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Contents Insurance: Keep your presents under wraps this Christmas

At this point of time, contents insurance is essential if you want to cover all of your costly presents from thieves. No matter how good you’ve been, if you’re not insured, you – or worse, your kids – could end up with nothing.

You can protect your home from intruders/thieves, just follow the handy tips:

#1: Don’t Advertise To Thieves

Generally the presents you got for Christmas often came in a fancy covering and the big thing is that what you are going to do with that once the big day is over!!! Leaving it out side to be collected by the bin man may be the easy, but this could be a big mistake.

The covers advertises to the thieves just what is there up inside your house to steal – and could push them to break in. So it is advised, you to take those packets to be recycled or drop them off at the tip. 

# 2: Make It Difficult For Burglars

Many people often leave their door keys in obvious hiding places like underneath the mat, under plant pots – thieves know where to look into. Be cleaver to hide your keys in a location that a burglar would never think to check, so you’re not giving the burglar a helping hand. Make sure to lock away garden furniture/tools that could help a person break in.

Placing a brightly-coloured burglar alarm near your basement window or high on the side of your house-where is clearly visible advertising that your house is protected by an alarm system and act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of robbing your home. There’s a great possibility you might even cut your contents insurance premiums.

  • Use locks that are recommended by security experts.
  •  Never keep all of your presents in one place.
  • Using Store suitcases in your loft makes the thieves’ job difficult. 

# 3: Get Covered

Unfortunately, often the best effort to protect your home against burglary does not work. So make sure you’re covered by up to date contents insurance.

You can check out Halifax, they offer great value contents insurance. Then just enjoy all that Christmas brought you.

Peter Christopher

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