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Buying Online is the Only Way to Shop

Online shopping is so commonplace these days that it seems laying out the benefits isn’t even worth the time and effort. After all, we all know how convenient and easy online shopping can be, but there are more benefits to buying online that you might have initially considered.
Buying Online

Comparison Shopping Have Never Been Easier

Do you remember all of those bar code scanning apps that came out for smartphones years ago? I barely do. They were all the rage, as you could walk up and down the aisles of a store and scan a product and find out if it was sold cheaper at another nearby store. These days we can find out that information by using google shopping, and I often do. 

Online Shopping is for Retail

We often get in the common misconception that online shopping is retail related only. While it certainly seems to be the more popular avenue, it is by far the only reason to hop on your computer to buy and save money. Going online and discount shopping for insurance coverage is another great reason. It’s easy to save money on car insurance by bouncing sites like progressive and such off of each other. You can even research bundle packages by shopping around for health, dental, and even homeowners insurance as well. Gone are the days of having to visit the brick and mortar offices of State Farm or AAA. 

Retail is Still King

Online retail shopping is still the king of internet shopping, and probably always will be. Buying online is just so much easier, and often much cheaper, than buying at a store in person. For example, if your wife or girlfriend has a birthday or anniversary coming up and they are a Bath and Body Works fan, before going to the store make sure to grab this promotional code first. I always check out online discount and promo codes before even clicking the “buy now” button online. 

Online Investing

Buying stocks is another unexpected area where “online shopping”, if you will, can save a ton of extra money. These days, sites like Robin Hood offer free investing trades, both buy and sell, and that can seriously cut down on your typical investment fees. The big brokerages are being forced to lower their trading prices to compete with these online brokerages that are wooing the millennial generation into investing.


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