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Five Tips for Selling Your House in a Slowing Sydney Market: How to Stand Out

Sydney’s property market is gradually slowing down, and most property sellers and buyers are well aware of this phase that comes into the metropolis every now and then. This won’t be the first time that Sydney’s market has slowed down, but does a slow market really mean that sellers should just give up the aspiration to sell their house, until the market is better? Well, not everyone has that privilege.

What you can do, as a homeowner, is to incorporate a different selling strategy – one that helps you to stand out no matter what the competition. Luckily, these 5 amazing tips will help you sell your house – even in the slowing Sydney market!

Opt for House Staging

The most common mistake made by hundreds of sellers is to present their property exactly the way it is – which, often times, is not as appealing as one would prefer it to be if they’re investing money in it. Opting to get in touch with interior design specialists to really improve the look of the house is one of the best ways to increase the desirability of your space, automatically increasing demand and value.

Remove All Red Flags

Before you sell your house, think from the perspective of the buyer. Would you buy a house with leaky faucets or pain chipping off the walls? Would you buy a house that looks worn out to the max? Obviously not. Make the necessary repairs before putting your house up for sale and watch the response change right in front of your eyes.

Consider Additional Help

Many homeowners make the mistake of not reaching out to additional sources for help, such as real estates. However, in a slow market like that of Sydney’s, reaching out to house selling services such as those offered by Laing+Simmons, can add a significant boost to the overall price and status of the sale.

Rent Furniture to Enhance the Look

A lot of people, who opt to sell their house, do so after they have a new place to move in. Naturally, when you’re moving in to a new place, it’s understood that you’ve probably already moved your furniture and other valuable items before it’s time for the buyers to come see your house. In such circumstances, renting items from providers, such as rentacentre.com.au, for the purpose of making your space look appealing to the buyer, proves to be useful.

Re-consider the Selling Price

Often times, homeowners might set a price that’s much too high and in a slowing market, it just doesn’t work. Get in touch with a reliable real estate agency to re-evaluate the price of your house so that you’re on par with the buyers. If you set a price that’s too high, you might lose buyers before they even see the place. Set a price too low and there’s definitely a high loss right there.

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