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Insured!! But Where Did My Money Go?

Money is the centuries most shouted thing. The reason is clear, to live a better life. So what I believe managing your money is more important than what you income. Just enjoy and manage what you have already. You will find thousands of tips to save money but the most difficult part is to be consistent on your practices.
Here is an insight on where your money is going and how to keep more of it.

Life Insurance:

Now a day’s people are going for buying online life insurance policies. The cause is simple as it a most need of the time and price is lower in internet. But sometimes it is hectic as the companies quote only through e-mail or phone. Even in many cases you will find the mentioned price is only a guide one and most of your premium goes to the broker. So it is good to have a technical research before go buying an online insurance.
Auto Insurance:

As the law requires everyone has to have the auto insurance and a good thing too. But sadly in many cases the insurance regulations treat in favour of the insurance companies. Though you have adequate insurance of your own, in stances you many left with no options. So don’t go for cheap rather chose the right insurance police your vehicle. Better bundle up your insurance policies.

Health Insurance:

I hope you all have little experience of your insurance company refused to pay for your medical bill. Going for a health insurance in not easy as it seems as there is no standard coverage when it comes to health care. In many cases premiums don’t always cover additional services such as emergency services, check-ups etc. Even opting the lowest premium doesn’t always end being the cheapest one. So check the coverage area and the actual premium before you shop for one.

Home Insurance:

Before you select one for you dream home, must read carefully the policy being offered. And be aware of all the terms and conditions mentions. Don’t question your insurer about a minor damage. It may go against you. In case of regular claims the company may flag you as a high risk and drop you. So always examine the policy carefully before signing and before claiming the damage.

A right insurance police is the basic need of any financial planning. There are many uncertainties in life and they come unsaid. It is a right insurance policy that shields you form financial loses. But many ignore it. It may seem like an impossible task to start or stick to your budges and pay some monthly regular premiums. Especially when your expenditure is more than you earn in each month. But it is not impossible at all, no matter how tough the situation is. It is the best of times; it is the worst of times, what you need to be little patience and determination. George Eliot has truly said “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Peter Christopher

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