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7 Sure-fire ways to Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are expensive. Many homeowners who undergo kitchen renovations always seek for ways to save dollars on this item. Some gave up their dreams of having custom cabinets and went for prefabricated ones. Others ended up going over budget because they still went for custom-made cabinetry.

However, there’s a way to get stunning kitchen cabinets even if you’re on a tight budget. You have to be keen on the details from the kind of wood to the number of drawers you build. Here are the rest:

Determine the most affordable door style

Looking at photos from a home improvement magazine or website, you’ll know that there are a lot of cabinet door styles. You may find cabinet doors with intricate designs charming. There are also ultra-smooth and matte surfaces that catch a lot of attention. Our Melbourne architects advise you not to fall in love with all of them—choose the three cabinet door styles that you like the most. Once you have your top 3 selection, you may now compare their prices. If your first batch of choices doesn’t fit your budget, ask your designer for some friendly advice.

Designer tip: The cabinets with slab doors are generally inexpensive and gives you a modern or contemporary kitchen look. Traditional shaker style doors also cost less than others, depending on the manufacturer.

Replace cabinets with open shelving

This kind of storage requires more maintenance as it also keeps dust and dirt inside it, but it won’t break your bank account.You can try open shelves that are attached to a wall like in this kitchen:

Or standard open storage under the kitchen island like this:

Either way, this can save you thousands of dollars in construction.
Designer tip: Avoid overcrowding this type of storage so it’s easier to clean it. You can use a damp cloth to wipe all the dust inside.

Look for affordable wood

Oak is a popular wood used in manufacturing kitchen cabinets. It’s more affordable than cherry, maple, and birch. If you don’t fancy the look of oak, go for hickory.

Designer tip: At the end of the day, the price of the wooden cabinet depends on the cabinet maker. Search for the most affordable yet quality makers near you!

Explore the beauty of laminated cabinets

Laminate cabinets are less expensive than wood. In fact, it’s the go-to kitchen cabinet on homeowners who want modern kitchen designs. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and designs. You use the money you save for kitchen frills such as stylish faucets or cabinet knobs and pulls.

Designer tip: Lengthen the life of your laminate cabinets by placing delamination heat shields near the range. It’s best to keep the cabinet away from the stove, oven, or microwave. Use a sink mat to protect this type of cabinets from moisture.

Sacrifice unnecessary cabinet upgrades

There’s a lot of gimmicks that cabinet makers do to make their work and your cabinet awesome. Upgrades such as full-extension slides and soft-close hinges will only spike the cost of your cabinetry. It’s only an add-on, you can get good looking and functional cabinets without these.

Designer tip: You can eliminate the unnecessary slides and hinges of your cabinets but you can’t say no to a good looking door pull. These frills will help preserve the surface of your cabinets and drawers.

Pullouts are luxurious

Any pullout drawer also increases the cost of your cabinetry, whether it’s a sliding shelf, trash bin, or pot storage. Some pullouts are useful, some are plain unnecessary.

Designer tip: You have to weigh if the pullouts you want are worth it for the convenience it can bring in your kitchen.

Opt for more cabinet doors than drawers

Creating drawers are costlier than cabinets. You will need more material to complete a set of drawers, not to mention the time needed to ensure that each piece fits smoothly together. You can save several hundreds of dollars on this one.

Designer tip: Have fewer drawers that differ in sizes to balance the number of cabinets. This makes your drawers.

The less customisation and fewer details and you do on your cabinets, the less you’ll pay. That’s the one rule in cabinetry that you should always remember. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with boring cabinets when you’re low on budget. Be strategic in order to get the design that you want at a low cost. You can use the money you save on other decorative details that enhance the looks of your kitchen.

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