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5 Accounting Blogs You Should Be Following

Although numbers and writing are two different disciplines altogether, accountants sure do love to blog. This is good news, as we are made better thanks to these number-lovers’ posts. Their attention to detail, love of the minute, and overall nerdiness (we say that with love) make the art and science of accounting a real pleasure to follow for its educational purposes, learning opportunities, and overall interesting nature. In this list, you will find five of the many wonderful blogs that currently exist. They are active and feature current content that is up to date, relevant and very engaging.


These posts really are the best professional insights you ever could ask for. You get posts from the knowledgeable staff at the American Institute for CPAs. You will get many current and valuable posts about taxes, cybersecurity, technology and financial planning. Everything here is straightforward and professional, and the layout is easy to navigate.

The search feature on the right of the blog helps you locate posts you want to review, and great tips and ideas for your own accounting needs are offered free of charge. As of this writing, the latest helpful post discussed the latest changes that will soon be enacted by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and how they will affect you in terms of revenue recognition.


At first, readers start to think of this as being some sort of crazy personal blog, one that doesn’t have much to do with taxes. But the authors here blend pop culture, fun titles and a great writing style to bring you the latest in accounting news and strategy. The latest post discusses how the IRS plans for emergencies in things like earthquakes and hurricanes, and even starts off by drawing the reader in with a Bird Box reference.

Every post on here is loaded with some fun pop culture references, take only a few minutes to read, and is definitely one of the lighter options on the menu of tax blogs without sacrificing great content and valuable insight. Check this one out for an educational binge read.


Great for freelancers, contractors, self-employed, and small businesses, Crunch is boasts providing a perfect combination of software and service. This online platform offers real-time dashboard which will enable you to have a quick view of how your business is doing. Its RTI payroll and payslips will allow you to easily pay your employees.

Lead by a team of chartered accountants, Crunch promise to offer advice and consultations with no appointments. If it’s regarding investments and pensions, self-employed mortgages or small business insurance, Crunch could be your next one stop shop for all your accountancy needs.


Accounting Today is definite on this list, as it is one of the most famous blogs out there in the accounting world. Public accountants and professionals rely on this blog for advice on tax prep, small business accounting and bookkeeping, and SMBs. You will enjoy the search feature on this blog’s menu, as well as the way in which every topic is categorized.

They cover everything on this blog, all the way from the best software that you can get to the reasons why automation is a great turning point for accountants. Truly, the staff here stays on the up and up and the blog is a pleasure to read, written to be conversational and informative.


Written by Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA, this blog is like learning from an amazing teacher. It features an entire curriculum plan that helps small businesses, accounting students and bookkeepers learn the concepts of accounting in an easy to navigate format that mimics a learning course, keeping it fun and interesting. Instead of long articles that you might not have time for, you are treated to tutorials, questions and answers about each topic, puzzles and quizzes that help reinforce what you’ve learned.

If you choose to pay, you can gain access to flash cards, tests, and cheat sheets to enhance your learning experience. If you have trouble learning about concepts like debits, credits, cash basis accounting vs. accrual, and many other accounting ideas, this is the blog for you. It’s fun for all and very educational.


Accounting professionals are people that wear many hats. They do not simply number-crunch all day long-they are financial strategists, tacticians that rival Sun Tzu when it comes to numbers, boosting revenue, and tax planning. Following these blogs keeps you up to date with the latest in strategy, technology and industry practices. Keep up with them and you will be at the top of your game, learning from the masters.

Peter Christopher

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