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Affordable Counseling Solutions That Can Have a Major Impact on Society

When we think of the word “counseling” most of us immediately think about mental health counseling or therapy. There are many reasons individuals and families seek counseling including depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions, but in addition, people also search for counseling in the marriage, family and financial areas.

Mental Health Counseling You Can Afford

There are numerous mental health conditions and disorders and many sufferers avoid counseling because they fear the cost. In reality, however, there are way to find therapists who can help that also keep prices within your budget.

  • Find county- or state-funded mental health clinics that are free or offer a sliding scale fee.
  • Seek out university or colleges that offer mental health training; professors supervise students with patients at low or no-cost options.
  • Look for online counseling venues. Most initial consults are free and prices vary based on amount of therapy needed. Do check more than one because of price variations.
  • Look for online support forums based on your mental health condition. Many in the group are not only supportive, they can provide guidance on where to look for affordable care in your area.
  • Ask your employer if they have an EAP or an employee assistance program. Many of these programs cover mental health counseling that may also cover dependents. If you’re an employer, ask your HR department to find you counselors willing to work on a sliding scale or ones that can provide group counseling.

Marriage, Spousal Abuse and Family Counseling

From common family and marital problems to the severe side—spousal abuse, you can also find affordable ways to get help.

  • Contact your church as many priests, ministers and rabbis offer free counseling to their congregation members on almost all marriage and family problems.
  • If spousal abuse has you in a dangerous position, call the national abuse hotline at 800-799-7233. You can also search for local hotlines and safe-shelters online or in your telephone book.
  • Ask your family healthcare provider if they can recommend local support services that are affordable.
  • For help with difficult teens, there are many online support groups. These groups can tell you how to find a local group or connect you with a group to help you deal with adolescent problems.
  • Join MeetUp.com and search for “counseling” and “family counseling” meet-ups in your area. Most meet-ups are either free or very low in cost. Some meet-ups are started by professionals who have a degree in mental health counseling; if you do, start your own meet-up.

Getting Help With Financial Issues

As debilitating and scary mental health and family issues can be, financial problems also bring real fear and anxiety. There are various ways to find the help you need, however.

  • Reach out to local community centers and ask about financial counseling assistance. This is often provided by retired financial experts to help guide you on a healthy financial path.
  • Many EAPs also offer financial counseling for free.
  • Banks and credit unions may also offer free tips on how to better manage your finances.
  • Look for online support forums that are all about money-management.
  • For those who want to help individuals and families with money issues, get a masters of counseling with Getarealdegree.com and offer individualized or group counseling on a sliding scale.

Finding affordable options are out there for all types of needs. Instead of dreading what to do next, try some of these solutions and don’t suffer in fear alone.

Peter Christopher

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