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How you can Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time

What could be better than having more money in your bank account each month? Well, how about having this surplus of money, but at the same time feeling the satisfaction in knowing you’re helping to protect the environment? This is actually simpler than you think; there are ways and means you can go about your daily routine in a more thrifty manner, which can also see you cut down on your carbon footprint.

To find out what these ways and means are, what follows is a rundown of these for you to try which can see you live greener and financially better-off.

Reuse and Recycle on a Bigger Scale

General recycling of household waste is great for the environment, but to expand this into something that can help you save is to reuse and recycle other household items instead of buying new. You could turn garden pallets into rustic shelving or upcycle your old furniture into trendy items you could sell on. There’s also the option of shopping at cheaper second hand stores for clothes and new goods.

Drive more Economically

By driving your car more economically you reduce the amount of carbon you’re emitting as you go further on one tank. This in turn helps you to save in the long run as you also reduce general wear and tear and you don’t need to fill up as often. In this post you can find out more about the best ways to drive in a more economical way.

Be Smart with your Gas and Electric

Next comes your utilities. Change your bulbs to energy savers, avoid using devices and leaving them on charge for a long time and turn things off on the wall to save on electricity. Equally, during the colder times of the year, don’t turn the heating up further, instead, put on more layers. By doing this you’ll reduce your consumption and lower your bills.

Grow your Own Veg

A great way to be green and save is to grow your own produce. Not only does this mean you’ve got cheaper vegetables, they don’t have the big carbon footprints attached to them like the stuffs you get in supermarkets.

Have a Quick Shower

Showers are already much better for the environment than baths, but by spending between 5-10 mins in one, you can again reduce your bills.

So there you have it, a few great ways to live both frugally and eco-friendly.

Peter Christopher

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