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5 Best Financial Education Websites Resources

If you want to acquire knowledge about personal finance but without thumbing through voluminous tomes, an alternative option is there to fulfill your wish. You can find valuable resources on internet. However, internet is stuffed with misinformation too and it is seldom easy to find out the most reliable websites for guidance. I have found out the following five sites that can mould your knowledge about finance in a better shape.


You can call it a finance dictionary. If you have no idea about the jargons thrown in finance articles, consulting this site will be a good idea. Those who are reading a finance magazine for the first time find frequent tossing of some words that are not used in normal conversation. Without knowing their meanings, you can hardly make out what a certain write-up is all about. Investopedia is an online tome to flick through.

Investopedia features some tutorials on investment and offer materials for exam preparation. The site also has Investopedia Stock Simulator that allows you to learn stock trading by putting your capital on risk in open market.

Biz/ed Learning Zone

The site is good for both teachers and students from different steams like economics, accounting and business management. The site is UK based but its content is relevant to world economy. The site is affiliated with Cengage Learning which is a name of high repute worldwide in the sphere of academia and learning solutions.

Accounting lesson is the most stand-out section in this website. Its accounting lesson is written in simple language for easy understanding. Lesson is offered through spreadsheets with multiple pages. Different colors used in the spreadsheets make the lesson more interesting.


This website is a must-visit if you want to gather knowledge about economics and finance. The two stand-out sections of this site are about the studies of finance and economics. The site also features a section dedicated to small business. Several subsections are listed in the ‘Small Business Page’ and the posts are regularly updated.

Khan Academy

The ownerof the website holds three degrees from MIT and one degree from Harvard. Through this website, Mr. Khan educates people in a variety of disciplines. The site is always updated with the addition of new lessons to the database. The most stand-out point about Khan Academy is that it imparts teaching in a very engaging way. Even the driest topic sounds interesting.

Mr. Khan uses a digital board and multi colored digital pens. All these are done to present the lessons in a more interactive and interesting way so that their attention is never skewed to and fro.


This website came into being as a result of the effort put in by 22 federal entities. The site provides a whale of information on finance and budgeting. It also focuses on a wider range of topic as well as features multiple tools for guidance. However, ‘Life Events’ is the most wonderful section that benefits everyone from children, college goers to professionals.

Peter Christopher

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