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Florida Mortgage and Realtor Partner

More incidents of scamming in Florida real estate and mortgage market are coming in news. This is a worrying fact for the potential investors. They are in dilemma as to whom they will trust and partner with. There are so many ‘rich overnight’ schemes to rip you off that it is getting increasingly difficult to identify the legitimate opportunities.

Here are some questions that you must ask yourself before tying up with a potential mortgage company to conclude that it is dishing out the right opportunity for your grab.

Here it goes.

  • Is the company providing all information that you may seek regarding loan closing?
  • Will you be allowed to partner with another real estate mortgagee?
  • Does the opportunity involve any top-notch technology?
  • How long has the opportunity been on offer?
  • How many agents are working for the Florida mortgage company?
  • Have you ever tried to collect information about the training and experience of those agents?
  • Has the scheme been successful in the past? If yes, try to know about its success rate.
  • Do the agents provide their clients with the details about what sorts of advantages and disadvantages are associated with the opportunity?
  • Are you getting the opportunity from a dot com office or a brick and mortar realtor? Does the company operate within a local area or throughout the country or on international platform?
  • Are the agents registered with a real estate mortgage company?

In reality, a very few follow these guidelines. Even the experienced people overlook these points. All are focused on how much money they can save out of a mortgage and real estate deal. Communication is a factor that can help you differentiate between a legitimate company and a scam entity. You will find it easier to communicate with the officers of a legitimate company. These officers make it possible for you to keep in touch with those who are entrusted with the responsibility of managing your account. In a word, you can expect an overall transparency in dealing and other works which is not a case with the illegitimate companies. Another vital point that can help you tell a legitimate company from a non-scrupulous one is that the former type never offers a ‘rich overnight’ scheme. Such offers are too good to trust, so believe your instinct and never gets into the trap.

Always work with a legitimate and reliable company. So many times it is repeated, still you ignore the suggestion. If a company is not registered, you will always end up losing your money. If you are in some luck, you may get back a part of your investment, otherwise, all are gone. Once you are sure that the company is registered with the Federal Government and legally entitled to operate a mortgage business, run a check on its background. Have other schemes of the company been successful? If needed, consult a lawyer to be sure if the scheme does not pose any risk for you.

Peter Christopher

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