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Can Coupon Codes Save You Big Money on Big Ticket Items?

Coupon codes are the latest craze in online shopping. It seems everyone has heard of them and everyone is using them, but do they really offer that much of a savings, especially when you are shopping for big ticket items? These codes vary in value, often ranging from 10-30% off. If you shop while the retailer is having a sale, or if you buy your big ticket item on clearance, then top that off with a money saving code, the savings may be substantial. Since you are making a large purchase, even a 10% savings is worth the short amount of time it takes to look for and enter a few letters and numbers at checkout when shopping online.

You can increase your savings by selecting retailers that allow you to use more than one discount code at a time for a single purchase. Using codes this way can allow you not only to save a percentage of the purchase price, but may net you free shipping, as well. Big ticket items like televisions often come with a big ticket shipping price, so on some retail sites, these money savers can really help trim down that final total.

Consider the purchase price of the item you are thinking of buying. Perhaps you want to buy a new television that retails for $500. If you use a code that offers just ten percent off, you’ve already saved $50. That’s fifty dollars you can use to stock up on popcorn and DVDs to enjoy with your new TV! If you also happen to have a free shipping code, and are shopping on a site that permits stacking, or using more than one code per order, you’ll save even more.

Many retailers offer discounts at a higher value when you make a minimum purchase on their website. For instance, LLBean currently has an offer for $10 off a $50 purchase. When the offers are percentage based, this can really amp up the savings.

Shop smart, checking out shopping websites and searching for codes for your favourite retailers, then wait for a sale, but make sure you make your purchase before the expiration date! Spend your money on websites that allow code stacking to ensure that you maximize your savings, and sign up for email alerts from your favourite retailers to take advantage of “members only” type sales and discounts, which can often be combined with codes. Following these easy tips for making big ticket purchases can help you save big when you buy big.

Peter Christopher

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