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6 Tips To Keep Your Money Safe On Vacation

A lot of planning goes into a vacation. You choose the destination, the mode of travel, and the best deals. While all of this is well and good, you should also plan on how to keep your money safe. Here are a few tips you can follow.

1. Organize your wallet

Everyone keeps few things in their wallets which aren’t necessary. This makes the wallet disorganized and gives it a bulky look. Before going on vacation, you should take out the receipts and bits of paper that have been lying around, and aren’t of use anymore. You can take along your prepaid card and some foreign currency. If you still want to carry more cash on vacation, you can use a money clip wallet to replace a bulky one.

2. Travellers cheques

Some people consider it as the best and the safest option for keeping money safe while on a vacation. However, you need to keep in mind that exchanging them at a big institution like a regular bank or a hotel would get you a better exchange rate.

To minimize the risks when taking these cheques, you should split up these cheques, and not keep all of them at the same place.

3. Take along unusual containers

This is also a good option. You can take along unusual containers for your valuables. For example, you can put your passport, documents or any important paper in a small zipper cosmetic case.

While staying at hotels, you would’ve noticed that hotels hand out a small cardboard jacket. You can use a similar jacket for banks and credit cards.

4. Diversify the location

You can put the cash in different locations. Pickpocketers are smart, and notice where you keep the cash. Therefore, it’s important that you diversify the location.

You can keep the cash in different pockets. You can even place it inside your socks.

5. Follow your card payments

While on vacation, wherever you’re going to pay with your card, you should keep a check on what’s happening to it. It’s common that the card is taken to the back room for scanning at restaurants, which means that you can’t see what’s happening. There’s a slight possibility of tampering. If you’re staying in some Santa Monica hotels and you see a charge for a New York shopping spree, you know something is wrong. Therefore, you should request a card reading machine wherever you make a payment with prepaid cards.

6. Don’t leave your belongings

You may have the habit to leave your valuables in your room at home, but it’s a bad idea to do the same on vacation. The room is going to be cleaned, meaning it would be accessible by anyone who cleans the room. Hotel rooms have a safe, which can be used for the valuables when you go out.

Your money will be safe with these tips while you enjoy the vacation.

Peter Christopher

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