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Go For Diesel If You Want To Save Money on A New Car

Your usual car buyer in this modern world are after something frugal and efficient, this usually leads them onto something like a hybrid vehicle that they believe is the best type for them because it’s set up to be efficient and economical. However, that’s not the whole picture.

Toyota look to be at the head of the game in terms of hybrid cars and their Prius and Auris models return around 73mpg and emit just 89g/km of CO2, which is amazing and will certainly save you money on you fuel and tax bills.

The biggest problem, though, is that the technology is so expensive and that often filters down to the individuals purchasing the vehicles. The Auris in the UK starts at £20,800 ($33,700), which is a lot for a family hatchback. Next year sees the new model come on sale and the general rule with cars is that the latest model tends to cost more than the last. The Prius is even more, at £21,600.

As an alternative, it would be very wise to have a look at something like Volkswagen’s BlueMotion range that uses a conventional diesel engine, but with the benefits of a hybrid for about £1,000 less than an equivalent sized Toyota Hybrid.

That’s £1,000 that you’ve saved before you even apply for a European diesel card for your long-haul trips.

The Golf BlueMotion starts at £19,430 and is a class leader in the family hatchback market, whilst being a much more practical and robust vehicle than the Toyotas. A hybrid car often has to compromise on space to incorporate the extra batteries that make it a hybrid, so in the Golf, you get more room in the back and bigger luggage space.

When it comes to the figures for fuel and emissions, the Golf (and its little brother, the Polo) doesn’t disappoint either. The same 74mpg is available if you’ve got a nice calm driving style and CO2 levels are at 99g/km, which in the UK, means zero car tax.

Considering those figures makes you wonder why you’d even go for the Hybrids, unless you don’t like the sound of the engine, but then modern diesels aren’t as bad as they used to be.

Another problem with the Hybrids is that because they are so expensive to build, the parts will cost you a bundle when it comes to replacing them if something goes wrong. Your servicing bill could give you a bit of a fright.

Yes, Hybrids are efficient and help the environment, but so do modern diesel powered cars thanks to new technologies and you’ll be saving plenty of money in the long-term.

Sam writes for EDC diesel fuel cards whose European diesel card services can save you money all over Europe during your long-haul drives, be it for leisure or business.

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