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5 Things You Need to Start a Small Business

Starting a small business means you are short on fund. However, that must not prevent you from investing maximum effort for success. This article discourses on five important things to get started.

First you need to be clear about your vision. WHERE you want to be at after a few years and WHAT strategy you will adopt to reach your goal. You can’t run your business cart aimlessly without a destination in mind. And once you have decided your destination, it now comes to strategy selection. Just like a car chooses its route, you too need to develop a strategy for your small business. You may have several options to go with but your choice reflects how much aggressive you are in reaching your target.

You don’t need to blindly follow others’ strategy, instead choose what suits your case. In fact, it is better if you never imitate what others are doing, rather try to be innovative. Your strategy must reflect uniqueness. Before you develop a strategy frame, you should focus on the completive edge of your business. It is because you need to deliver uniqueness that will explain why people should choose you instead of any A, B, C or others. Business strategy must project what benefits the customers will get and should not be focused on the features of service.

In modern economy, there are several ‘in’ concepts that are very enterprising and effective to give your small business set-up a wide exposure and consequent boost-up. One such thing is sale of expertise and information. Adoption of this strategy brings good result especially if your service is exceptional and potential customers need to be taught in detail about the benefits of your offers. ‘Funnel’ strategy is a good workable concept here. Going by this strategy, you need to create a free entry/ low price point products that will gradually progress to mid-tier products and finally to service for consultation. The low or free entry points refer to DVD, CD, workshop or something like that that don’t require much of ‘going out’. Trust and popularity build this way and then the customers may like to attend a seminar or workshop or buy more costly DVDs. Some customers fall off midway but some go through the ‘funnel’ to avail more lucrative consulting service.

Big businesses spend millions of dollars to promote their offers and implement their strategy. In spite of being tight on cash, the small businesses too have certain advantages. They can bring changes more quickly in their product or promotion pattern that is more attuned to the evolving industry standard more quickly as compared to the big business DONs in the industry. Moreover, you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks on research about trend and future of industry. You should restrict your focus to what is going on in the industry and how it can leave impact on your business.

In spite of your trying out all these, if nothing positive comes out, you need a business coach. Identify the reasons why you have failed. Is it due to your limitation of thought or strategy is not rightly implemented? When you will find out the cause, cure is within your reach.

Peter Christopher

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