The Importance of Gaining Career Certification Despite the Cost

Professional certification is found in almost all industries today starting from finance, information technology to engineering. However, the cost of acquiring a decent education is high. It is an investment that costs not only money but your time and energy as well. If you see a paper of certification with a name on it, it is not just an adornment, but it has taken some time, energy and effort to acquire that piece of paper.
For instance, a career path as a business analyst requires people who are good problem solvers but it can also help to gain certification. If you have excellent observation and data analysis skills, then this is the ideal career for you. You can simply get this job through the experience that you have gained through managing projects or if you have multiple certifications from different disciplines. In short, this is one of those careers that are best suited for those people who can perform.
So what is The Importance of Gaining Career Certification Despite the Cost?
• Helps beef up your resume
Regardless of how good you are in your area of work, if you do not have some certification to back you up, then your job is not secure. Today’s competitive job market requires more than just good relations and performance to maintain your position. These credentials will be useful when you are searching for your next employer. Without certification, there is a slim chance that you will advance to a better career or higher position in employment.
• Qualify for companies with high standards
Blue chip companies pay a decent salary for those who are certified in their fields of specialization. For you to be eligible to any position, you must be certified. Checking certification is a procedure during recruitment. So those who do not have the relevant certification do not qualify for the next round of the recruitment process.
• Improved chances of earning more
Professionals who are certified are an assurance to the employer that they are skilled, reliable and relatively easier to train. Therefore, if a gap arises in the organization, then they are promoted as they closely fit into the required position with little cost of training. Consequently, a promotion translates to a high salary for you.
• Meet the market needs
Without certification, a large number of people would have abstract skills. Certification in a field of study means that you have studied in a particular niche and you can utilize this knowledge to fill the gaps in the job market. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and getting acquainted with the required skills sets you apart from the rest and you are assured of a job.
• Broad scope of practice
Did you know that you retain the benefits of certification for the rest of your life? From here, you can expand to other related fields since you possess proof that you can learn and adapt to new environments. Certification shows your interests to your employer and your eagerness to learn in today’s fast-changing work environment. This is an attribute that most employers look out for in a successful employee.
Ultimately, if you compare the cost of acquiring certification versus the benefits that come with it, you will discover that it worth that price tag. It not only shows your competency, but also helps you retain and advance in your career endeavors. If you’d like to learn about gaining certification to become a business analyst, go here:

5 Bad Credit Personal Loan Options

As someone with bad credit you may feel your options are limited when it comes to applying for personal loans in Woodland. While some lenders, such as banks have stricter requirements than ever, there are a number of types of loans available for bad credit borrowers. Knowing the options and how to apply for a bad credit loan in Woodland will open up many options.

 Car Title Loans

Car title loans in Woodland offer credit for bad credit. The loans are secured with your car as collateral and the lender will become the new lienholder when you take these loans. The loan amount is based on the market value of your car. They have flexible requirements, including the fact that there is no credit check and so bad credit borrowers may be eligible with the same terms and conditions as those with good credit. The loans are also convenient in that they can be applied for online and can be available in as little as one hour.

 Payday Loans

Payday loans are unsecured personal loans in Woodland. The loan amount is based on the size of your paycheck and these are short-term loans with high interest rates. The loans require no credit check making them suitable for people with bad credit. They can be applied for online and can be available on the same day.

 Peer-to-Peer Loans

Peer-to-peer lending is an online platform that allows people to borrow directly from an individual. Investors earn high interest while borrowers pay low interest rates. It works by borrowers posting loan requests which are then viewed by lenders and chosen according to their criteria. While peer-to-peer lending does pot your credit score, the loans are up to the discretion of the individual lenders and they may be more sympathetic to your situation.

 Credit Union Loans

Credit unions work in a similar way to banks, but are owned by members. They are non-profit organizations that pass on their earnings to the members. You can call up your local credit union to discuss the possibility of personal loans in Woodland.

 Home Equity Loans

If you have equity in your property you may be able to get a low rate, tax deductible line of credit that does not take your credit score into account. These act as personal loans that can be used for any purpose. If you have a secure source of income so that you will manage the monthly repayments without hassle and will not put your property in jeopardy by not being able to repay the loan, these can become a good option for a bad credit loan in Woodland.

 Choosing the Right Loan

Before you decide on a loan make sure to shop around for the best option for you. Look into the terms and conditions of the loan, including the interest rate, fees and repayment terms. Check the requirements of the loan and the convenience in applying. Once you find the right loan to suit your financial situation, you can begin the application process.

Planning Ahead can Help Pay for Funeral Costs

Death is one of the two things that most people say are guaranteed in life, but it is also the most feared. No one wants to die, but unfortunately every single person on this earth will, and that means the sensible thing to do is prepare for it so that family members grieving a loss do not have to deal with it. Whether or not you take care of your funeral arrangements they will still have to occur once you pass, and leaving your family to do it will be another blow. If you love your family you may want to think about taking care of things now.

Of course, there are a lot more funeral costs associated with a funeral then you likely think. Most people have been to dozens of funerals, but they never actually contemplate how many arrangements and items need to be purchased and paid for. The list can get quite extensive very quickly which is why it is a good idea to set aside some time to make your arrangements in full. Leaving the long list to your family to take care of in just a few days following your passing can be a cruel last action, but it is a problem you can prevent.

To begin with you will need to choose a funeral home to handle your body and the arrangements. They will take care of pulling everything together that you have requested and cremation or burial depending on which you choose. Once you choose a funeral home you can start to coordinate everything else that will need to happen. In addition, the undertaker can walk you through the process to make sure that you do not leave anything out. They also know certain tricks to help make sure that you minimize the costs if possible.

For instance, you might not realize that insurance could help with buying a memorial headstone. A memorial headstone in most cases is not cheap, but you will want some type of marker for your grave regardless of cost. If you plan carefully and take out an insurance policy then when you die the money can be used towards your funeral arrangements. This will allow you to plan ahead for your memorial plot so that you don’t have to worry about your family absorbing the costs or a large part of your estate being used for the funeral.

Insurance can come in handy for other aspects of the funeral as well such as the coffin, funeral home costs, the graveyard plot, etc. Usually the insurance policy can be used on anything funeral related until the money is expended so it can be stretched a long way. There are many hidden fees such as the costs of opening and closing a plot that you likely are not expecting, so planning on having some extra cash for funeral arrangements is something that will greatly help your family out. This way they have the time to properly grieve and fondly miss you instead of worrying about financial matters.

Relative Strength Indicator in FX trading

Good indicators for traders are those which show market movements as they develop in real time. The best indicators however, show the “future” in addition to this. A common problem with moving averages or the MACD indicator for example is that they lag behind the market. Their values can only be calculated accurately once the movement is done, the candle has a closing price for the given time frame. This is the reason the Relative Strength Indicator, or RSI in short is such a powerful tool when it comes to currency trading

Leading indicators and the RSI

Indicators which show market tendencies in real time or a bit behind are called “lagging indicators”. Conversely those which try to show the changes on the chart before they happen are called “leading indicators.”

Leading indicators are based on the assumption that if the instrument becomes oversold, the price must go up, at least for a short time, and when it is overbought then it must drop. This comes from the fact that after a sharp move in any direction traders are trying to realise some of their profits, temporarily easing the pressure of the initial move. Indicators like this can further be categorized as Oscillators, in case they are range bound like the RSI, which also happens to be one of the most widely used indicators.

Relative Strength Index – RSI

The RSI, when used on a chart of a currency pair, measures the relative strength of the instrument compared to itself, rather than to another instrument or index. In order to do so, it compares the magnitude of a recent gain to recent losses, from which it is able to determine whether the asset or FX pair is currently overbought or oversold. The RSI oscillator has a range from 0 to 100, above 70 then the instrument is considered overbought, below 30 and it has dropped more than what was anticipated by the market and is now considered oversold.

The creator of the RSI, Wells Wilder, recommended an RSI period of 14, but many traders use the 9 or 25 period for currency trading. The period can usually be set to any number, but it is important to know that the shorter the time frame, the more volatile and erratic the indicator becomes. In this case the RSI shows false signals in a lot of cases, rendering it useless. In case the selected period is too long the indicator becomes flat like a pancake, and won’t show anything of value. Changing up the measured period of the indicator therefore lets the trader adjust how often the RSI may enter into the oversold or overbought territory.

Another important attribute of the RSI is that it can show a divergence between the recent movement of the instrument and the indicator itself. This occurs when the underlying reaches new highs or lows but the RSI cannot penetrate above or below the previous levels. In these cases the RSI will have a divergence (moving in the opposite direction) compared to the chart, which is a very powerful tool to discover possible reversals of the current trend.

All in all, the RSI can be used to help the currency trader with the following:

  1. The RSI can usually predict the highs and lows of an instrument. If the index is above 70 it might be a new high, and below 30 might be a new low. In case of a bull market the high should be above 80, and in a bear market the low should be below 20
  2. It is possible to draw support and resistance levels on the RSI’s graph itself. This might further help in discovering trend reversals or major levels.
  3. A divergence can occur when the RSI moves in the opposite direction compared to the instrument. This is not necessarily bad, since it can signal the reversal of a trend.

An RSI, combined with a consistent trading strategy and good risk management can make all the difference between average returns and excellent returns. If currency trading is a vehicle to deliver the trader to their goals, then it is certainly recommended to study the potential positive effects of adding the RSI to the strategy.

How you can Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time

What could be better than having more money in your bank account each month? Well, how about having this surplus of money, but at the same time feeling the satisfaction in knowing you’re helping to protect the environment? This is actually simpler than you think; there are ways and means you can go about your daily routine in a more thrifty manner, which can also see you cut down on your carbon footprint.

To find out what these ways and means are, what follows is a rundown of these for you to try which can see you live greener and financially better-off.

Reuse and Recycle on a Bigger Scale

General recycling of household waste is great for the environment, but to expand this into something that can help you save is to reuse and recycle other household items instead of buying new. You could turn garden pallets into rustic shelving or upcycle your old furniture into trendy items you could sell on. There’s also the option of shopping at cheaper second hand stores for clothes and new goods.

Drive more Economically

By driving your car more economically you reduce the amount of carbon you’re emitting as you go further on one tank. This in turn helps you to save in the long run as you also reduce general wear and tear and you don’t need to fill up as often. In this post you can find out more about the best ways to drive in a more economical way.

Be Smart with your Gas and Electric

Next comes your utilities. Change your bulbs to energy savers, avoid using devices and leaving them on charge for a long time and turn things off on the wall to save on electricity. Equally, during the colder times of the year, don’t turn the heating up further, instead, put on more layers. By doing this you’ll reduce your consumption and lower your bills.

Grow your Own Veg

A great way to be green and save is to grow your own produce. Not only does this mean you’ve got cheaper vegetables, they don’t have the big carbon footprints attached to them like the stuffs you get in supermarkets.

Have a Quick Shower

Showers are already much better for the environment than baths, but by spending between 5-10 mins in one, you can again reduce your bills.

So there you have it, a few great ways to live both frugally and eco-friendly.

5 Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Gold IRA Custodian

IRA or Individual Retirement Account is one of the most popular forms of retirement savings and provides several tax benefits. There are several types of IRA plans that a person can invest in      but one of the most popular is Gold IRA. The history of this unique retirement saving plan was envisioned with the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act, which allowed investors to deposit precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the IRA. This is certainly much more advantageous as in this turbulent global economy as paper money isn’t what one can truly rely upon. As metals are not only more durable than paper money, you can certainly rely on them to have a significant value even if the currency takes a dip.
If you are thinking of making a Gold IRA investment, listed below are some of the most important things that you must consider before making a final decision.

  1. Look for a Licensed and Reputed Custodian

Surely, it would be a foolish thing to hand over your precious assets in inexperienced hands. The first and foremost question you should have for a custodian is whether they are licensed or not. Once you’re convinced of their authenticity you must also enquire the number of years they have been in this business. Check for the company’s track records and testimonials of existing clients to know their expertise in Gold IRA custody. The more established the custodian is,the safer your investments are.

  1. Inquire about the Custodian’s Fee and Gold Prices

Most people are aware of the mandatory deposit fees that various custodians charge. But, it is also certain that the fee structure and amount might differ between different providers. Hence, it is extremely important to know their fee charges instead of hoping for a standard amount that suits all. The custodian fee usually includes the charges for storage, shipping, application and processing fees, which must be paid by you. You must also learn about the price that a particular custodian offers for your assets and compare them to the current market prices to avoid being conned.

  1. Know Where Your Assets Will be Stored

It is common for several Gold IRA companies to use co-mingled vaults to store your assets that are shared by various institutions. While this might save a ton of expenses for the custodians and banks, it might be a particular safety concern for your funds. If a company offers to deposit and store your gold and precious assets in a co-mingled facility, then you should certainly reconsider your choice. Make sure that that custodian company stores your gold in a separate facility where it will not be kept along with the other client’s assets. Apart from this, your custodians must also have a considerable amount of experience in handling and storing precious metals.

  1. Look for the Custodian with a Good Customer Support

Handing over your precious gold to a company that doesn’t take your phone calls properly, should never be trusted. The main work and efficiently of a good Gold IRA custodian begins after the introductory paperwork has been completed. Regular updates about your investments and a 24/7 hotline for any queries are the important ‘must haves’ of a reputed Gold IRA custodian. If they do not respond to your queries properly or have an untrained staff answer your calls, you should certainly take these as red flags and reconsider your options.

  1. Check If they Offer IRA Transfers

If you have an existing IRA account, you can transfer and convert your regular IRA funds into Gold IRA and enjoy its several benefits. Nevertheless, you must inquire beforehand whether the company you have chosen does IRA transfers and rollvers or not. As most custodians use state of the art digital and electronic computing to manage their financial activities, the transfer process shouldn’t take any more than 48 hours. If you experience any delays in this process, it should be taken against the company’s efficiency and indicates poor management.
Following the relaxed taxation laws and the 2008 economic depression, people’s distrust in paper money and other fiat currencies has led to the popularization of Gold IRA. Following the above tips before choosing a worthy custodian will not only provides you with tax benefits and savings but will also ensure that you receive the full benefits without worries.