How to Monetize Your Site?

Looking for ways to monetize your site? As a business, not only do you want to save on the inventory you carry, marketing and promotions you also want to make as much as possible without having to do much. Every business owner wants to do so; Clickbank is a great site which allows you to monetize your site without having to do the work. You can sell products on your site through third party vendors and affiliates without having to do much more than adding a link to your site. But, if you are looking for alternatives ways in which you can monetize the site greater product offering, and the greatest returns there are other sites which will allow you to achieve those great returns.
monetize your website
These are a few alternatives to clickbank to consider when trying to monetize your site as much as possible as a business owner.


This site is also known as, and provides you with thousands of products you can sell and promote on your site. You can easily earn residual income as a business owner without having to do the marketing and spending your own money in order to earn money when promoting the affiliate links and products you choose to add onto your site. There are over 1000 merchants, more niches and lower-priced items you can sell through affiliate links. So, if you are looking for alternative ways to promote without paying for the marketing this is a simple way to do just that and earn by selling someone else’s products.

CJ Affiliate

This is a simple site you can rely on to promote third party or affiliate links through your site which will allow you to monetize your site. If you sell a specific type of product or service this affiliate link has several products you can choose to add onto your site in order to monetize it. It has a dashboard which allows you to track sales, track affiliate links and see which affiliate products are doing best on your site so that you can determine what to keep and what to remove. It provides banner ads, popup ads and other promo and marketing tools so you can further sell and develop the affiliate products through your site. With over 3000 affiliate networks you can sell nearly anything and monetize simply by placing a few ads on your website.

Become a partner

If you want to sell as a eBay partner you will receive a percentage of the sales for each item sold through your product link and you don’t have to do the work. As it is an eBay affiliate you have the reputation and brand loyal customers who are going to place orders through your site when you are a brand partner. It is easy to promote, you can sell nearly anything and you can easily reach a broader audience without having to spend more in order to achieve greater sales.

Consider social media

It isn’t only about adding an affiliate link to your site when looking for ways to save and earn higher profit margins. As a business owner, you have to utilise and harness the power of social media outlets. With social media channels you have a free platform to say what you please and to reach out to broader audiences without having to pay for it. Share a file, share photos, add video posts, introduce new blog content; you can do nearly anything, promote it for free, reach more people and you can save on marketing and advertising costs as you are not paying someone else to do the work for you. With the right social media posts you can easily reach more people, sell more and spend less on promotions and marketing when trying to achieve higher profit margins while saving on the cost of operating your business.

Consider a team

Yes, hiring a marketing or SEO team will cost you money up front, but it will result in greater returns. Optimising your site for SEO, building content that will reach more people and developing a site which is user-friendly are all ways in which a web managing team can help. Even if it costs money up front the returns from optimising your site and creating richer, more-engaging content will pay for itself in the long run for your business.
In order to ensure less spending, greater returnsand reaching the right audience you have to rely on the right tools and know how to optimise and monetize your site as a business owner. If you would like to see some more alternatives to clickbank then can point you in the right direction. These are some resources you can use to do just that and ensure you are reaching the largest target audience possible as well. These are a few simple tools any business owner can utilize to ensure greater returns and lower operating costs for your business.

How to Get a Loan from the Comfort of Your Couch

For those who can remember the days before the internet essentially provided everything, we need within a few clicks of a mouse, loans used to be a pretty formal process.
An appointment with the bank would be made, and we would rise early and ensure we were donning our most professional attire to apply for a loan. We would make our way across town and enter the branch, and if lucky, would be offered a water or a cup of coffee. After waiting a while, the bank clerk would go through the loan application with us and – if luck was to strike twice in the same sitting – we would be told how likely we were to be approved for the loan. These days, things are different. We open a laptop, with tired eyes and bed head, sipping a cup of coffee and punching random words into Google: direct lender online installment loans instant approval.
While we might take a break momentarily to remember the efforts we went to in order to get a loan before everything got so convenient – especially the work we put into our appearances before we visited the bank – we can rejoice. This method is now, for most of us, consigned to history.
online loan application
Yes, you can order pretty much anything online and receive it the next day. You can also get a loan from a bank within minutes.
In comparison to the traditional method – where we would have to wait for a bank to go over our application before contacting us days later – this level of convenience is a game changer. It makes everything so much easier. I don’t have to take any time off work, or worry about my appearance, as everything is almost instantaneous when it comes to online loans.

How does it work?

Once you decide how much money you require, the next step is to find a lender who is suitable for your borrowing needs. Once you have identified the right company, then you can essentially enter your details and follow the instructions. Most lenders who operate this way take pride in the speed of their application processes – a large number of these lenders tend to deposit cash into an applicant’s account within 24 hours of the loan being approved.

What are the requirements for an online loan?

While you may find differences in the criteria from time to time, for the most part, the fundamental factors which will determine loan approval are that you are aged 18+, have an income or other means to make repayments, satisfy residency, and can verify the information you provide.
Some online lenders may have slightly different requirements, but everything should be made clear to you when you apply. With these lenders generally conducting all of their business online, you will have the means to be able to upload documents and proof of ID to the site.
In terms of simplicity, this is the most convenient way to get a loan. And you can drink your own coffee while you apply.

What Documents You Need To Sell Your Home?

Looking for a change in your lifestyle? Whatever the reason behind your decision, when you want to sell your home – it can be a bit stressful. After all, it’s not exactly something that you are taught when you go to school.
Certainly not when you want to avoid making use of real estate agents.
There are countless homeowners who want to avoid the net of real estate in modern society. Through this article, we go through the most important documents that you need when selling your home (regardless of who you are selling it to).
Paperwork for Homeowners

Proof of Identity

The first point may be the most obvious. But both parties involved in the transfer of ownership will need to provide proof of identity.
This could be anything from passports, to identity documents. From utility bills to bank statements.

The Title Documents

The title documents are essentially the forms that prove who the owners of the home are. Which is why it is standard that these need to be included in the sale of the house. 

If you do not have your title deeds, you can contact the solicitor who helped you originally by your home. They should have these documents on-hand.

Worst-case scenario, you may need to approach your mortgage lender for the documents. These will need to be the official documents from the Land Registry.

Residential Sales Contract: Fitting And Contents Form (TA10)

This form is probably the most important document to have during the selling procedure. This is essentially the contract between you (the seller), and the second party (the buyer). 

This will be the form that you turn to in case disputes happen to arise over any aspect of the selling process. 

The contract should cover everything from the purchase price, date, tender, inspections, and conditions where the agreement will be terminated. 

If you are unsure of what to say/do when it comes to setting up this form, due to the importance of the contract, we recommend turning to a professional. This will help you ensure there are no loopholes, to protect both parties.

Residential Property Disclosure: Property Information Form (TA6)

This form is a compulsory form – meaning you will not legally be able to sell your home without the presence of this form. 

Essentially, it gives you an official opportunity to talk about all of the defects of your home. Including boundaries, restrictions, or rotting wood in the basements. 

From the seller’s perspective – filling out this form as accurately and honestly as possible is imperative. The last thing you want to end up with is a lawsuit after selling your home.

Homeowners Association

If your home falls under the association of homeowners, you will need two additional documents (not optional).

  • A resale certificate
  • Addendum based on the mandatory homeowner’s membership

Both of these documents contain critical information for the sale process and can be obtained through the homeowner’s association. The addendum, on the other hand, cover fees, and responsibilities of the new homeowner.
The crazy thing?
If this is not submitted along with the rest of the forms – more often than not buyers will be able to completely terminate the agreement to buy the home, without any cost.

Third Party Financing Addendum

Are you looking at getting a mortgage to help you finance the purchase? There is nothing wrong with doing it this way. In fact, plenty of homeowners do.
However, the one drawback is that you will need an additional form – the third-party financing addendum. This document essentially creates a responsibility for the buyer regarding what will happen if they do not obtain the finance required within a given time-period.

Lead-Based Paint Addendum

Lead-paint was the popular coating used on homes prior to the 1980’s. Unfortunately, multiple health-related issues were found on the premises of homes making use of lead paint. Which is why the federal government issued the law behind this particular document.
If your home was built before 1975, regardless of the homes original date – you will need to provide buyers with a short explanation (flier) of what their rights are when it comes to lead-based paint homes.
The buyer will also typically have 10-days to inspect the home and all of the potential issues that the lead-based paint may cause when they move into the home.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

So, now you know exactly what documents you need to get the process rolling. Have you got potential buyers already?
Selling your home can be extremely tricky. If you are struggling to find personal buyers, there are organizations that will buy your home from you, at the same price as a normal consumer. Look into Southern California Homebuyers if this sounds like something you might be interested in.
The last thing you want to end up doing is messing up the sale of something that you could have easily avoided. A simple piece of paper stating something that is otherwise obvious. Keep these tips in mind before you think about selling your house. Be sure to have all of the necessary documents in a safe place where they are easily accessible when the time comes.

How Safe Are Your Life Savings from Currency Manipulation or Seizure?

As you build your personal wealth, your money is always at risk. However, it’s not at risk because of your own misjudgments or market fluctuations. It could be at risk due to dishonest banking interests actually manipulating the currency.
Although this may seem like a paranoid view about money, it’s not speculative. It really happens. In fact, only last year, The Telegraph reported, “Five more banks have agreed to pay a total of $111 m to settle claims that they manipulated currency markets, as the foreign exchange scandal continues to haunt the finance industry.”
Another threat to your money may be a desperate government that had run out of a way to pay its debts.
Perhaps, you remember what happened in Cypress five years ago? An entire nation of people had their savings frozen over night because the government and the banking system had accumulated too much debt.
On March 2013, Cypriot’s banks were out of money due to risky investments like buying Greek government bonds.
Could such outrageous, desperate things happen in the United States? While you might think this line of questioning is absurd, don’t forget that the government seized the gold holdings of its own citizens during the Great Depression. What’s even more alarming is that the courts upheld this unconstitutional act.
Is this threat to your money something that you have to put up with or can you get access to a monetary system that cannot be corrupted by third-parties?
In fact, there is such a system. It was ushered into being in 2009, with the introduction of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. Since then there has been now over 700 cryptocurrencies, and they all rely on the same system, a public, incorruptible general ledger for all transactions.
Blockchain Technology: A Proven Financial System
Now there is an entire network of peer-to-peer computers working together to ensure a fair exchange and security for all parties in a financial transaction.
This P2P network is called the Blockchain and the computers linked to it are called nodes. In their book, Blockchain Revolution (2016), Don and Alex Tapscott wrote this powerful definition of the blockchain.” The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually anything of value.”
What makes the blockchain so incorruptible is that the middlemen are cut out of the equation. There is nobody around to charge you a hidden fee, consequently, your international payments are much cheaper. Since the blockchain is not owned by anyone, run by a grid of computers around the world, the currency is not open to corruption.
From Bitcoin to the XYO Network
Although the blockchain worked well with Bitcoin, creative spirits kept on tinkering with the basic ideas. Bitcoin transformed how people carried out online transactions.
Then using the same blockchain technology, Ethereum created 3 revolutionary ideas: Smart Contracts, DApps, and the ERC-20 Standard.
With Smart Contracts both the payment and the conditions of the contract have been collapsed into a single function, so when the conditions of a contract are fully met, the payment is made automatically.
With DApps or Decentralized Apps, smart contracts can work in tandem with other smart contracts. This makes DApps suitable for asset management and resource planning.
Finally, with the ERC-20 standard, Ethereum token standards can be used for Smart Contracts.
Now, however, the blockchain has stepped out of the Internet into the real world. The XYO Network consists of over a million beacons scattered around the world that provide location-based trade markets with a Proof of Location network.
In conclusion, cryptocurrency is more than just a medium of exchange. Based on the blockchain, it allows all transactions, financial or other information, to be handled in a completely secure way.

6 Frugal Ways to Protect Your Investments

When it comes to our income, numbers seem to be in favor: real gross domestic product grew at 2.5 rates in the fourth quarter of 2017 – and personal income registered a 0.6 increase in January 2018.

Yet, the economy tends to go up and down all the time. So, it’s only natural to plan ahead and do your best to protect yourself and your investments. Whether is real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs, you need to invest wisely to make sure you get enough benefits without risking your life savings.

your investments

You know how they say, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst? Check these tried and tested ideas to protect your investments from any market crash or some unpredictable market corrections:

Keep an Eye on Your Retirement Funds

First and most important, never reduce or eliminate contributions to your 401(k), no matter how much time you still have until retirement. In this game, the longer you invest, the higher the income in the long run.

Better than that, this investment is tax-free and generally brings in extra money from matching contributions from your employer. So, make sure your contribution rate is high enough to get as many benefits as possible – which is usually around 10 to 15 percent of your wage.

If you invest in alternative retirement funds as well, you need to calculate your risk tolerance. This way, you know how much you afford to lose in case of unpredictable market changes. With this information in hand, you can choose financial services companies that stay in line with your beliefs – to keep your savings safe.

Reduce Your Debts

When the stock market falls, or worse, you deal with a market crash, you need to have enough stability not to make foolish moves. This means – the less debts you have, the higher your chances to pass the crisis without selling your portfolio to cover the loss.
The first step is to identify all your debts. Then list your debts from highest to lowest, depending on their interest rates. You need to start paying off loans and credit cards with the highest interest rates first. This way, you’ll save money in the long run and not worry about repairing your credit. You’ll be spending less with interest, and you’ll get to cover more of your actual debts.

Invest in Bonds

Large companies and governments issue bonds to raise money. As basically bonds are risk-free, the return on investment is very low compared to stocks. However, most experts consider them a better investment than a savings account, for example. This is a synonym for stability – they offer a fixed interest rate, directly proportionate to the inflation, so you don’t lose money, while still making some minimal profits.
In simple words, stocks can help you earn serious money, while bonds are great tools to preserve the money you have. So, if you’re looking to keep part of your money safe, bonds are the best choice. But, as growth is equally important in the long run, you need to find a balance between bonds and other investments.
Bonds should cover around 10 to 20 percent of your savings until you’re 40. As you get closer to your retirement, you should start moving most of your money to bonds. Once you retire, try to keep as much as 65-75 percent of your savings in bonds.

Open a Savings Account

Having cash in hand is essential when you’re looking to protect your investments in the long run. This doesn’t mean you must stop depositing money in your bank account each month. You can also buy cash-equivalents, such as certificates of deposit, short-term bonds, or Treasury bills.
When you have savings you can rely on, you don’t feel tempted to quit on your long-term investments just to cover monthly expenses. An ideal savings account should help you cover six months of expenses.
A savings account is a safety net, in case you lose your job. This way, you can cover your expenses without you needing to sell your stocks at low prices. Plus, it can also help you keep debts low.

Stay Away from Scams

Investment schemes generate high loss among investors. In fact, they cost Americans over $30 million in 2017 alone – and this is what people report. Many scams remain undiscovered, as people are too ashamed to admit they’ve been fooled.
Phishing, unexpected prizes, lottery scams, or buying and selling scams can easily convince you to give your money away. Don’t let yourself impressed by stories. If it’s too beautiful to be true, then it’s not true.
Research before investing money. Better than that, choose the safe path – large financial companies, banks, or retirement funds companies. They offer you smaller interests and fewer earnings in the long run, but they’re stable, safe, and easy to communicate with.
If you have any doubts about the honesty of a company, take your time to do some proper research before investing. Scammers are always looking to rush things. Keeping things on the slow motion can save you from fraud in most occasions. Learn more about what is considered theft in Colorado or any other state, to be able to protect yourself from scammers of all ages.

Keep a Balance between Stocks and Other Investments

Most of your investments can be in stocks, through mutual funds, depending on the financial companies you’re working with. Stock investment companies are a good place to start. But, if you’re willing to try investing in individual stocks, you should pay attention to how much money you invest, as they carry high risk.
Try to keep your individual investments in stocks under 10 percent of your portfolio. This way, you keep your savings safe. You won’t skyrocket your profits, but you won’t lose sleep either if market falls.
You know how they say. Better safe than sorry. Especially when we’re talking about your money.