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7 Money Saving Wedding Planning Tips

If you’re big day is just round the corner and like many would be wife you are worried of burning your hands trying to chalk out few money-saving tips. Then be rest assured such dreams too can come true; by sticking to your spending capacity so that you don’t fall prey to irrelevant expenditure. That is really seems impossible! What you require are certain cost effective guidelines to aid you through the most nerve-racking time in your life. 7 money saving Wedding Planning Tips that won’t compromise on your wedding day are cited below.

  • Reduce your list of guests – In case you wish to welcome everyone you know to your wedding; you for sure will end up spending a huge sum than your budget permits. More guests equal to enormous expenditure; is a fact. Why this occurs? This is not an outcome of your wedding reception .It happens as you need to make arrangements for specific favors of the respective invitees thus adding up to the list.
  • Try to avoid a wedding on Saturday – Wedding on weekends e.g. Friday and Saturday tend to cost more than the occasions on Sunday or weeknights. This is because vendors tend to ask for more on both those days as they are quite famous. Schedule your big day during low peak days and not on Friday or Saturday nights.
  • Encourage your invitees to confirm if they would be attending or not – On your wedding invitations try conserve postage; by dropping an invite via email. Also ensure the potential invitees reply back via online media like; online chats, phone calls and email communication. This enables to design cost effective wedding event ……and prevent that huge dent on your wallet.
  • Search for the samples of your wedding dress online – Try scouting through samples of wedding dresses online, in case you are 6 – 10 size. There is nothing wrong to pick up an affordable wedding gown on craigslist or eBay. You can consider renting a wedding and save on a huge fortune.
  • Save more on your wedding ceremoniesDesign a cost –effective wedding event, during vacation season with the church. During holiday seasons the church is quite beautifully decorated and such arrangements can save great amount. However at times it might cause your overall budget to rise if you intend to grab a date around vacations; often considered trendy. Vendors then tend to increase their price tags, asking for more.
  • Engage your friends and families – Seek help your family members and friends by engaging them in the wedding arrangements. A greater aspect of cost effective event relies upon you reaching out to your dear ones for assistance, no matter how less experience they have in carrying out those chores. This comprises of indulging loved ones to help with beautifying the venue and other favors. Welcome them to arrange-yourself occasion and bestow treats and your favorite numbers.
  • Few companies do sponsor weddings – One need not be a celebrity or a social figure to get their wedding sponsored.  Commoners too can get their wedding sponsored just by carrying out few simple processes.

To conclude implement all the above mentioned money saving guidelines to enjoy a grand celebration without having to pay much.

Peter Christopher

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