Fixed-Rate Versus Adjustable-Rate Mortgage, Which Is Better During Times Of Recessions?

The fixed and variable mortgage rates are different regarding the funding. The variable mortgage rate is a product that is based on the prime lending rate while a mortgage lender buys fixed mortgages, then sold as a mortgage to a buyer and later re-sold to make an income. In 2008, there was an economic crisis that affected the whole world with countries such as Canada being affected. It led to the agreement that governments hold their prime lending rates low so that they can keep the cost of borrowing attractive to potential clients.

Looking For a Mortgage

Such measures have resulted in the growing of economy in the leading industrialized countries for more than five years. They have also helped the staving off a deeper recession than what countries would have witnessed. The consequences of low rates led to positive of the purchasing in the real estate sector resulting in the affordability of houses.

The measures include amortization reductions, rules of borrowing being tightened and a requirement of variable mortgage rate shoppers to qualify following a prescribed rate of 5.34%. Currently, the variable mortgage rates range from 2.6% while the fixed mortgage rate ranges from 3.49%.

Fixed Mortgage Rates

The above mortgage rate is based on bond futures. It is a contract that is set and therefore the payments you make do not increase for the duration that you have agreed. It is a constant rate that does not increase or reduce at any given time and circumstance. The following reasons are why you can consider fixed mortgage rates,

There is not risk

  • Customers buy the property at affordable range
  • Customers do not have the knowledge about borrowing, and it is advisable that they stick to secure mortgage
  • The borrowing capacity can be maximized.

Variable Mortgage Rates

These are mortgage rates that can change depending on the condition of the market. They are not expensive at the time because they are a representation of the cost of today, but fixed mortgages consider long terms considering that rates can change within a given period.

The early renewal feature of the variable mortgage makes it possible to lock into than prevailing of fixed terms at any particular time. The rates of Variable mortgage are riskier compared to those of fixed mortgage rates because the customer will have to depend on the opportunity and proper timing of the lock in.


Variable mortgage rates are not dangerous products if you have their experience and can be in a position to cope with the risks of not locking into a fixed mortgage rate. They can only to the people who can absorb the shock if they miss the opportunity.

Compared to fixed mortgages, variable are less expensive, but that is about what is available in fixed term leases regarding closing. Experts have always held the view that variable rates are the best choice which has been observed for the last five years in the sector.


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