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How to Get a Higher Salary as an Architect

The word ‘architecture’ conjures up several different types of workers who are all labeled under the common heading, ‘architect.’ It’s true that there are several types of architects, and each comes with a different type of expertise. The pay of each kind of architect depends on the type of job they do as well as the state they work in. An architect’s salary in 2019 ranges from an average of $5,125 to $7,417. Here is some information on the highest paid architect jobs in the United States according to the job types.

Architect’s salary according to states

There is a lot of difference in the income of architects in each state. The five top paying states for architects are Georgia, Massachusetts, California, New York, and North Carolina.

Insurance for architects

With an increase in population, there is an exponential rise in the need for architects. The job of an architect is associated with a variety of risks that can end up in expensive litigation. Some of the reasons that architects are sued include negligence, omissions, and errors. An architect does not have to be directly involved in any of these to be sued – simply having their name associated with the faulty firm or having a negligent contractor will lead to the injured party filing a claim against the whole firm – including the architect. There are ways an architect can protect themselves from a filed claim or expensive litigation. Professional liability insurance for architects is an insurance policy that is specially designed for architects. Very much like professional liability insurance, this insurance policy is specially designed for architects who must be covered against several types of risks that they are subjected to – day in and day out. These highly specialized insurance needs can all be covered by an architect’s professional liability insurance.

Are professional liability insurance for architects expensive?

Since architects can face serious and severe accusations like flaws in the design that lead to a building collapse, professional liability insurance for architects is usually much more expensive than general professional liability insurance.

Any damage done to property falls under a commercial property policy, while injury to clients/a third party falls under the general liability policy. Insurers combine both these policies to form the architect’s liability insurance policy to offer a convenient and affordable package.

Building architects

Building architects design residential and commercial structures, restaurants, theaters, factories, and so on. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), building architects earn one of the highest salaries per annum. To be a building architect requires a degree in architecture, a three-year training period, and finally an examination to get an architect’s license. Architects who work for the federal executive branch of the government earn more than those who work for the state government.

Landscape architects

Landscape architects develop playgrounds, golf courses, parks, and campuses. These architects earn a bit less than building architects, but the pay is still very good. To become a landscape architect requires a bachelor’s degree in architecture (a master’s degree is optional). Also, an internship in landscape architecture is a must. In the United States, 49 states insist that the candidates pass a Landscape Architect Registration Examination to obtain the relevant license. State governments pay their landscape architects more than the local governments.

Naval architects

Naval architects are a niche group of architects that design submarines, boats, and other marine equipment. These architects are paid much more than building architects and landscape architects. For an entry-level position as a naval architect, the minimum educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree. Naval architects who work for the federal executive branch earn more than naval architects who work in the ship and boat-building industry.

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