular one well. It could drown you with issues come tax time. Just know that with each transaction you need to follow it from beginning to end and know the story behind it. Have good records so that if something should arise later on, you can find it in your files and take care of it. Good luck with the law, and the gross receipts from your merchant account, and the 1099k.

Hello, I’m Blair Thomas and I’m an electronic payment expert and the co-founder of from Los Angeles, CA, the #1 adult dating merchant account company in the country.  I enjoy hiking, dining and discovering new music. When I’m not working in the electronic payments industry, you can most likely find me producing and writing music. Add me to your circles at Google +

Corporate Christmas e-cards Are the Smarter Alternative

Not only can you use corporate Christmas e-cards to spread glad tidings during the festive season to your clients and customers but it is also a great opportunity to offer something that will encourage people to open your card and keep it on file.

The best idea is to add a discount code for future sales or purchases which people can copy and keep to use.

This is where a well-established firm such as eCO2 Greetings really comes into its own. Created in 2008, the firm has helped thousands of businesses around the world achieve more with corporate Christmas e-cards than they would have believed was possible.

This is the time of year when businesses need to stand out from the crowd when coming up with a Christmas design for their cards which then have to be suitable for their business image and to be inclusive for their recipients.

This is where corporate Christmas e-cards really are the smarter alternative seems a firm can choose several different designs or, indeed, have one single design with several different messages to cater for the varying tastes from those receiving the card.

When it comes to corporate Christmas e-cards, there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach that needs to be adhered to.

Corporate Christmas e-cards are the greener alternative

The issue of carbon footprints and green credentials are increasingly important to a growing number of businesses and the choice of corporate Christmas e-cards will help underline their commitment to the environment.

That’s because corporate Christmas e-cards do not need trees to be pulped to create them, nor do they need to be posted and delivered which takes up fuel and increases CO2 emissions.

Instead, corporate Christmas e-cards are quick and easy to design and create before being sent to an email list which is not also quick but also effective.

And with most holiday times being busy periods for most firms, corporate Christmas e-cards will help your firm stand out from the crowd and help clients remember you in a positive way.

By using e-cards a business can also customise them with logos, their name and an effective promotional message. They can even be tailored so each one has a different greeting for each recipient such as using their first name at the beginning of the message.

The e-card itself is designed to be opened on computers, laptops and smartphones and will have a specific message showing that it is intended for that recipient’s inbox and will not be consigned to their spam folder.

Corporate Christmas e-cards are easy to send

The ease in which corporate Christmas e-cards can be created and delivered makes the entire process not only quick but also stress-free. This is a positive thing when those responsible for creating and delivering a firm’s Christmas card list are probably busy with their other tasks.

Let’s not forget also that corporate Christmas e-cards do not have to be recycled or, worse, sent to a landfill site after the festive season ends.

Possibly the most difficult thing after deciding to send corporate Christmas e-cards is to find a firm you can trust and rely on. This is where eCO2 Greetings really comes into its own.

As one of the longest established players in the e-card market, eCO2 Greetings is a dedicated e-cards supplier and it’s not a sideline to their main business; it is their main business.

Contact eCO2 Greetings to learn more about creating and sending corporate Christmas e-cards and you’ll probably never go back to posting traditional Christmas cards again.

An Alternative To Conventional Savings Or Flowering Equity

There are many options awaiting those who are prepared to begin investing in their future, and many opportunities may prove to be money-generating options that prove to be income generating venues for those seeking security later on. It will benefit interested individuals to talk frankly with banking and financial professionals to determine the best approach to take when investing for long-term gains toward personal fiscal goals.

An alternative to conventional savings or interest-bearing equities is real estate investment. With the deviations and fluctuations in the real estate market currently, some regions may present affordable investment properties that will not only build the client’s current capital but also that may yield revenue that enables investors the opportunity to seek out additional acquisitions.

When buying an investment property, it is prudent for consumers to look for real estate that suits their distinctive budget and that will not require more of a time or energy commitment than is realistically feasible. Playing the role of a landlord may not be well-suited to many, and when buying properties that will require hands-on management, it will be advantageous to consider hiring site supervision or management services for such maintenance and labor. For this reason, it might be practical to look for opportunities in real estate that can support itself over the course of time. For example, investing in potential storage space could be less demanding than buying an apartment building.

When meeting with realtors to view prospective properties, be sure to conduct thorough inspections of possible options before investing. It may be pragmatic to have a rapport with an area contractor who can give credible and accurate assessments to potential buyers. Enlisting the services of area building professionals may serve as a way to complete expedient repairs or obtain quick evaluations as needed.

Another great investment option for those intrigued with the real estate market is found with time-share properties. These can prove quite inexpensive in some areas based on the current market, and they may present a gradual way of entering the intimidating world of real estate investing. These units are often sold by owners at a discounted rate due to life situations, and it might prove to be a way to find self-sufficiency in a property warranted by busy work schedules and family commitments.

Compare The Forex Brokers – Check This Quick Comparison Guide

Forex trading is based on the currency trading and it mainly depends on the highs and lows of the currency market. The forex trading depends on the selection of currency pair and the currency movement is measured in relation to each other. The trader purchases one currency and then sells other. Thus, there are many combinations of currencies available in this type of trading and the trader may choose his pair of currency based on his research and comfort. The forex trading is usually supported by forex brokers that offer trading platform to the traders. The success of forex trading mainly depends on the broker and the tactful execution of the transaction. Therefore, the first thing that trader needs to do before entering the forex trading market is to compare forex brokers.

The forex brokers may sound similar when you read their service offerings but actually all these brokers are very different. These brokers differ from each other on various parameters and hence one can compare forex traders on all these key parameters to find the most reliable broker for successful trading experience.

Forex brokers comparison guide

Product Line

Product line has vital role in trading. More trading instruments may offer better opportunities. The product line offered by the brokers may range from Forex NDF, Forex Futures, Forex CFDs and many such trading instruments. The trader may either select the broker based on his personal need or he may also select the broker on the basis of the product range. The higher number of trading instruments may never mean that the particular broker is better than the others.

Currency Range

The forex trading mainly depends on the currency rating and hence more currency combinations available with the broker would mean more trading options. The trader should therefore check the various currency trading pairs available with the broker before entering into any sort of contract.

Regulatory Status

The regulatory status of the broker states much about his credibility and performance. The brokers registered with reputed regulatory bodies may be considered more reliable than others. Check this first as it will be the main factor governing the performance of the forex broker and it may offer clear picture about the minimum performance guarantee from the broker.

User Friendly trading platform

The trading platform offered by the broker may be the prime factor in deciding the broker. The forex trading is quite easy but if the platform for trading is not having user friendly layout then this easy trading may also become difficult. The trading platform should thus be checked before starting the actual trading.

End to End support

Broker in the case of forex trading is not just the mediator but he should offer end to end support to the trader. The tutorial for the beginners and the online help is really appreciated by the new entrants. The daily analysis of the currency trends and market analysis offered to the traders would also work well for their success.

You may compare forex brokers for all the above factors to select only the best broker for effective currency trading.

How You Can Choose a Good Car Leasing Company?

You are more likely to get spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a car leasing company. There are many vehicle leasing companies in the industry and it is really tough to decide which one of them offers best of deals, especially if you will be leasing a car for the first time. However, everything will go very smoothly if you know what it takes to choose a good leasing company.

Car leasing has multiple benefits, no matter whether you will be using the vehicle for personal or business purpose. It offers all those facilities that come with owning a car but without leaving you with the responsibilities of car purchase. However, how much you will be benefited from car leasing depends on the company you have rented the car from. You should always deal with a reliable company because it has more varieties in options to serve your purposes. Also it is more likely to get an affordable deal which, otherwise, would not be possible if a new or non-reputed company is involved in the picture.

Reputation of a company is definitely a big factor that mattes but there are also more things to consider. Here are some guidelines to help you make a choice of the right car leasing company that will fulfill all of your needs.

  • Start with shopping around. Ask for quotations from different companies and then compare those rates. This will make it easier for you not only to find out a good leasing company but also a good deal.
  • Internet has brought all information on your desk. You don’t have to travel a lot to find out a company, searching on the internet will be enough to meet your purpose.
  • When you locate a suitable company, call them to arrange a meeting. This will give you some idea how cooperative they are. Make sure to meet the officials from your leasing company in person.
  • Deal with a company that has options well-suited for your purpose. For example, if you are looking for a short-term lease, choose a company that has plenty of such offers.
  • Always go through the terms and conditions as specified by a car leasing company in their contract. In all likelihood, there might be mileage limit, acceptable level of damages, age limit and other different restrictions. Important it is for you to know all those restrictions before signing the deal.
  • Make sure you understand every term of the contract. If you have any doubt, ask the official to clear to explain the term.

Gather more information about a car leasing company that you have decided to deal with, it will help you make an educated choice. Inquire if the company is a registered one and how long they have been doing business. This will give you a sense of security while doing business with them.