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Best Tips for a Knockout C.V

5 Tips for a Knockout C.V

You might have the potential to be the greatest employee in history, but without a great C.V, it’s unlikely you’ll even get through the door.

So what actually makes a killer C.V? And how can you use it to get ahead of the competition?

Well fear not as here are our tried and tested tips to boost your chances of wowing employers.

Tell the truth!

Your C.V is a record of you and your achievements, NOT someone else’s.

Yes it is tempting to tell a few ‘white’ lies to improve your grades or accomplishments but you will be caught out sooner or later.

Just imagine getting your dream job, then have it taken away from you when they discover that you’re not who they thought you were.

And as technology has developed, the internet is now a vital aspect of recruitment, so any lies you may have told on your C.V can be quickly and easily researched.

Be yourself.

Keep it short

If there is one golden rule to writing the perfect C.V it’s this:

Don’t waffle.

It may be tricky to get all your precious personal information onto one sheet of A4, but please don’t exceed two sheets.

As much as you’d like to tell an employer how incredible you are and that the job in question was practically made for you, a long C.V, in most cases, will be binned.

And remember; you don’t need to put C.V at the top, just your name will do. Employers will know what it is, so don’t waste time and space stating the obvious.

Clear layout

If your C.V is unorganised and poorly displayed, what do you think that tells employers about you?

An employer doesn’t want to spend unneeded time reading through a blocky C.V, so keep it concise, to the point and allow for plenty of space around the text to make it easy on the eye.

Bullet-points are great as employers can quickly read through your C.V.

Forget the generic C.V

Although your C.V is filled with great things about you, how relevant is it to the job?

Sending off a generic C.V to a long list of varied businesses is something you should avoid.

Just say, you’ve applied for two separate positions, one in a marketing agency and one at an accounting company.

Are they both looking for the same person?

Make sure your C.V is tailored to each individual job, filled with the specific strengths and attributes you have at your disposal, which will let them know you’re perfect for the job.

Get a reference

It’s all well and good listing your skills on your C.V, but having people that’ll back it up is even better.

Try and get at least two references into your C.V from previous employers who can vouch for you.

Don’t worry if this is your first venture into the world of work, having a teacher or college tutor is still a great idea.

So there you have it, just a few tips and hints to ensure that it’s not your C.V that’s stopping you from getting the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Peter Christopher

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