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3 Amazing Cost-Cutting Tips

You’ve tried balancing the books, buying lotto tickets, hiding your cash under a mattress and locking it in an ISA, but the conclusion is always the same – you’re stuck in more debt than a chronic gambler insisting he’s “got a system”.

Life and money don’t always go hand in hand – at least not with the millstone of debt hanging around your neck.

But staring at your bank balance shouldn’t be cause for a panic attack. When your cost-saving initiatives aren’t working, it’s time to step away from grand, Del Boy-alike get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, you should focus on the kind of small cuts to your finances that could help you out in the long run.

Small cuts here and there are the real saviour of your bank balance. So what would we recommend?

Super-saving snail mail

You’re using Amazon to sell some of your old unwanted CDs or DVDs. But you’ve got to make a hundred deliveries, all without bumping up the price of the postage and packaging too high. Or you might simply want to send a package overseas to a friend, but struggle to pinch those pennies.

With the wonders of the internet, the price of a parcel has reduced dramatically. You could send a parcel to Australia or outer space (okay, maybe not outer space) and enjoy a cheap rate, provided you find an effective parcel delivery site.

The cream of the delivery site crop will even offer discounts on special feature like recorded delivery and real time tracking. So be sure to shop around before you send off packages – you could happen upon a bargain.

Reduced to perfection

The reduced to clear section of supermarkets is like a haven for the frugal shopper. Prices continually fall as the day wears on, giving you the chance to pick up plenty of your weekly shop at a cut price.

Although you won’t be able to acquire your entire shopping list at a reduced price, a few cut price goods can rapidly reduce your spending.

Boot sale bonanza

Although eBay has existed for almost two decades, some people still don’t realise the enormity of its influence. A multimillion dollar marketplace, it’s the perfect place for you to sell unwanted goods and rake in shedloads of cash.

It’s all about making a fantastic find. While you might happen upon an ornament for 50p in a charity shop, it could be worth twice that to a discerning buyer on eBay.

People have raked in cash after selling bits of old rope, so why not trawl your attic for some eBay-friendly junk?

Peter Christopher

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