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How to Monetize Your Site?

Looking for ways to monetize your site? As a business, not only do you want to save on the inventory you carry, marketing and promotions you also want to make as much as possible without having to do much. Every business owner wants to do so; Clickbank is a great site which allows you to monetize your site without having to do the work. You can sell products on your site through third party vendors and affiliates without having to do much more than adding a link to your site. But, if you are looking for alternatives ways in which you can monetize the site greater product offering, and the greatest returns there are other sites which will allow you to achieve those great returns.

These are a few alternatives to clickbank to consider when trying to monetize your site as much as possible as a business owner.


This site is also known as linkshare.com, and provides you with thousands of products you can sell and promote on your site. You can easily earn residual income as a business owner without having to do the marketing and spending your own money in order to earn money when promoting the affiliate links and products you choose to add onto your site. There are over 1000 merchants, more niches and lower-priced items you can sell through affiliate links. So, if you are looking for alternative ways to promote without paying for the marketing this is a simple way to do just that and earn by selling someone else’s products.

CJ Affiliate

This is a simple site you can rely on to promote third party or affiliate links through your site which will allow you to monetize your site. If you sell a specific type of product or service this affiliate link has several products you can choose to add onto your site in order to monetize it. It has a dashboard which allows you to track sales, track affiliate links and see which affiliate products are doing best on your site so that you can determine what to keep and what to remove. It provides banner ads, popup ads and other promo and marketing tools so you can further sell and develop the affiliate products through your site. With over 3000 affiliate networks you can sell nearly anything and monetize simply by placing a few ads on your website.

Become a partner

If you want to sell as a eBay partner you will receive a percentage of the sales for each item sold through your product link and you don’t have to do the work. As it is an eBay affiliate you have the reputation and brand loyal customers who are going to place orders through your site when you are a brand partner. It is easy to promote, you can sell nearly anything and you can easily reach a broader audience without having to spend more in order to achieve greater sales.

Consider social media

It isn’t only about adding an affiliate link to your site when looking for ways to save and earn higher profit margins. As a business owner, you have to utilise and harness the power of social media outlets. With social media channels you have a free platform to say what you please and to reach out to broader audiences without having to pay for it. Share a file, share photos, add video posts, introduce new blog content; you can do nearly anything, promote it for free, reach more people and you can save on marketing and advertising costs as you are not paying someone else to do the work for you. With the right social media posts you can easily reach more people, sell more and spend less on promotions and marketing when trying to achieve higher profit margins while saving on the cost of operating your business.

Consider a team

Yes, hiring a marketing or SEO team will cost you money up front, but it will result in greater returns. Optimising your site for SEO, building content that will reach more people and developing a site which is user-friendly are all ways in which a web managing team can help. Even if it costs money up front the returns from optimising your site and creating richer, more-engaging content will pay for itself in the long run for your business.

In order to ensure less spending, greater returns and reaching the right audience you have to rely on the right tools and know how to optimise and monetize your site as a business owner. If you would like to see some more alternatives to clickbank then best business alternatives.com can point you in the right direction. These are some resources you can use to do just that and ensure you are reaching the largest target audience possible as well. These are a few simple tools any business owner can utilize to ensure greater returns and lower operating costs for your business.

Peter Christopher

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