Things Potential Buyers Wish You Knew About Selling Your House

While you are trying to sell your house, the only contact you will probably have with potential buyers is when they are viewing the property. But, even then, you might be at home if the estate agent shows them around. Because of this lack of contact, there are some things you don’t get to discuss with those buying your house. To help you out, here are some things that potential buyers wish the homeowner knew. You never know, it might help you sell your house faster!

They Don’t Really Read Newspaper Adverts Anymore

About ten years ago, most people used to spend hours flicking through local newspapers looking at the property pages. These are pages in which estate agents list all their houses that they are currently selling. It was the main way buyers would find their next home. However, these days, newspaper adverts on the property pages just aren’t cutting it anymore. More and more people are instead listing their homes online, especially on estate agents’ websites. Why not learn about Bridgfords, and how they advertise their properties? So remember, if you only list your home in newspapers, you might be missing a lot of buyers.

They Would Rather Attend An Open House Than A Private Viewing

Let’s get one thing straight: private viewings can be extremely awkward. For both the buyer and the homeowner. Those viewing the house can feel like they are snooping around. While the homeowner might find it awkward to continually try and make small talk in order to be polite. The best thing for both homeowner and potential buyers is to hold an open house. This is when the estate agent stays at your home for a couple of hours and viewers can turn up to wander around the house. Not only do viewers prefer this, but it is also very convenient for homeowners. That’s because they can leave the viewing to the estate agent.

Clean Up Before A Viewing

No one wants to view a house that has dishes in the sink and clutter in the sitting room and bedrooms. People are buying into a lifestyle when they buy a house. If it looks like you have a fantastic lifestyle, they will be a lot more likely to put in an offer. A messy home isn’t a good sign of a great lifestyle. So before a viewing or an open house, quickly clean up and hide your clutter in the attic or basement.

They’d Rather Pay Slightly More For Less Work

If you have a house that could do with renovating, you need to make a decision. Either do it up and sell the property at a higher price. Or reduce your acting price and leave the renovations for the next homeowners to do. However, this shouldn’t be a choice at all. You should always do up the house and sell it at a higher price. Buyers would rather pay more for less hassle once they move in.

Now that you know these tips, you might find your home sells extremely quickly!

Warning, Your Vehicle Could Cost A Lot More Than You Realise

Driving, cycling or riding on the roads can be a lot more expensive than we first assume. When you think about the cost of driving, you probably only consider how much you paid for the vehicle. You might then take into account charges for petrol. You forget all about maintenance, tax, insurance and yes, accidents. All these things could add up and end up costing you a fortune. These are the costs of driving that you don’t consider.


Just how much do you pay for petrol each year? Probably quite a lot more than you want to, particularly, with gas prices rising again. To avoid the cost of high fume charges, you just need to change the way you drive. For instance, braking hard always increases the amount of petrol you use. Less braking means less fuel is needed. Obviously, this sounds like we’re encouraging you to drive more dangerously. Actually, it’s the opposite. You can brake less by being more attentive to your surroundings. Rather than braking at the last minute for a bend, you’ll see it, and you will be able to brake gradually. This way, less fuel will be used.

Dangerous Driving and Riding

Is riding a motorbike more dangerous than driving a car? Statistically, yes, however, this might be because riders take more risks than car users. If you are riding safely without dangerous risks, you have nothing to worry about on a motorbike. In fact, if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can make a claim. You’ll get money to pay for any damages you suffered in the accident. You can talk to a compensation solicitor for motorcycle accidents about this possibility. On the other hand, if you are found to be at fault an accident could cost you a fortune. You might be required to pay damages that aren’t fully covered by your insurance company.

Insuring Your Vehicle

Speaking of insurance, you should consider how much you’re paying each year for this cost. In particular, be aware that insurance prices differ broadly depending on the car you drive and your history on the road. For instance, no claims will almost certainly mean your insurance premium is lower. You can also get a digital recorder for your car. This monitors the way you drive. If you drive safely, your insurance premium is lowered significantly. This is something to consider if you want to reduce the cost. Also, remember, a car that is more valuable will cost more to ensure. This is why buying a sports car may not be the best idea.


Lastly, poor maintenance can lead to expensive costs that could easily have been avoided. All you needed to do was keep better care of your vehicle. The tyres are an excellent example of this. Tyre pressure is easy to check with a slight kick to each one before driving. If you do this, you can avoid low tyre pressure causing an accident. The cost of that accident is going to be a lot more expensive than the charge of pumping up a tyre or even replacing it.

Bad Credit, New Vehicle: Alternative Ways to Buy a Car

There are many different circumstances that can lead you to get a bad credit rating, and that can lead you to believe that you probably won’t be able to get a car as a result of this issue, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have options.

If you have your eye on a model like the Chrysler 200 for example, here is a look at some of your options if you have bad credit but want to get a new set of wheels.

Before you head to the dealership

If you suspect that your credit record is looking a bit battered and that your score is not going to be all that good, but don’t know for sure where you stand, get a copy of your latest credit report before you start making any applications or head down to the car dealership.

It is important to be able to see what lenders are looking at and what your credit score is, as it will confirm your options and give you some guidance on where to go to get the loan that you want.

If you have a bad credit rating it is unlikely that you will be accepted on normal lending terms by a mainstream bank or a car dealership, who often act as a broker for a number of car finance lenders.

Consider a credit union

One of your first options, in terms of loan acceptance and interest rate charges, is to consider joining a credit union.

Credit unions are rapidly becoming an integral part of the auto loan market so you will be amongst many people in a similar position if you approach a credit union for a loan of this type.

The other positive aspect of taking this route is that the interest rates charged by most credit unions tend to be lower than average, for anyone seeking an auto loan with a bad credit history.

Getting your cash from other people

This doesn’t mean asking people you know to lend you the money, although that is always a possible option if you have some generous and trusting friends or relatives, but thanks to the growth of peer-to-peer lending, you might be able to get a loan from someone who lends money through one of these sites.

These lending sites will check your credit status and grade the risk accordingly, so they will attempt to match your request for a loan with a group of people who are prepared to offer to fund part of the loan, in return for an interest rate that reflects the risk attached to it.

Your success in getting approved will definitely depend on the extent of how bad your credit rating is, but it is an option.

The best advice to remember is to shop around and see what options are available to you, before you accept the first offer of finance, which could be more expensive in terms of interest charges, than you need to agree to.

Having bad credit is a potential hurdle to getting auto finance, but there is often a way around it.

Lydia Myers has worked in personal finance for years and is often surprised at how often people reach for a credit card or loan instead of considering other options for large purchases. She wants to open up possibilities in her articles so that people can choose what is right for them, without breaking the bank.

After the Accident: Top Tips for Managing Your Money until You Get Back to Work

If you suffer an injury in the workplace, there is a very good chance that physical pain might not be the only thing you experience, as it can also be a painful experience trying to cope with less money coming in while you recuperate.

Having an accident at work means that you might have to spend a prolonged period of time away from the workplace, and you might also find that your pay becomes affected, which can be very difficult to contend with, unless you get your finances sorted.

Getting sick pay

If you suffer an injury, your first thought probably won’t be about what pay you will be entitled to while you are off work, but it will soon be a topic of discussion.

If you are likely to be off work for a number of weeks in order to recover, it is likely that you will be entitled to receive some kind of sick pay, if you normally earn over £111 per week, based on 2014-15 entitlement calculations.

There is legislation that means you should be entitled to at least receive statutory sick pay, but it may well be that your employer has a sick pay scheme that proves to be more generous than the state version.

Check your employment contract or speak to your HR department or employer directly, depending on the size of the business, so that you can confirm exactly what scheme is in operation and what you are entitled.

It is possible that you might even be able to spend a few weeks away from work on full pay, although this would be discretionary, as a separate scheme to statutory sick pay is voluntary and not therefore enforceable, unless it is written into your contract.

Making a claim

It is entirely understandable that you might be reluctant to think about making a work accident claim, especially if you are intending to return to work if and when you are able to do so.

The point to remember is that an accident in the workplace, which forces you to take time away from your employment and receive a lower monthly salary than you are used to if you are on sick pay, will put your finances under a certain amount of strain.

Provided a claim is made and handled in a professional manner, this is a perfectly normal response to a challenging situation and if your claim manages to highlight a failing within the business to follow health and safety practices correctly, your action could prevent the same thing happening to somebody else.

It would be unfair if your financial situation suffered through no fault of your own, so it makes sense to get good legal advice and do what you can to keep your finances on track during such a difficult period in your working life.

It is going to be difficult managing your money when you are receiving less than normal, so find out how best to keep your finances afloat while you are away from work.

Harry Bishop has had a tough time of it recently. He was in an accident at work, and has also been dealing with a frail Father-in-law. To keep his spirits up and his mind active he has been writing articles about his experiences.

Top Tips to Keep Your Business Flush

Looking after your own finances is a nightmare at the best of times, money falling through your hands like so many grains of sand. Pay day comes around and you feel richer than Queen Elizabeth bathing in a sea of bank notes with her face on them.

But it only takes a few days until you’re looking more like Chaplin’s Tramp than even the lowest members of the monarchy. You’ll phone around your relatives and friends to borrow some cash, just enough to get you through the rest of the month, until you’re trapped in a spiral of debt that looks more intimidating than the swirly intro sequence in Doctor Who.

These are your personal finances and, provided you don’t start fooling around with credit cards and payday loans, it’s possible to make it through another fallow month with a little bit of skimping. But when it comes to your home business, these kind of errant financial strategies can get you into serious trouble.

Whether you’re opening a small-time Etsy account or heading a giant corporate empire, keeping your cash flow in order is vital. There are plenty of tales of entrepreneurs who made seemingly mad decisions, who pushed their company to its very limits in the name of becoming pioneering. But there are very few stories of business leaders who could barely comprehend a spreadsheet.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few starter tips to keep a tight leash on your finances. Take a look and make sure your business doesn’t slide into the red.

The payroll is king

One of the major obstacles that gets in the way of effective financial projections is poor documentation and planning. This is why a lot of companies hire a crack team to look after their payroll.

Only a decade or so ago, this was a process that required a lot more time and effort. Your team would have to rifle through mountains of paperwork, confer with tax offices, discuss details with employees, and scratch their heads as they stared at calculators.

In this digital age, managed payroll services have become a lot more convenient, leading many people to ditch their HR department and outsource to Cloud-based services. We’d strongly recommend this approach.

Keep staff numbers down

Your staff are, of course, vital to the effective running of your business – but they’re also the highest outgoing costs month-on-month. This doesn’t mean you’ve got to fire people willy-nilly, but it’s always a good idea to see how you can maximise your employee’s potential.

If you’ve got any more tips on how to cash-save in your business, let us know in the comments below!

Steps You Should Take if You Want to Invest in Property

Investing in property is one of the best and most lucrative opportunities available to you. There are a lot of myths about investing, and you need to ignore those. It’s essential to make sure you make the right decisions when you plan to invest. If you can get this right, you can enjoy a lot of success from investing in property.

Have a Nest Egg

Any time you make a decision that you want to invest you need to have money saved. Investing is expensive, and investment in real estate can be hugely pricey. You have to have enough of a nest egg that you’re able to afford to invest in real estate. And that’s why it’s important to save up what you can before you start. You need to have a good amount saved. But, this could take a long time which is why you need to be careful about the decisions you make.

Speak to Experts

It’s important to make sure you speak with experts before you make any definitive decisions. This is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to be making in your life, and it’s important to get it right. Investing is a great adventure, but you have to make sure you are being sensible. So you need to look at the different mortgage brokers around, such as SMBIA. To find info about this loan broker you should visit their website. You need to sit down with them and discuss your options and what you want to do. This is the best way of ensuring you

Choose the Right Time

You have to be careful about your timing when you choose to invest in property. It’s important to assess the state of the property market. You don’t want to buy property when the market is really high, and prices are through the roof. You need to make sure you do what you can to buy when housing prices are low. That way you can almost guarantee you’re going to make a profit when you sell. If you don’t really understand the way the market works and what’s affecting it, you should speak to your mortgage advisor.

Pick the Right Property

You have to make sure you pick the right property as best you can. This is a big expense and a big step you’re going to be taking. And you need to think about the best type of property to fulfill your needs and requirements. So, it’s important to make sure you do what you can to pick the perfect property. It might be a house, a flat, or something in between. But it needs to be the right choice to get you the best possible return on investment you can get. That’s why you have to think very hard about the decision before you make it.

There are so many investments you have the option of making these days. But, if you want to get the best return on investment you will probably want to invest in real estate. This is the most lucrative form, but it is also expensive and unpredictable as well. So, you have to be sure you’ve made the right choice before you get started with this.