5 Careers to Consider if You’re Looking for a Change

Tired of the same old work routine? Many professionals switch careers to expand their horizons, gain more experience, and start new businesses.

Gaining Career Certification Despite the Cost

If you’re thinking of branching out and trying something new, consider these careers as a starting point for your job hunt.

Information Security Analyst

Information is a big deal these days. With all the data that’s collected, stored, and transferred, there’s a need for tech-savvy professionals to keep information safe from hackers. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of cyber criminals who steal bank account information, credit card numbers, passwords, email address – you name it, they take it. As long as the internet is around, skilled information security analysts will be in high demand.

Web Developer

If you have technical skills and don’t mind sitting in front of a computer most of the day, web development can be a fulfilling occupation. You can work as a freelancer or get hired full time by small and big businesses alike. You can also use your skills to develop innovative web-based applications, games for mobile devices, and programs that connect gadgets such as digital watches and tablets over wireless connections.

Foreign Language Interpreter

Are you fluent in more than one language? Do you know American Sign Language or Braille? If you’re multilingual, you can easily find work as a translator. Many companies offer contract positions on an as-needed basis, while some larger firms have full-time positions available. Jobs can include translating written documents or interpreting speech during conversations such as trade agreements, legal counsel, and business transactions. Government organizations, especially those who deal with foreign affairs, and international businesses are always looking for multilingual professionals.

Healthcare Manager

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry. With advancements in technology and integrated patient services, professionals need more education and skills to keep up with business trends, market demands, and government regulations. Whether you’re already in healthcare or looking to break into the industry, you might consider earning an advanced degree in healthcare management. Check out the following article to learn what is unique about an online healthcare mba. Online classes can help you learn the ropes on your own time while you’re in between jobs.

Tax Professional

Another occupation that’s not going anywhere anytime soon is the professional tax preparer. Every year there are hundreds of millions of tax returns sent to the IRS from individuals, businesses, and estates. Preparers help filers understand their tax obligations, organize their documentation, complete all appropriate tax forms, and pay their annual taxes. They also keep up on tax codes and provisions that individuals and small businesses usually don’t have to time to monitor throughout the year.

What’s Next for You?

So, what your next move? Think more about possibilities than constraints and stretch yourself in the direction of your dreams. Consider jobs that are always in demand regardless of economics and market trends, and seek educational opportunities to get a jump start on your new career.


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