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5 Festival Insurance Tips

When organizing an event it is important to think ahead of the possible outcomes. Of course you would want everything to go as smoothly as it could, but there can always be some surprises. In those cases it is good to be covered.

You should be insured for any type of a festival that you are planning, whether it is a wedding, a gathering, a conference meeting, a concert, or something else. Many companies offer the best event insurance arrangements. Here we will consider five tips on insuring that the event goes through the best way possible.

Think ahead

You must assume all the possible negatives that could develop, and protect the event from suffering from them. If it is an open vendor festival, weather is the most important feature to consider. You should thoroughly check how the weather will be when the festival is about to play.

The food or the entertainment might be held up for some reason. The guests will be extremely disappointed and they will leave. Will you provide them refunds for the tickets they’ve bought? In case of a wedding, will you hope they stay for you, or will you provide another option for their benefit?

Insure early, consider the possible outcome, and evaluate the guest number. Only by doing these you can be sure that the event will go on as planned.

Ensure the gathering site

You must be aware of everything that you have at your disposal. Check the vendor for the festival, and make the necessary arrangements and whether there should be any changes. You should have a prepared guest list that can help you with the arrangement of the tables, food, drinks, and/or stages.

Be clear on the insurance cover

The top priority in arranging any insurance is to make sure that you know what you are signing. Understand the policy instructions and the insurance fee, once you have decided how the festival will be insured.

Provide cover for incoming guests

Think about the guests that are coming from other cities or countries. Here you can consider their transportation issues. In case you provide cover for their charge, you should do so early. Or in cases where the guests choose to pay the trip on their own, you should insure them with the place where they will spend the night. Remember, that you are doing everything for the guests to be fully satisfied.

Insurance against cancellation

Cancellation is always the biggest fear of any event planner. However, they usually tend to hope that it will not have to come to cancellation, but they should pay more for a better line-up, better stage management or the lights. Still, what is all of this worth, if you end up not having the festival?Make sure that you have another, backup option for the event to happen because, if this is the first event you are planning, it will fail miserably. The best time to arrange any cover against cancellation is immediately after you have booked the vendor.

Peter Christopher

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