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A Guide To Tax Tribunals

Any phrase with the two words ‘tax’ and ‘tribunal’ next to each other is bound to cause some kind of apprehension, especially when you have no idea what lies ahead, despite knowing it is extremely important in determining a potential tax rebate. Therefore, this short guide provides a few useful tips on what to expect and how best to prepare for the tax tribunal.

Decide on a hearing

Once all information surrounding your tax dispute case has been received, the tax tribunal can decide your appeal there and then, so an actual hearing only becomes a possibility if this is the option that you personally prefer. In most cases, hearings are advantageous as you have the opportunity to ask and answer questions publicly as well as calling supporting witnesses.

Take your time

You will be notified of your hearing date at least two weeks in advance, along with details of what must be done on your part, so you have plenty of time to plan for unfamiliar territory and seek advice if necessary.

Keep HMRC in the loop

All documentation relevant to your appeal case must be sent to HMRC in good time prior to the hearing. This includes forms, accounts, invoices and letters, and you will receive similar information from HMRC to take to the hearing with you. Again, take your time with this, a hearing is after all designed to bring a coherent structure to the process so no documents are lost in translation.

Identify key questions and witnesses

The opportunity to publicly ask questions at your hearing to the tax tribunal panel which includes HMRC representatives really cannot be passed up, so ensuring you have the right questions prepared is key. Likewise, verbal and public support of your appeal from one or more key witnesses can go a long way in helping settle your dispute.

You don’t have to present

Hearing regulations mean that you can allow another person to present your case on your behalf. A legal professional who has closely followed and helped with the case is usually the best choice, although this position is open to literally anyone providing you give them the green light to do so.

Professional help

Seeking help from those experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to all forms and stages of tax disputes hugely eases up the whole procedure and ensures all necessary legalities are covered too. Qualified professionals carefully study all documents to fully assess your situation and prepare yourself and any witnesses so you have the best chance of success at the tax tribunal hearing.

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Peter Christopher

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