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Commercial Finance & Some Important Considerations

In UK, commercial finance refers to the process of money outflow to business establishments in the form of loans. Usually banks and other lending houses provide commercial financing which is available in two forms – Secured and Unsecured loans. The first type requires collaterals in the form of physical asset while the second type can be secured without risking anything as collateral. However, the lenders provide unsecured commercial financing only if they are convinced about good cash influx into business.

It is always easy for the big established business houses to secure finances while the small and medium size business owners struggle a lot to get loans. However, there is also a silver lining for them. SBA or Small Business Administration is a good source of obtaining commercial finance.

The small businesses can also gain benefits by hiring a financial coach or expert who will advise them how to structure a convincing plan for getting loans. The expert being an erudite personality on finance and investment can guide you and other small business owners with a number of commercial finance solutions. The lenders are more concerned about whether an applicant can pay off the loan within due date. Unsecured loan carries more risk and the lenders adopt a stricter approach towards lending.

Here are some essential considerations that one must keep in mind while opting for commercial financing.

What Security You Can Provide

To obtain secured commercial loans, you must place something as collateral. Any of these following assets can be used as collateral to obtain commercial finance:

  • Property (houses or commercial establishments)
  • Supplies or equipments
  • Gains from invoices

If you need a larger sum of commercial loans, the lenders will ask for a security in the form of building or land or other physical assets which are highly expensive. This is because the lenders require more security as they are loaning a heavy amount.  Higher is the worth of collateral, more will be the amount of loan – this is the simple principle of commercial financing.

If financial climate is not favorable, it is not possible to avail more than 70% of the property value. If requirement is small, loan is provided against vehicles or equipments. Some lenders take a more flexible approach by allowing the borrowers to refinance equipments and obtain what they require for business funding.

Consider Your Credit History

A borrower’s credit history is the most important factor to determine the likely interest he will be offered. Good history, lower rate – it is as simple as that. However, only a few possess a perfect credit history in these days of financial chaos. Those who are suffering due to credit crunch need to deal with the bad credit loan providers.

Approach Directly or Consult a Broker

Direct approach to the lenders is a common choice but the brokers can provide you with more options. They have good knowledge about market and the available loan schemes too. The brokers can bring you the best deal that suits your financial strength and requirements. The brokers will charge fees for their service but it is worth considering.

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