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Keeping Your Office Cool In Summer With The Right Cooling System And Handy Tips

There is no doubt that the costs involved in keeping your office cool for workers, it’s an OHS requirement you know, in the summer months are a huge expense to any business. Whether it’s a small retail space, or a large office building, the costs associated with temperature control are very high, not to mention damaging to the environment when used excessively. To help you choose the right cooling system for your workplace and keep costs down, we have put together a few tips for you.

Choice of Cooling

Choosing the right Cooling system is the most important component when trying to control costs related to temperature control in the workplace. Hydronic systems are becoming more and more popular as cooling solutions as they work with existing plumbing systems, meaning you don’t have to overhaul the whole building just to install a quality air conditioner. Companies like GreenHeat offer hydronic cooling systems that will reduce the running costs of air conditioning your building. Keeping a comfortable temperature in the workplace when it’s sweltering hot outside also helps to increase worker productivity because they will feel comfortable and safe from the outside elements.

Eco tips

There are also ways to reduce the amount of spending just by being smart about your energy usage. Air conditioners work hard to keep the room cool, so the best way you can stop them from working over time is by trying to keep the work environment free of any possible excess heat.

Computers contribute a huge amount of heat, even when they are not being used, so it is important to remember to turn any unused computers, printers and appliances off when they are not in use so they aren’t emitting any excess heat.

Invest in heavy window coverings to reduce the amount of heat entering the building through afternoon-sun-facing windows. They will help keep the building insulated and cool day after day, so the air conditioning system won’t have to work so hard to cool the place down in the mornings.

If you work in a smallish office building, one less that 2 storeys high, you could consider installing a cool roof system that uses reflective materials to lower the surface temperature by up to 100 degrees! Also newer light technology emits less heat than the old style, especially downlights, so fit new “cool” lights in to reduce their heat. Another key tip is not to have your air conditioner set at the coldest temperature, that makes them work hard, costing you money. Keep it on a comfortable room temperature that is cooler than outside, but not equal to a freezer. Keeping these things in mind, you should see an instant reduction in your utility bill costs!

Peter Christopher

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