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Don’t Let the Little Things Throw Your Budget – Get a Small Dollar Loan

There will always be unlucky months when nothing seems to go your way. And we’re not talking about spilling your morning coffee on your freshly ironed shirt kind of unlucky. Unlucky as in everything around you costs money. You name it, there’s a charge for it. Between your monthly necessities and all of those additional unforeseen expenses, there’s not much left of your paycheck – or your savings! When home and auto repairs, your children’s school fees, and trips to the doctor spread you too thin for the month, you need a little extra help to get you through your unlucky patch. A loan is what you need, and one that can provide you with the money you need fast.

Don’t Bank on It

Banks are typically the first source that springs to mind when it comes to loans; however, these traditional lenders don’t always operate in the time that you need them to. Their process is a lengthy one that can take as long as a few weeks or even a couple of months. You’ll have to make an appointment with a financial advisor, during which they’ll assess your financial history and credit score. From there, they’ll speak with supervisors to see if they can facilitate a loan for a person in your standing. It naturally takes time to communicate your financial situation to this many people. Should they come back with a refusal of your application, that’s time wasted.

For those people with small incomes or bad credit, the chances of a refusal are likely. Traditional lenders don’t typically offer lending programs that are suited for those with limited salaries or a rocky financial history.

Apply Online

When you have the makings of a perfect storm – a tight time limit, bad credit, and limited income – your best option for a loan is through a direct online lender. These lenders do the majority of their business online and require no elaborate appointments or application processes. In order to qualify, you don’t need to submit a lengthy financial portfolio or your credit score. You need only be an American citizen (or resident) who’s over the age of 18 with a valid email address, source of income, and bank account. You’ll provide this information over the Internet. That means you can apply whenever it’s most convenient for you – whether that’s during your lunch break, while you watch your child’s soccer game, or at 2 o’clock in the morning. As long as you have a computer and Internet access, you’re good to go.

Choose Accountable Loans

Convenience and speed can only go so far if you sign a contract with a predatory lender. Don’t let these features eclipse the overall reliability of the lender. Not all direct online lenders have your financial health at heart. They’ll offer you large loans outside of your means with rates and terms that you can’t possibly budget for. Only contact those lenders that offer loans that work within your financial limits. This means their products are no greater than $1,000.

The exact size of your loan will depend on where you live, as your state has implemented laws and regulations regarding the kind of loan you can apply for. These policies will also affect your repayment terms. With a license issued by 9 states, MoneyKey provides flexible small dollar loans or lines of credit for a variety of people in your exact situation.

Your situation: a tough break of financial hardships. Just because you’ve been hit with too many bills at one time doesn’t mean you should be punished for it. Stay on top of your finances and get through your unlucky streak with a small dollar loan. When it comes from a credible direct online lender, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

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