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How To Find The Best Panel Beaters In Melbourne

Since accidents are inevitable, every car owner will at some point need the services of a panel beater. When that happens, the last thing you want is to fall into the hands of a shoddy panel beater who does not understand how to restore your car to its original luster quickly and professionally. Getting a right panel better is not as easy as just typing best panel beaters in Melbourne and then choosing whoever Google suggests. That is just an excellent first step, but there are lots of other important things to put into consideration.

Let’s have a look at some of these.

Their reputation

One way of establishing the reputation of panel beaters is asking people you already trust about whom they have worked with in the past and what their opinion is about them. Friends and family will always give you an honest review of the service they had. Besides, personal recommendations can help you find some excellent panel beating workshops that you might have missed in your online search. Another way of gauging the reputation of a repair shop is visiting their premise to find out how busy they are. A workshop that has a steady influx of customers usually means they get a lot of return and referral business which means they have a good reputation. Reputable panel beaters are less likely to mess up your car so you can trust them to fix your car with minimum or no supervision.

Vehicle type specialization

There are some workshops that have niched down to a specific vehicle type. They do this because different cars have different structures and therefore different requirements. Additionally, older cars of whatever model usually have a different set of requirements from their modern counterparts. Vintage cars will need a different process to restore their dented bodies. Similarly, Japanese, American and German cars all have their unique set of needs. Some of these vehicles’ replacement panels might not be easily accessible except for panel beaters that are specialized in them. It is therefore paramount to check with your panel beater just to ensure they have the expertise and spare parts they will need to work on your car. This is especially so for the owners of specialty cars. Also, inquire if they have the appropriate spraying equipment for your model because this is an important step in finalizing the panel beating process.

Experience and professionalism

Find out about the level of experience of the prospective panel beater and the entire team. Most qualified panel beaters display their credentials in their office so look out for those. Also, inquire about any membership or affiliation to appropriate professional organizations. For instance, the Motor Trades Association Australia is a body that registers all motor trades in the country. This is a nationwide body, but there are lots of other state-level bodies that you can inquire about. Every reputable panel beater should at least be a member of the Australian Moto Body Repairers’ Association (AMBRA).

Clean working environment

A clean working environment is one of the ways of establishing the professionalism of panel beaters. Have a look at the equipment to see how clean they look and check to see if the equipment looks modern and well maintained. Since you will probably need some paintwork after the panel beating process, check to see if they are using modern painting equipment. Check to see if the cubicles for spray painting are clean and dust free and if they have appropriate drying machines. The process of selecting a good panel beater can be quite tasking. However, it will save you a lot of unnecessary headaches. Besides, once you settle on a good one, you can always use them if you ever need bodywork in the future.

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