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Debt Management Plans

People struggling with debts may not know the best way to go about paying off those debts. Some people can deal with debt clearance by themselves, by drawing up a very strict household budget that they adhere to religiously. Every penny that is surplus at the end of the month will go towards clearing any debt.

It sounds simple, but it will work – gradually and over time. However, there is often a lot of stress and anxiety caught up with being in debt, and the administrative hassle that comes with debt sometimes is overwhelming to deal with in itself.

This is where debt management companies UK can be really useful. Although you generally have to pay a fee for their services, for many people in debt, it’s the lifting of administrative pressure that they appreciate the most when working with a debt management company.

Depending on your level of debt, the debt management company may suggest different options, but for most people they will start off with a debt management plan. These are often also referred to as a DMP.

With a DMP it’s possible to coordinate your debts. Put simply, you decide on an amount that you are able to afford to pay once a month to the debt management company, and this is then redistributed amongst your creditors to pay off your existing debts.

The debt management company will work with you to decide on what is an affordable amount to take from your monthly household income.

Creditors will often be more willing to negotiate or freeze interest charges via a debt management company as they have an on-going relationship with them, rather than when dealing with an individual directly. A DMP also means that they can deal with the debt management company rather than directly with you, so you are less likely to be chased by your creditors as long as you keep making the monthly payment to the debt management company. This can really improve your stress levels.

A debt management plan isn’t always the answer, but if you have any surplus income at the end of each month, it can be a good solution for debt clearance. Just make sure that you allow yourself a buffer of cash for emergencies and unforeseen costs – such as car repairs or household emergencies – in your monthly budget. Otherwise there’s a danger that all your spare cash will already be earmarked for the DMP payment.

Every individual has their own particular financial circumstances, so make sure you get independent financial advice before signing a debt management plan.

Peter Christopher

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