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How to Save Money When Shopping Through a Catalogue

When you go in for shopping through a catalogue, you may come across various payment options. Some options that let you spread your payment amount over a given time. Indeed, that can make those large purchases seem reasonable and affordable to you. Indeed, it is meant for someone who is attentive to clear his payment on time, rather than having a sluggish approach. In fact, if you are not an attentive customer, catalogue shopping can be way more expensive than you may think!

Catalogue shopping in and of itself is a way to save; but, there are other ways in which you can save money when shopping online. So, take the time to compare, learn what deals are to be found, and find out about top financing options prior to making a purchase. Not only will some of these things help you save, but it will also result in paying off over time rather than upfront if you can’t make a full payment for an item you want to buy. Surely, it can be a great way to shop online if you know the ways to utilize them properly. For shopping through a catalogue and saving more from the comfort of your homes, have a look at these DIYs.

Shop around

If you want an item, and want to save, you can’t avoid the burden of comparison shopping. Yes, simply visiting three to five catalogues rather than buying from the first one you stop at will ensure the best deals. In many cases, you can find great deals, finance options or other saving plans if you buy more than one item, so look around before you buy. You can also look at catalogue comparison sites. Well, shopping around does not mean technically going out of your homes and searching for a product in the harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it is an understood fact that if you are not willing to strategize your purchases and compare prices, you won’t be able to find the best deal. Comparing various catalogues before proceeding to the payment page can be an excellent idea as it allows you to save more.


Saw that zero-financing on the bottom of an ‘ABC’ grocery? Surely, you may visit one or the other such shopping sites. Of course, this is a way to save. But how many of you go through the terms and conditions page of that site?

Indeed, only a few! If you ignore the terms of zero-financing and go on for making the deal, you cannot be more wrong. Zero-financing is considered a great option until you are in a state to pay off the full amount in the promotional time. Not only does it allow you to spread the cost over time, but if you have stellar credit, you can even avoid interest altogether in many cases, and if not, interest rates are virtually non-existent with a great credit score. So, consider paying items off over time, but make sure you are fully aware of all terms (interest, repayment period, missed payments, penalties, fees, etc.), before you purchase.

Zero interest deals

Many catalogues offer zero interest payment periods if you spend a certain dollar amount when you buy. From TVs, to new clothing, if you pay off the total price within a set period (usually 3 months or 6 months), you won’t pay any interest on the purchase. You will only find these deals by comparing and spending a certain amount, so make sure you visit a few catalogues prior to purchase.


Look for alternates; if you can buy a generic, or an item which is similar enough, without compromising on quality, go for it. Especially if it is something that you keep in the home, and aren’t using on a daily basis, you will be surprised how much cheaper generic or off name brands truly are.

Time factor

Ensuring that you have the power to resist your most compelling urges for buying products. You should know when to stop and when to go in for a deal. For instance, going for the newest technology can cost heavy while opting the same after a few months can be lighter for your pockets. Taking your time to know the release dates for your favorite products and listing the proper time to purchase can be an excellent idea to save money. You can always go through the different catalogue for in a timely manner that allows you to sink into the various sales and offers savings.

Do not act like a hurried customer

It is important to have patience while shopping through catalogues. Imagine the rush to buy your favorite laptop! In that way, you only highlight the plus points of that product. Contextually, when you are in a rush, you seem to have your mind in a race to buy the most affordable product. Moreover, you can relate to this situation whenever there is a sale. Right?

Indeed, that can be the worst you can do with catalogue shopping. Rather than jumping in for a deal, you can go through the various options for the deal, like payment and the plus points of the product. You need to involve each and every aspect of purchasing any goods or services with a correct placing on our list.

Prevent the pricy debt

“Samona spent $677 on a washing machine and a refrigerator”. Well, just going through this statement, can you say that was a profitable deal or not?

If you are raising your hands for a profitable one, did you consider the various financial parameters for making the deal? Surely, you missed that part. Interestingly Samona bought that deal in the “buy now, pay later” option. At the time when the deal was made, she had a regular source of income, and luckily, she managed to pay off the pending amount in the interest period! But that may not be the case with most of the people. Many times, people are not able to repay the amount in the given amount of time, and that is when the clutches of an increased rate take your financial situation in its grips. So, before you go in for a deal through the catalogue, make sure you are well-off with your savings and income. That will help you to clear the payment amount in the given period of time.

Scroll down to know some of the essential questions that should be answered before you land up for catalogue shopping,

Need for the item

Think twice before purchasing an item. Is it a luxury item, or will it go into a necessity category! Many a time, you may notice extensive offers on the clothing sites. In a rush, you may even go in for paying up for a dress that has a 90% discount. But before that, thinking about the necessity can be an excellent idea. Spending for something worth can be appreciated but not on all products.

Can you wait?

Secondly, if at all you decide to buy big stuff for your homes like a refrigerator or a washing machine. Before you make the deal, it can be helpful to think about the item in the long run. Till the time you raise enough money for buying that item, it is advised to wait for some time for a striking catalogue deal.

In conclusion

There are various pros and cons of shopping through catalogue. Still, you need to see that your money is spent worthwhile. Sopping smart through various catalogue shopping sites can be an excellent idea for a profitable purchase.

There’s always the option to buy offseason as well if you can wait it out when shopping online. So, taking the time to compare, learn about promos and deals, and simply knowing what your options are in terms of financing, are some simple ways in which you can spend less, buy more, and get the most out of catalogue shopping.

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