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Introduction to Binary Options

which-binaryoptions.com presents a good opportunity for anyone wondering which binary options are right for them at a beginners’ to intermediate level. In an industry awash with esoteric terms, it’s actually quite refreshing to see a website which, for one, focuses on binary options explained to the user, rather than baffling them with facts, figures and more buzz words which go in one ear and out the other.

In terms of functionality, which-binaryoptions.com has it in spades. Granted, this is a basic website with no real ‘moving parts’, but this actually works to the site’s advantage. Many websites out there are geared towards regular users and this one actually caters to someone stumbling across the world of binary options for the first time. The radio buttons along the top third of the screen present a good opportunity to really get to grips with the practice, and each page loads up with a wealth of easy to digest information. Terms are broken down one by one and explained so that, upon exiting the many pages that serve as an introduction, anyone is just about ready to start trading with a basic knowledge.

One of the benefits of this site is that it provides details on how to get started without spending a penny for those wishing to have a ‘dry run’. Specific details on what a demo account is are provided; however, one of the downsides is that this site doesn’t have an in house demo platform and merely gives details on what a demo account is. So this otherwise trustworthy looking website doesn’t give users the fully inclusive safe feeling of at least using one of their chosen and trusted partners, and are instead left to look for themselves. Similarly, for those looking to maximise their useable amount with a little investment, information on bonuses is provided, but yet again does not point anywhere in particular.

Thankfully, in a more broad setting, which binary options most popular binary options brokers are listed to the right of the page no matter what sub-category the user is on. Preferred and trusted websites with their respective ratings out of 10 are listed so the user can at least set off and put their money somewhere relatively safe. And for those wanting even more information on each site, this aggregator provides some really quite comprehensive reviews on each link; each review appears to have been painstakingly researched, and there’s clearly no ‘cut and paste’ approach. What you’re reading is the result of some pretty thorough research and testing.

Information on those who set the site up is a little brief but at least gives the user some background and explains their trading history. Some more specific or visual details would improve this dramatically, but it’s nice to know this site is run and administered by people who know their subject matter.

Overall, this is a good, general website for new to intermediate users. It’s going to all be old news to experienced binary traders, but gives a great initial insight to help anyone make an informed decision. Its basic design means anyone can get to the meat on the bones of this industry, but to venture further onto success, they’ll most certainly need to view this site as the (albeit very impressive) stepping stone that it is.

Peter Christopher

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