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How to Purchase New Equipment without Hurting Your Cashflow

As your company grows and the demands on your equipment increase you may have to purchase additional inventory to accommodate the jobs you want to do. With many companies experiencing cashflow problems you must be careful that you don’t overspend and create a shortfall which can mean financial disaster for your company. It’s important you know at all times how much cash you have in your business account, what payments you have coming into your coffers, and what obligations you will need to honour. Let’s review how you can purchase the new equipment you need without hurting your cashflow or damaging your financial standing in the business community.

Asset Finance Can Help

One strategy you may want to explore is using an asset finance programme that allows you to buy what you need whilst you protect and conserve your working capital. It’s an easy process where the equipment is purchased for you and then you remit monthly fixed payments for a period of two to five years. At the end of the contract you are offered the option of purchasing the asset for a small fee. You might also want to explore refinancing some of your current equipment to add additional funds to your business account.

The Benefits of Asset Finance

If you want or need to buy new equipment for your business you must carefully consider the cashflow you have; you don’t want to make any purchases that will negatively impact this part of your business operations. With an asset finance programme, your working capital is used only for your business expenses and remains a viable part of your company. The fixed payments you will have for your new acquisition can be worked into your monthly budget which allows more freedom to honour your obligations and to grow your business.

Is Asset Finance for You?

If you want to have ultimate finance control of your company, to maintain a positive cashflow, and still be able to buy the equipment you need to conduct business as usual or expand your efforts, you should explore this type of financial assistance. Having a monthly payment that can be incorporated directly into your business budget will also allow you to cover the cost of your acquisitions without having to dip into money you use to run your business. It’s an excellent way to protect your financial reputation and continue to work and grow without experiencing shortfalls that can be hard for your company to overcome.

As you consider cost-effective ways to buy new equipment, be sure to consider asset finance as a tool to help you achieve your corporate goals and objectives. This is a sensible strategy that helps to spread the cost of your purchases over a period of time without having to impact your working capital. As a wise entrepreneur you know how to make money work for you and asset finance is simply another avenue for you to use to reach your dreams of corporate success.

Peter Christopher

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