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How To Save Money Around The House

Penny pinching ideas are not always bad, especially if you want to reduce unnecessary household expenses. If you track your monthly expenditure, you can easily find out that it is your home front that consumes the lion’s share of your paycheck. By identifying the areas where you spend more, you can make a plan how to save money around the house. Here I will show you some simple tips on saving of household expenses which I have tried out and got result.

Save on Laundry

Don’t send your daily wares, bed sheets, curtains to laundry for petrol wash. If there is no such specification for your clothes, you can wash them at home. Wash them under cold running water. Good quality detergent works equally well in both hot and cold water. Don’t use too much of detergent. I know the labels mention a certain quantity, say I cup. But I have got the same result with ½ cup.

Do manual washing sometimes instead of using washing machine always, it will be a good exercise for your hand muscle and pocket as well. Don’t be brand addictive while buying detergent; some new launches that come cheaper on wallet are also good. And you know what; brand changing is good because the same detergent will build up in clothes even after multiple washes and that will make them look duller. So change the brands for the sake of your clothes’ health.

Save on Cloth Dryer

Cut the dryer clothes into two halves. When they will not work in dryer, use them as dust clothes before throwing away. If you have bought a swiffer sweeper, used dryer clothes will work on it. Make it a point to check your dryer filter regularly. You need to clean the dust that builds up on the machine. If not cleaned properly, it will prevent air circulation and that may set your house on fire. Use dish detergent for the cleansing purpose.

Save on Swiffer Sweeper

You have seen the ads on TV. Just use and throw, they tell so. But before throwing them into waste box, use the other side to clean your house. If you don’t want dry cleaning, an old dish towel can serve your purpose and save on your household budget.

Save on Towels

Worn towels? No problem. Don’t throw them, instead hem the clothes and use the same to mp up your rooms. A serger will do the work quickly. Furthermore, it will be easier to use.

Save on Soap

Instead of buying soaps every month, buy a lot (that will serve your needs for one year or at least, six months). You will get a lucrative discount. Though you have to pay a heavy sum at one go, still it will be a good idea. Divide the expenses among the months and you will see that per month cost will be much lower.

Save on Power and Fuel Bills

Reduce the use of your air conditioner, refrigerator, heater etc. Don’t turn on air conditioner early in the morning. Even if you live in a hot zone, weather is soothing during morning. By switching off your air conditioner, you can save on your power bill. If market is nearby, why won’t buy fresh vegetables, fishes and meat regularly instead of using refrigerated products? If possible, don’t use heater unnecessarily. And finally, put a lid on your pan while boiling something. You can also think about using solar pressure cooker.

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