Factory and Third Party: Is Your Factory Warranty Enough for Your Car?

New vehicles have a factory warranty. Many consumers opt for an extended warranty that is meant to cover maintenance and repair costs after the factory warranty expires. The extended warranty does not have to be purchased before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
Not all extended warranties are bumper-to-bumper. It is essential to understand what an extended warranty covers and what it does not.

What Is Covered by an Extended Warranty?

Many consumers have the impression that all extended warranties are bumper-to-bumper coverage. A full-coverage plan is an option. Consumers can also choose a plan covering only the vehicle’s major systems.
Below is a list of common things an extended warranty covers

  • New and Used Cars
  • Major and Minor Parts
  • Additional Benefits

As used cars carry a higher likelihood of need significant repairs, the first major repair usually pays for the extended warranty. Maintenance plans help used car owners keep vehicles on the road longer.
New car owners focus more on protecting their investment and addressing small repairs that occur. A dent or ding is a major issue to a car owner who is interested in a premium auto protection plan.
Standard auto protection plans typically cover common repairs to minor and major vehicle parts. The vehicle service contract will likely include such things as transmission or engine failure and an air conditioner that breaks down.
Other services that may be covered are electronic components and brakes. Read the fine print of an extended warranty and choose a plan that includes what you need.
Some providers like Carchex offer additional benefits such as

  • No money down, low monthly payments
  • Plans customized to the customer’s driving habits and budget
  • Time frame and times suited to the needs of the customer
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Hybrid component coverage
  • Easy to understand contracts

For more information, kindly check out their website at www.carchex.com/content/audi-factory-warranty.

How Long Is an Extended Warranty in Effect?

When dealing with vehicle warranties, length of service is something to take into consideration. Some warranties cover the entire vehicle. Others place limitations on specific components and parts. Service contracts covering everything are more expensive.

Mileage Exclusions

Many protection warranties cover the vehicle for a certain length of time or a number of miles on the odometer. An example might be five years or 50,000 miles.

Waiting Period

It is not uncommon for a service contract purchased separately from a manufacture warranty to require 30 days or a thousand miles before it can be used.

How Are Claims Handled?

Similar to health insurance, warranty providers often have a network of repair shops and mechanics for owners to use. Repairs outside the system may be covered only to a specific dollar amount or not at all.
The FTC has a website that contains advice about filing a claim with a service contract provider. It is recommended to ask if prior authorization is needed for any towing service or repair work before selecting an auto repair shop.


An extended warranty is available for both new and used cars. New car owners want to protect their investment. Used car owners want to save money on necessary repairs. Not all warranties are alike in what they cover. They can be bumper-to-bumper or coverage for specific components or parts. Prices vary depending on the coverage. There are likely preferred networks that handle claims.

What Are Business R And D Claims? Is Your Business Entitled

Research and development. R&D claims are a great way for businesses which are in the high-tech industries or performing complex work in the manufacturing niche to receive credits or funding for the work they are doing. The credits can be used towards hiring help to do research. Whether this is conducting internal or external research you can work with the right team to better develop a product or service in the tech-niche. Credits can be used towards development as well. This can range from the cost to purchase supplies to developmental costs for building an infrastructure. Depending on the type of business, the type of research and development your company is doing, and how much overhead and spending your company does there are credits available to businesses which can help them in development and producing the best tech-products for end consumers.

Tax reliefs –

For companies that qualify for R&D tax credits, not only will this reduce the tax implication or burden you will have to pay when doing research and development it will also provide an incentive for further and future development of the product as well. Some of the companies which may qualify for such credits include those which are doing: advanced science or technological work or development and companies which had to or tried to overcome uncertainties in development of the products they are working on. The credits are also offered when the solutions for the project development couldn’t easily be worked out by a professional in the field. So, projects which are complex in nature require a great deal of expertise, experience and research and the types of projects which may qualified for tax relief and credits for companies which are spending a great deal of money in doing the research and development required to develop certain projects.

Advances in the field –

In order to qualify for the credits it is also important that a company which is applying for the tax credit prove that the development they are working on is providing some type of advance in that specific field. Whether it is implementing a current product in the science or tech-industry, improving upon errors in a project or advancing and developing a superior to a product which is already available companies must prove they are advancing technologies in the field. This can come in many forms and the amount of credit is dependent on the type of advances, costs and how they are going to benefit the end-user of the newly advanced product which is being developed.

Uncertainty has to be proven –

This can come in the form of industry experts not finding a solution to a project you are working on or different theorems you can present to show that you had difficulty and uncertainty in developing the project which you are applying for the tax credits for. R&D, continual research and testing should have been conducted by the organization or company which is applying for the tax credits in order to ensure they receive the tax credits they are applying for.

Professional finding –

When applying for the R&D tax credits it must be proven that other professionals in the industry weren’t capable of doing the work or conducting the research that the company did in developing the product. It should be complex in nature it should have a significant impact on the end-user of the new product and it must be proven that there are no other alternatives which have been developed by other professionals in the field for a company to qualify for the tax credits for a research and development project they are working on.
There are SME (small and medium-sized) enterprise grants available for companies which have 500 or fewer employees and researchers who are working on the project. There is also a research and expenditure credit which is available for those who are looking to apply for the R&D tax credit grant. This is available for larger company schemes who are applying for funding and need additional resources in order to complete the research and the project which they are working on in the development phases of the new project.
For companies that are trying to make a difference in the science or tech industries or in manufacturing of complex nature there are many great opportunities to help you with the funding phases of these projects. One such form of funding is the R&D tax credit. Not only does it provide additional funding to complete research and develop a product it helps those who are attempting to make something new, innovative and will truly better the general public.
For more information on R&D claims I would recommend visiting randdclaims.co.uk. For companies who are applying for such grants it is important to ensure you meet the requirements for the grant to ensure approval and the highest amount being awarded for the projects you are working on and need funding to complete.

Five Things You Can Do to Get by with a Bad Credit Score

A good credit score makes life a lot easier. However, that doesn’t mean that your life is over if your credit isn’t good. Not only are options available when looking for an easy cash loan with bad credit, bad credit can be rebuilt into good credit over time.
Credit Report
Specifically, your credit score will increase while you take advantage of these five tips for dealing with a bad credit score:

Pay off outstanding debts

Your debt to income ratio is an important factor in evaluating your credit score. If you have large payments you need to make every month on credit accounts but don’t make a lot of money, your credit score is going to suffer.
You may be able to boost your credit score relatively quickly if you can pay down some debts. Focus on paying off debts over time if you’ve seen that your credit is bad and need to improve it as quickly as possible.

Make payments on time

Making payments is not enough when it comes to maximizing your credit score. You also need to make those payments on time if you want to avoid dings to your credit history. Every time you make a late payment, it’s going to count against you. That’s why you need to stay on top of approaching payment due dates. These days, you can set your smartphone to remind you of upcoming payments or even have your creditors send you reminders via email or text.

Avoid attempting to take out more loans or open more credit accounts

Another thing that could potentially cause negative marks on your credit report is frequently applying for financing. The less often you apply for a loan, the stronger your finances are going to look to prospective lenders.
Opening up a new credit account will cause credit to take a small hit, but that’s not all. It could also increase your overall debt load so that it will be more difficult for you to keep up with payments.
To enjoy the best possible credit score, you should make every effort to avoid seeking financing unless it’s absolutely necessary or you may find yourself needing loans with bad credit.

Pay for things in cash

Paying for things in cash can help you to minimize your debt load over time. Putting things on a credit card will increase your overall debt. The bigger your debt gets, the more difficult it is going to be to keep up with it. Remember that employers run credit checks. This means that you need to do everything you can to minimize your debt loan to make yourself more easily employable.

Increase your income

If your credit is not good, in most cases it indicates that you don’t have enough money coming in every month to pay off all of your expenses. You can make your credit better by increasing your income. This will make it so that you have more money available every month to meet your financial obligations and hopefully set a little extra money aside for savings. Building up your savings after you pay off all your bills every month is important if you’re trying to raise your credit score.

Best Tips When Picking a Forex Brokerage Company

Forex brokers facilitate retail Forex trading. While you are preparing to invest in Forex trading, it is essential you know the information that you require to help you while picking a Forex brokerage company. Among things you need to know are the main types of Forex Brokerage Company that exists. Forex brokerage companies can be broadly classified into two: Dealing desk brokers and no dealing desk brokers.
How you determine the best Forex broker depending on your trading strategy. There are different methods of trading Forex. Each of these trading strategies has pros and cons. They also provide the trader with a different style of entering and exiting the market. For instance, some brokers offer tighter spreads. However, they charge commission, whereas other brokers provide broader fixed spreads, but they don’t charge commissions on each trade. All brokers offer their trader online trading platform to help them enter and exit trades, but they differ in the manner that the platform is organized.
Forex Brokerage

Top pieces of advice when picking a Forex brokerage company 

Picking a good Forex Brokerage Company can be tasking, but we have provided in this article, criteria that would guide your decision and choice. 


You need to consider the office location of the brokerage company. It is better to register with a brokerage company that operates from your jurisdiction to make it easy for you to manage crises when they arise. What this implies is that it is better for traders in the UK, for example, to sign up with brokerage companies in the UK. This would make it seamless for you to transfer your fund to your account when the time comes and eliminate unnecessary legal protocols that you may be subjected to if you trade offshore. You may additionally make some profits out of exchange rate.

The brokers must have a good reference and reputation 

It is essential to check how reputable the broker is. As a result of the extensive reach of the Forex market, there are some scams out there. So, be wart when choosing a Forex broker and ensure you make a good choice. To check if a Forex brokerage company is a scam or not search for the company’s name attached to the word scam on Google browser.  Try to read through the pages to discover what others are saying about the Forex broker. You may as well visit the facebook of that particular broker to learn the feedback of its users and the response of the company to their comments. 

The registration credentials of the Forex brokerage company 

Some companies like UK, France, Germany, US, Switzerland, and Australia keep records of the Forex brokerage companies that operate in their jurisdiction. You will be able to find if a broker is registered by going through one of these databases. You will be able to find out also the reputation of the broker on such sites. 

Deposit and Withdrawal procedure

Another factor you need to consider is the deposit and withdrawal procedure of such broker. Trusted brokers would allow brokers to withdraw a small amount of money like 100 dollars to 300 dollars. If they require you deposit a large sum of money, take to your heels. 

The country the brokerage company is allowed to operate 

Many Forex brokers only allow traders from their country or selected countries. Ensure that the broker you decide to trade with accepts traders from your country. Try not to avoid opening an account with a broker that doesn’t operate in your state, go for other choices. 

Trading Platform

The trading platform of the brokerage company needs to be intuitive and user-friendly enough to make it easy for you to enter and exit the trade. It must also not contain complicated features that would make navigation and trading extremely difficult. 

Excellent customer service delivery 

You will require the services of the brokerage company to ensure a smooth running of things while you trade. The trading platform must provide different means of communicating with customer service 


Consider all these pieces of advice before picking a Forex brokerage company and try to stay away from a brokerage company that lacks any of these features.