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5 Things Worth Splurging Your Cash On!

People are understandably cautious with their money in these difficult times. But for those fortunate enough to have amassed a small cash hoard, there are alternatives to sensible saving. Here are five ideas for spending some money to have a little fun or a taste of luxury.

Electric Bike

With the very down-to-earth Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Englishman to win the Tour de France, Britain has a people’s champion who has already propelled interest in cycling through the roof. Bike sales are set to soar but for those who like to have a little something in reserve there is the electric bike. A fully functioning pedal cycle for when you feel energetic, the electric bike has a battery-powered motor to help out when you don’t. They’re a great way to get into cycling and get fit as well.

First-Class Travel

If you have ever envied the rich and famous for the pampering they receive when they travel, why not try it for yourself? Whether you’re taking the train or the plane, splashing out on a first-class ticket can take you into another world. Priority boarding, personal service, your own departure lounge, special menus and that extra leg room all add up to a treat that’s as good as a holiday before the holiday has even begun

Hand-Made Shoes

Your feet take a pounding every day of your life. Your entire body weight has to be supported by just a few square inches of sole throughout your waking hours. Your feet serve you faithfully and are frequently rewarded by being crammed into mass-produced strait-jackets of fashionable footwear. Why not reward yours with a pair of hand-made shoes? Have your feet individually measured, choose the style and material then sit back and wait for the call that tells you’re about to receive the most comfortable shoes you have ever known.

Rolex Watch

An immaculately accurate timepiece and an item of superbly crafted jewellery, the Rolex has been a byword for quality since the company started early in the 20th century. Today, there are few more instantly recognisable status symbols than the classic Rolex watch, the words Oyster Perpetual and the famous five-point crown logo. Not all Rolex watches cost a king’s ransom – unless of course you opt for one with diamond inlays – but classic design is never out of fashion. With the quality that has become synonymous with the name, you get an understated masterpiece that will last you a lifetime.


You could invest your cash in a racehorse-owning syndicate. This is becoming a very popular way to splurge and has a real taste of the high-life about it. You join up with others and pay to part-own a thoroughbred. There are no guarantees and if your horse turns out to be the nag that trails home in last place there’s not much to be done but enjoy your day at the races. But, every now and again, syndicate members suddenly discover that the horse that they own leaves the rest of the field trailing in its wake. And if you do find you part-own the next Red Rum or Desert Orchid, the prize money at the classic meets can be enormous – over half a million pounds for the Grand National or more than £750,000 for the Epsom Derby.

Peter Christopher

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