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Acquisition – Company Take Over With Ease and Comfort

In the world of competition, if something is not up to the mark, then there is a surrogate always ready to replace it. Same is in the finance sector, where a firm or a person makes investment to buy a plant, a division, an entire firm or gathers adequate shares to take a domineering interest. The contract made by the firms is known by the name of acquisition. The process of acquisition involves the participation of many professional groups such as consultants, acquiring Company and specializing lawyers. In easy words we can say that, the type of investment obtained by a business to purchase another business is known as acquisition financing. For example, the ‘Vodafone’ Company made a major acquisition when it purchased ‘Hutch’ in order to extend its reach in the telecom sector.

While arriving at the verdict to purchase an active firm, the buyer must determine whether he/she is going to invest for the plus factors of the company or the stock of the company unit.

Asset Acquisition

This covers the buy of the target company’s assets including vehicles, facilities and equipments. In this aspect, it is obligatory for the target company to change their title to the name of the acquiring company. Parties are not usually expected to abide by the state and federal securities’ rules and regulations so we can say that asset acquisition is not very complicated. While purchasing an asset, the transaction requires to be deflated. The assets available for the purchase are listed below.

  • Insurance

The companies prepay for their insurance annually which is considered as an asset. Beneficially, if the acquiring company cancels the plan, the insurance provider firm will prorate the amount and refund the unused amount. Buying a proper insurance is the key here which can actually contribute towards the plus sides of a firm.

  • Machinery

When a machinery or equipment is purchased, the buyer always gets benefits of that. If one is taking over a company, then it is definitely sure that he/she will start that from a new end. The purchased machinery will help in initiating the operations with ease and staying tuned with the latest updates.

  • Office Supplies

Most businesses spend money on office supplies. When office supplies are purchased, the cash is credited while the office supply asset account is debited. Office supplies are counted at the end of each month and an adjusting entry is made to reflect the actual amount of office supplies.

Stock Acquisition

It is a consolidation when the acquiring company focuses only on buying the other company’s stock. Changing the title is not required in a stock transaction. A stock transaction will not be complicated for the buyer, if the selling company does not have a large number of shareholders. It is a straight and clear purchase where the buyer purchases the shares of previous shareholders, gaining control of all assets and the charge of covering all liabilities. The stock acquisitions are free of tax deduction. As stated above, in an asset purchase structure, the company’s facilities, equipment and even the chairs and desks are accounted and sold to the buyer but in the stock acquisition the ownership of the firm changes by transferring all of the shares of the company to the individual having the majority of shares.

May it be a stock or asset oriented acquisition, you must do a proper research about the history of transactions made by the seller and a clean record to his credit. This can eventually protect you from any uninvited hassles that may hit you in future.

Peter Christopher

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