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How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider for Your Business

Today, many businesses are starting to make mailings. Email marketing is a low-cost or sometimes even free advertising channel. Choosing a service provider for mailing is a piece of cake. There is a large number of ESP, and at first glance, all of them have approximately the same functions. Therefore, when you are planning to please your customers with company newsletter or information about a new product, for the first time, you can be stuck in choosing the appropriate mailing service.

How to choose the email service provider that will meet your requirements? In this article, we will consider the main points that will help you to find the best ESP, which will fully meet the needs of your company.

Often people are interested in whether it is possible to do mailings from their mailbox. Yes, it is possible, but in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the mailing, you need to use the email service provider. The most important feature of the business mailing service is mailing statistics. While sending newsletters from your personal mailbox, you cannot track how many letters are delivered to the recipients, how many letters are open, how many letters bounced. All these important metrics can be tracked only from the email service provider.

Efficiency and customer-oriented technical support

Customer support is just as important as other factors in choosing ESP. How many tech support agents there are and how fast they answer all your questions. What should you do if you have difficulties with email provider or in working with the system?In addition, another important issue is the language in which technical support communicates (English, Spanish).

Cost of services

Be sure to plan your marketing budget before choosing ESP. Do not consider services that do not fit into your budget. Examine the rates, in accordance with the volume of the database of addresses and the functions you need.

Convenient interface

Usually, new users seek to immediately set up and launch their campaigns. Therefore, ESP must be intuitive and multi functional, so the work with it should not cause any difficulties. Also, note that the service supports your language. This will help you fully utilize all the features of the Email Service Provider.


Not all companies have full-time designers. So in order to create an email-ESP should have its own templates base. Even large companies can easily-send emails without additional staffing if the mailing service has a templates gallery and a block editor.

Delivery rate

Delivery of letters to recipients’ mailboxes is the main factor that determines success in email marketing. First of all, your messages should reach subscribers. Before you make a final decision on the choice of mailing service, specify what percentage of the delivery it provides. What is the service doing to maintain a high level of this indicator?

Choosing an email service provider that suits your business is no easy task. It requires that you do a lot of research. So take these notes, ask a lot of questions, and find out what you can. There are a lot of basics that may be covered in all ESPs, but you can start to find huge differences when you dig past the surface.

Peter Christopher

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