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4 Browser Extensions that Can Augment Your Savings Drastically

If you love to shop online, you will be happy to know that there are many browser extensions facilitating a prudent, safe, and optimistic buying experience. By using these creative extensions, you tend to simplify the shopping process as well as minimize security risks. However, what will surprise you is that some of these extensions help you to save the hard-earned money apart from reducing the time required to find the most suitable deals. This is something that’s the need of an hour! Due to economic recession and inflation, several economies of the world are striving hard to become stable. However, meanwhile, the citizens are facing a difficult situation due to reduced disposable income coupled with non-deferrable spending. As a result, it becomes vital to spend sensibly without compromising the quality of life. One way to ensure this is to use some really money-saving browser extensions while shopping.

Shopping Assistant

This one is a decisive and featured extension available for multiple browsers such as Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. The extension allows an online buyer to shop efficiently as well as effectively. As you go ahead to explore different sites for locating your desired items, the extension tends to highlight similar products automatically from famous resources such as eBay and Amazon. It also displays a price history for that particular item, which shows the price at which the item was sold on a particular shopping portal. This is extremely useful if you wish to save money or get the item at a proper price. Although it is true that online shopping can expose the buyers to a myriad of money saving portals, the browser extensions take a step ahead to offer more assistance.


Available on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome; this extension works by relaying an automatic comparison of the rates of an item that you are looking for while shopping online. When you go through a relevant page talking about the item you are looking for, the tool automatically displays a set of competing prices that can help you in making considerable savings. The main advantage of this tool is that it discards the required time as well as effort for comparing prices on different sites. Such a tool is truly a time and money savior for all those with hectic daily schedule.

Coupon Digger

The name says it all! This creative extension facilitates the customers to locate coupon codes with least effort. The tool works by connecting you to the promotional codes that are hosted by several top brands. This means that you have ample of scope to save considerably while buying any kind of stuff. Well, instead of searching or peeing into a myriad of sites for finding just a few vouchers and coupon codes, you can simply register to obtain automated notifications after reaching the virtual checkout step on the specific shopping sites. The browser extension is available for Firefox as well as for Chrome.

Ciuvo Price Check

When you are about to shop in an online retail market, you normally start by selecting a brand and then the product so that you can make a durable and affordable investment. In order to do so, it is obvious that you need to access comprehensive details such as images, customer reviews, and price comparison chart. This is exactly where this tool can help you. It is a comprehensive extension for Safari, IE 9, Opera, and Chrome to offer access to a comprehensive range of data as well as to real time promotional codes and vouchers available at the time of buying. It is certainly an efficient browser extension that is distinct in terms of what it offers.

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