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Cheap Destinations for You and Your Loved One

Whether you are looking for some place to celebrate your wedding anniversary or you just want to take a romantic weekend getaway, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are plenty of travel destinations that can be romantic and affordable, too. Take a look at these four cheap destinations for you and your loved one.

Sample Great Food and Wine in New Orleans

New Orléans is known for its great jazz music and southern food. This creates a romantic atmosphere for you are your loved one to enjoy. You should eat at a restaurant that provides live music for the most romantic experience or stroll down Main Street to see history at its best.

One great thing about New Orléans is that it is cheap to visit. This is mainly because the city is still rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina, but that means there are great deals on hotels and other accommodations. You can also find the best vacation deals on airline tickets.

See a Show in Las Vegas

You and your loved one can have a romantic getaway in this city at an affordable price. The hotels don’t tend to be full unless there is a convention, so you can get some great deals on romantic suites during the off-season. Plus, you can find some really great bargains if you don’t stay on the Strip itself. There are so many romantic things to do in Las Vegas. For instance, you can go see a show, walk around the attractions, or eat at a fine restaurant. Then, you can enjoy your romantic hotel room when the night is over.

Go Camping in Yellowstone

Most people don’t consider camping romantic, but you can make it that way by chatting on a blanket under the stars and enjoying nature together. Camping is always less expensive than staying in a hotel and it can be rather comfortable in summer weather — just pack the air mattress to save your back. Camping in Yellowstone can be very romantic. You can hold hands as you walk on trails through the beautiful scenery or count down the minutes until you can kiss during the next eruption of Old Faithful. Camping in Yellowstone is affordable and so is visiting this National Park. So, your biggest expense will be the food.

Go for a Walk on the Beach in Florida

Florida is typically seen as an expensive destination because of all the attractions. However, there are plenty of romantic things you can do with your loved one without spending a lot of money. For instance, taking a walk on the beach doesn’t cost anything but the gas to get there. Plus, you can find some really nice beaches away from the main tourist attractions. And, that makes the hotels less expensive, too. There are plenty of other romantic things you can do on the beach, too — sunbathe, surf, collect sea shells, build sand castles, and more.

Romantic vacations don’t have to be expensive. The most important thing is that you spend time together as a couple without the distractions of everyday life. What is the most romantic vacation you have been on with your loved one and how did you save money?

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