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Germs In The Office – How Could A Cleaner Save You Money?

Germs in an office are certainly not a favorable thing to expect. Instead, a workplace is probably one of those places where you spend most of your time in the day. And because most of your time goes in the office, you obviously expect it to be neat, clean and shining. What’s more? A clean and healthy working environment leads to better output and greater satisfaction amongst employees.

Have you ever faced a situation where most of your employees have fallen sick at the same time? Ever wondered the reason behind it? Probably not. It is quite difficult to realize the spread of diseases and germs, especially when so many employees work with each other in such close proximity. Also, more the number of employees, higher are the chances of them falling sick way too often.

Yes, cleaning your office is imperatively important. Not that you go doing it yourself, but recruit a specialized office cleaner for the same.

While most business owners and managers would think that recruiting a cleaner would be a redundant option and an expensive affair, surveys have suggested that recruiting an office cleaner to clean your office on a regular basis not just keeps everyone healthy and happy, but also turns out to be surprisingly cost-effective in the long run.

Think about it, if each of your employees falls sick on an average of 6 days in a year; his or her sick leaves and absence costs employers and businesses billions of dollars per year.

A recent research reveals that minor illnesses such as common cold and cough are the most common reasons for employees’ sickness absence in the year 2016, which leads to losing approximately 34 million days of productivity.

It is straight and simple – an unclean and unfavorable working environment does restrict the output of any organization, leading to millions of losses for businesses around the world. Now, this is definitely not justified and certainly you as a business owner cannot be ‘okay’ with it.

How much do employees’’ sick leaves and absence cost your company?

Yes, an employee’ absence from work for falling sick costs your company a lot, more than what you’d think.Infections spread via contact with contaminated surfaces. Because you have a lot of people working on the same premises and breathing the same air, it is very difficult to prevent the spread of infections and germs without a professional cleaning help.The production rate of your organization becomes limited, leading to huge losses annually.You can save a lot of money that goes into your staff’s sick pays and leaves.

How much does would it cost to keep your office clean?

  • If you are one amongst those who believe that hiring a cleaner would only cost you time and money and nothing else, you really need to go learn how the following real-time facts and figures can help you save a high number of production days in your company.
  • If you were to hire a cleaner for your office on a daily basis, most organizations generally spend approximately somewhere from $20 to $30 per hour, per cleaner.Depending on the size of your office and company’s cleaning requirements, the above cost may vary, although more or less, it remains at an average of not more than $30.If you hire an office cleaner at this rate for every day, it would cost you an estimated $200 per week.
  • Presuming that you will require a cleaner to clean your office for an estimated 50 weeks of the year, it amounts up to an annual cost of not more than $10,000. This means that recruiting a cleaner to clean your office everyday would cost you a maximum of $10,000 annually, which is not really much compared to the losses and production deficit that you face behind your employees’ sick leaves.
  • On an annual basis, the cost of hiring an office cleaner is quite a reasonable and worthwhile investment for your company.Also, you don’t need to hire a cleaner to clean your office throughout the day. Calling a cleaner to shine everything up at the office premises for a maximum of 3 hours should do the job, again which depends on the size of your commercial premises and cleaning needs.

Sick days are expensive! At any organization, an employee’s sick leaves cost a lot of money. Creating a clean and healthy working environment for your employees must be your top priority, amongst other facilities and conveniences that you provide them with. Happy and healthy employees are the key to success for any establishment in the world. Once you hire a professional cleaner to clean your office, believe me, there is no way that you will not see the difference it makes to your employees as well as to your company!

Peter Christopher

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