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Effective Money Saving Tips for Your Electricity Bill

As the heat and mercury levels go up in the summer, the power demand also rises. Whether you are staying in your own home or a rented one, you can always save on your electricity bills and can conserve energy. Here are some effective tips that can help you to save on your electricity bill.

Switch Off:

Make it a habit to switch off the electrical device after you have used it. You may have switched off the ‘Power’ button in your remote after watching your favorite TV show. But basically it is in the standby mode and obviously eating up the electricity. So, you should switch off all your devices completely after the use.

Dry Iron:

You can save your electricity bills by using the iron in the dry mode. You can choose the iron which has automatic cut off with the appropriate temperature. Just allow your clothes to dry before ironing them. This can save a substantial amount of electric energy.

Use Microwave:

The microwave ovens are not very costly and can save up to 30% less energy than the traditional oven. It also never generates heat in the kitchen so that you remain comfortable.

Save from Shower:

Yes, you can also save from the energy friendly showers. When you need cold water, just switch off your electric geyser completely. But, if you require hot water, you should decrease the thermostat level to 50 degrees. You can also use the solar water heater instead of the regular electric water heater.

Select Right Light:

There can be similar bulbs available in the market which provides you with the same amount of light but with different electric consumption. The compact florescent lights are much more energy efficient than the incandescent bulbs, but both of them provide the same lighting.

Save by Wash:

When you are using your washing machine, you should use only the appropriate amount of detergent required to clean your dirty clothes. If your clothes are very dirty, it is advised that you use cold water. You can use the timer facility if possible and can dry your clothes naturally under the sun.

Cook and Save:

While cooking, you may use the pressure cooker which saves both energy as well as time. If you are using the electric stove, you may switch it off before the specified time and let your food get cooked using the remaining heat in the stove. When you are going to take up an ingredient directly from your fridge, let it reach the room temperature within 10 to 15 minutes before you start cooking.

Use Your Air Conditioner Wisely:

The air conditioners help you to get cooled during the scorching summer months. The cooler it gets, the greater the power is consumed. So, you should settle the temperature within 24 degrees instead of frosting at 18 degrees. This way you can save some amount of power consumption.

Use Fans:

Instead of air conditioners, you can use fans which are much more affordable in nature. The ceiling fans and the portable fans allow you to adjust the speed levels to provide you with comfort. Don’t forget to turn off the switch when you are leaving the particular room. In some ceiling fans there are switches available that can adjust the direction of the blades. During the winter season, you can run the fans at low speed in clockwise directions. This can save energy and keep you comfortable.

You can also go for planting shrubs and other small trees in front of your house to block the direct sunrays. So, apply the tips mentioned above and try finding new ways to save your electricity expenses.

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