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Career Options in the Accounting Industry

Accounting has always been a standing pillar for all business entities. Indeed, accounting weaves in with the essence of keeping up with the financial accounts for almost all the business. It is considered respected professionals in the present world, but it also highlights the best monetary packages in recent times. Imagine a spectacle-wearing person sitting in a desk with a typical stereotype pencil in his ears with current registration to record that time!

Indeed, that is something that covers an era farthest from the past! In the present context, opting for a career option in the accounting industry is a smart decision. It is now considered as one of the high-tech professions for any individual who steps in with a powerful accounts degree. Making your accounting career in the realms ranging from blockchain technology, cloud computing, deep learning, or data science, you would land right on your toes for securing one of those highest paid-jobs.

In this day and age, you may be wondering why you should get your online Master’s Degree in Accounting? The infographic below offers relevant answers, reflecting the ways you can jump-start your career with an advanced degree in accounting. Let’s get started!

What is the accounting profession?

Accounting is defined as a process of maintaining and keeping the financial records of any organization. Largely, it estimates the activities of an organization on the various grounds of economic changes. This information is then made accessible for the general public, investors, and the commercial partners, regulators, and the management as and when required. The people who take on to this job for practicing these activities with a payroll attached to their job profile are then listed as the accountants for an organization. Now, you may have a grey line of curiosity for chartered accountants and conventional professional accountants!

That may find room for confusion for most of you. Indeed, there is just these fine line of difference with a massive space for improvisation for an accountant to become a chartered accountant. All you need to have is to get certified. Thinking, that’s easy, right? Well, think a little more!

Now with that basic upper lining of an accountant’s profession. What can be the technicalities relaying over the job?

There are different domains in the field of accounting. It has various types, and if you are a budding aspirant going for an accountant profession, land up your shoes with us.

Types of accounting and the scope

  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Auditing and tax auditing

It would be justified to say that these accounting jobs may vary in their pay and working conditions from the entry tier to the executive level. An accountant plays a very critical role in any business or organization. Right from checking onto the company’s financial proceedings to entailing the tax frontiers, they are right there to check the essentials. It can be anything that an accountant’s role can be subjected to, from payroll to financial management. If you follow the recent trends of a profession, you will find the demand for an accountant is increasing dynamically. Moreover, surmounting the eligibility and the requisites, you can apply in various organizations in the public, private, and non-profit companies globally. Also, it comes in various job profiles, like clerical positions, accounts clerks, and payroll clerks.

Stepping exit for getting into an accounting job

If you consider making a profound career in the accounting domain, it is essential to make an early decision for a general area of specialization. What can be the career path for opting for a successful accounting career? What is the type of education and certification that is needed to get in there?

Indeed, starting with a diploma/undergraduate course in the accounting field would be fruitful in the long run. Moreover, the level of education you go for would dictate the job profile for various paying options.

Have you heard of the big 4 accounting firms?

These big 4 accounting firms can prove to be your employer as a successful accounting profession. The forms can provide you with an extensive option for various accounting and consultant professions. The big 4 are listed below:

  • Ernst and Young (UK )
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK)
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (UK)
  • KPMG (Netherlands)

These companies have numerous sub-firms that are hiring millions of professions in different cities globally. You can find each of these firms to have daughter companies in the various cities of the United States.

What to consider as a career in accounting?

Vice president, finance: The processional acts as an interlink between the management and the highest executives of any organization. Setting the benchmark and analyzing the performance can be something of his interest.

Chief financial officer: It is one of the highest levels of responsibility and authority any accountant can aspire for. He works for a long term financial goal and direct annual budgets.

International tax manager: In the present era of the internet, there do not exist borders anymore. These professionals determine and analyze alteration in various exchange rates.

In conclusion

If you are seeking an awarding career in the field of accounting, the air is has gained speed for your way. Gear up now and apply for your dream job at the earliest.

Peter Christopher

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