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How Carrying Cash Can Be Detrimental to Your Next Vacation

Depending on where you’re heading, traveling can be quite expensive. However, there are many ways you can save money to help pay for your vacation without taking a second mortgage on your property. Although there are sites that can help you save on hotels in Rome and elsewhere, you still need to be able to pay for the plane ticket and living expenses once arriving. Simply carrying cash in your wallet now can be detrimental to saving for that vacation later.

Easy to Spend

Many people don’t consider small purchases here and there to be taxing on the budget. These small purchases can quickly add up eating away at what you could have been saving for a vacation. For example, three dollars in your wallet could be used to buy that cup of coffee at the gas station. It can also be put into savings reducing what you’ll need later in Rome. As many people make impulse purchases with cash quite often, the thought of saving two or three dollars doesn’t cross their minds.

More Difficult to Track

Cash purchases are more difficult to track unless you save the receipt each time you handed over bills at the register. This can skew your budget as you won’t be able to clearly identify where your money is actually going. Since a stable budget plan can be crucial to saving for a Roman getaway, you need to be able to verify what is being spent in order to make adjustments to meet your goals.


Automatic Teller Machines can be convenient when you need cash. However, most retail stores nowadays have card swiping machines. In today’s world, the need to carry cash is greatly reduced when buying the things you need for the home. One of the main drawbacks to using ATMs to get cash is the fee that could be added to the withdrawal. These can range from $1.50 up to $5 or more with each transaction depending on where you live. This means you’re paying for the right to use your own money.

Most of your necessities can be paid for while swiping your debit card or paying online. In many communities, you could go years without having actual cash on hand. When you’re trying to save money for vacation, try to refrain from carrying cash. Every dime can make an impact on what you can expect while traveling.

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