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Disabled and Can’t Work? Tips for the Newly Disabled

The tedious and cautious task of handling and managing personal finances can make anyone’s head spin. It is a cumbersome activity for any individual who is working and struggling to make a living or trying to make ends meet. However, for the disabled, life comes with extra costs. And they seem to suffer a greater burden of trying to manage their finances when they can’t even attend work on a regular basis.

The situation and severity of disability vary from one individual to the other. Yet, there are a few finance tips for the disabled, irrespective of how severe or grave their problem might be. It is accepted that comparatively, opportunities are unavailable on a larger scale for the disabled. Yet, there are a number of benefits and schemes specially tailored for disabled individuals who aren’t able to attend work but wish to continue with a normal working life or at least be able to manage their debts, investments, expenditures, and such.

Thanks to the assistance of certain groups and also the government that has introduced a number of welfare measures for the disabled. However, if you still wish to work and be in a situation where you are easily able to handle your personal finances, the following tips can help you a long way.

Explore potential benefits

Fortunately, the government offers various programs and schemes for the disabled. It is for you to be aware and explore the potential benefits that lie ahead of you and the ones that you can use to your benefit. Broadly, there are two essential programs that you can take advantage of-

  • Workers’ Compensation- If you have suffered the disability during your job, or been injured while performing duties of your job, you can apply and avail of a workers’ compensation. If you are indeed eligible for the workers’ compensation, you will be entitled to receive a number of benefits such as assistance and reimbursement for medical care, physical rehabilitation, a portion of your wage/salary until your absence from work.
  • Social Security- Not many people are aware of this, but there is a special Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) that provides benefits to disabled individuals. Make sure you consult somebody before making use of this insurance as getting your claims accepted under an SSDI can be a tad difficult.

Financial assistance

Disabled individuals are also offered additional financial care and assistance for their food bills, electricity bills, unclaimed money and dues, prescribed medicine costs, and more. Refer to Disability.gov to collect more information on the available resources for the disabled.

Try finding new opportunities

If you have recently been burdened with disability and are unable to get back to work, don’t worry. There are ample opportunities that you will find and which can allow you to work from the convenience of your home. You can try searching for work-from-home jobs that offer you a great amount of convenience and freedom to work, but will also pay you enough to cover your monthly bills and just enough for your expenses. You can make use of gigs such as freelance writing, data entry jobs, tutoring, affiliate marketing, and such can be extremely feasible and also rewarding.

Take advantage of tax breaks

Some disabled individual may qualify for certain benefits on tax credits and benefits. There are tax breaks under which disabled individuals can handle their taxes, if not anything else. You can refer to sources such as IRS to know and understand more about such benefits.

Check for available discounts

In addition to tax savings and managing tax credits, the government also offers certain discounts on a number of amenities. Such discounts for the disabled are mostly applicable to medical care, medicines, and other medical assistance that can help them lead a healthier and happier life. Disabled individuals can also try using Medicare as a pre-payment card for purchasing prescribed medications.

Refer to additional resources

As any disabled individual, you may be unaware of the plethora of options, assistance, and opportunities that are available for you. You might feel like life has closed its doors on you, but truly that’s not the case. To help you further, you can refer to some important resources such as the following, which are mainly drafted and adopted for the care, welfare,and well-being of disabled individuals.

  • America’s Health Insurance Plans
  • The Americans with Disability Act
  • National Organization on Disability
  • ACLI – Disability Income Insurance
  • International DI Society

Final Words:

Being burdened with any form of disability should not lower your motivation or pull you down in any way. Yes, there will always be a few things that might be beyond your reach, but that shouldn’t stop you from focusing on your goals and aim to become better each day. Keep your mind and eyes open to a few benefits such as the above, which can serve as some really important tips for the disabled to handle and manage their finances and which can motivate you to welcome every opportunity that you receive in your way.

Peter Christopher

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