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Career: Life-saving skills for Doomsday

If you think that doomsday preparation is all about preparing your Underground Shelter, then think again. There are many skills that you need to learn in order to save your life and the lives of others as well. Remember that surviving Doomsday is not only about managing to make it through the end of the world but also about managing to live after it. Survivalist skills are vital and should be learnt. If you are at a stage where you are still choosing your career then make sure it is one which teaches you all the skills to survive doomsday. That way, when the end of the world is here, you will be prepared to make it through.

Your choice of career will also depend on kind of skills that you want to have. Do you want to help in technical survival skills or do you want to help save lives from a more medical perspective? Depending on your passion, you can choose the right profession which will also train you in the requisite skills.

What are the skills that you could pick up?

Become a doctor

If you want to devote yourself to saving lives, then go in for a medical career. In the absolute chaos and anarchy that follows doomsday, there will be a lack of facilities and proper medicine. In the absence of such facilities, even small wounds and illnesses can mean certain death.

Even a trivial wound can kill you if it becomes dirty. If you are a doctor, you can treat it properly and prevent infection. You can even suture it if required. If a person falls sick and there are no right medicines available, your medical knowledge and experience can ensure that you find ways to treat the illness in a timely manner. Your skills as a doctor will be invaluable in the death and destruction that is inevitable after an apocalypse.

Being a lifesaver

Do you think that your skills lie in immediate life saving? Then, you can join the military. What better place could there be to be physically fit and learn crucial survival skills that could save lives? In the army, your body will be honed to become a finely tuned fighting machine, adept at surviving in all kinds of adverse situations. You will be taught endurance and safety exercises. What more would you need to survive the end of the world? Joining the military will equip you with what you need.

Making machines work

In all the confusion, you will need to get to different places and fast. For that, you need expert knowledge of cars and how to work them out. If you think that academic careers are not for you, then a vocation as an automobile mechanic could also be just the thing. It will teach you on how to hotwire cars and so on.

Not just cars, if you think that you have a knack for gadgets and the like, then making a profession out of it can be crucial if ever the apocalypse comes calling at your doorstep.

Thus, there are many kinds of schools that you cold pick up in order to survive the apocalypse. It all depends on your preference and what you would like to do. When choosing a career option, make sure that it is something that fits into your general scheme of likes and dislikes. Also, make sure it equips you with the practical skills that you would require in the difficult days to come. Choose something that you will love doing because your passion will be sorely tested during doomsday.

Peter Christopher

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